Never Get a "Real" Job Web Design Project at 99designs
Young entrepreneur guru Scott Gerber is running a WordPress design project for a new site ( to support the impending release of his upcoming book –Never Get a “Real” Job.

No doubt the book is chock full of helpful resources for entrepreneurs – and we’re all about that!

The project is offering $1,200.

Read the brief

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Now Available at 99designs

Custom Designed WordPress Themes

You can now get your very own custom WordPress theme designed for you on 99designs, starting at just $369. Our community of 40,000+ designers are ready and waiting for you to launch your WordPress design project!

Once you’ve picked your winning design, you’ll still need to get that design coded up into a theme, so to make things super easy we’ve teamed up with our friends at Thinktank Media to offer the following optional services:

  • Your winning design coded for $299
  • Your winning design installed for $129

You’ll have your new theme up and running in just 5 days after choosing a winner – how easy is that?!


This is a tremendous opportunity! Each and every day over 10,000 new WordPress blogs are created, so we expect demand to be high. Keep your eyes peeled on the WordPress theme section for new projects!

Designers, please remember, you don’t need to worry about coding and installation – that will all be handled by our professional coding partners. All you need to focus on is the design!

For WordPress theme design inspiration, we recommend you check out:

  • We Love WP – a spectacular gallery for WordPress sites and blogs
  • WPInspiration – a collection of the sexiest WordPress-powered sites on the net


The 99designs Team