“Everybody loves choice until you have to choose… and that’s where friends come in”

An ancient proverb that I just made up


One of the best things about 99designs is having so many great designs to choose from… BUT choice necessitates a decision – and decisions can sometimes be hard!

That’s why we’ve introduced a new voting feature that allows you to easily create a poll so you can get your friends, colleagues, social networks or even the twitterverse to help you choose the best design from your project.

Creating a poll is easy!

1. Click the “Invite friends to Vote” button on your main project page
Click the Invite Friends to Vote Button

2. Choose up to 8 designs you’d like your friends to vote on

Choose Your Designs

3. Share the poll with your friends

Share this poll with your friends

That’s it – simple huh.

The best news is… you can create as many polls as you’d like so you can share one with your colleagues over email and invite your Facebook friends to another – the sky’s the limit!

And you don’t even have to wait until the project has ended to create a poll – you can run a poll at anytime durning the project and even use it to help generate feedback to give to the designers!

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Want to choose more than one design?

One of the most common requests we get from clients at 99designs is the ability to choose multiple winning designs – well now you can.

To choose more than one design simply:

The first design will be awarded with the money you already prepaid to set up the project.

Each additional design will require additional payment equal to the full prize plus the 15% handling fee.

There is no limit to how many designs you can award!


Over 4,000 Logo Designs at Your Fingertips

Ready-made Logo Store from 99designs.com

We are very proud to announce the 99designs.com Ready-made Logo Store is now open for business!


A month ago we invited some of the best designers in the 99designs community to “stock the shelves” of our new logo store and BOY- what a response. We now have over 4,000 high quality logos ready to be purchased and customized for just $99.

Here’s How it Works

  • Browse or search our catalogue of logos and choose your favorite
  • Go for a non-exclusive license for $99, or purchase the logo exclusively for $298
  • The original designer will customize the logo with your business name
  • 24 hours later its all YOURS!

It’s a fantastic complement to our popular Design Contest Marketplace – so now there are two great ways to get a high quality, professional logo at an affordable price!


We are especially happy to make the logo store a reality and bring a whole new world of opportunity to you – it has been #2 most requested addition from the design community on our UserVoice forum for months. Your response has been absolutely fantastic – THANK YOU!

Interested in submitting a design for sale? Find out everything you need to know to sell your logo designs here.

Please let us know what you think?

The 99designs Team


Introducing the "Ready-made" Logo Store from 99designs.com

We are very proud to introduce the latest addition to 99designs.com – something the community has really been asking for… a “Ready-made” logo store which will have a catalogue of thousands of high quality logos that can be purchased and customized starting at just $99.

It’s a fantastic complement to our popular Design Contest Marketplace – so now there are two great ways to get a high quality, professional logo at an affordable price!

And Designers – you now have an a whole world of opportunity to make money and show off your talents!

Here’s How it Works

  • Choose the logo you like from the catalogue
  • We will customize it with your business name
  • 24 hours later – its ready to go!

We are currently working with our design community to “stock the shelves” – so the first logos will be made available for sale beginning in March – but please take a look around!

Designers – Sell Your Logo Designs

Interested in submitting a logo for sale at the Ready-made store?

Find out everything you need to know to sell your logo designs here.

We have been amazed with the logos coming in so far and are looking forward to your submissions!

You can read the full press release here.

Full launch is in March so Please let us know what you think!


Giving Great Feedback Just Got Easier

“Providing designers with feedback is the key to getting GREAT results when crowdsourcing design projects at 99designs.com.”

We are excited to announce two new improvements that will make running design projects at 99designs.com easier than ever before:

  1. New Feedback Tool that streamlines the entire process of reviewing designs and leaving essential feedback for designers
  2. New email updates that give you a summary of new designs and comments that have been submitted to your project

1. Feedback Tool

Using the new Feedback Tool you can quickly access all the designs that require feedback in one simple interface. This is AWESOME because:

  • the tool will show only the new designs that need to be reviewed
  • giving feedback on each design is now MUCH easier
  • the inbuilt workflow will literally save you hours

To use the Feedback Tool:

Click the “Review new designs” button on the top left of your main project page.
Review New Designs Button
You will only see the button if you have designs that require feedback.

Once clicked you will enter the Feedback Tool.
Feedback Tool Interface

From there – leaving the desired feedback and proceeding to the next design is a snap!

Designers… This is great news for you too – Easier feedback means more feedback!

2. Email Notifications

By popular request, 99designs will now send you daily email updates so you can clearly see all the new activity on your project. The daily report will include:

  • new design submissions
  • new public comments
  • new private comments

You can also choose the frequency of the email alerts by going to the “notifications” tab on your account page.

We hope you enjoy these new features! Please let us know what you think.

The 99designs Team


Simplicity has always been a key piece of what makes 99designs.com the best way to get custom graphic design work done and today we’ve made launching design projects even easier!

Launching a Design Project has Never Been Easier!

Save a draft of your design brief prior to launching your project.

We’ve moved the ‘write a brief’ step to the end of the launch process so that you can:

  • setup your project
  • pay for it
  • and then take your time putting the brief together – because getting the brief right is a critical step that shouldn’t be rushed!

So…you can now work on your design brief and save it as many times as necessary – then launch your project when YOU are ready.

This is just the first in a series of improvements that will be coming to 99designs over the next few months. We are really excited about this change because it sets the stage for us to provide even more help in the brief creation process…stay tuned.

As always, we got the idea by listening to feedback from our users so please visit our feedback forum and let us know what you think!

The 99designs Team

99designs.com is very happy to introduce one of the most requested features from our design community: Blind Contests.

This is big news for designers and project holders alike!

Blind contests offer greater protection for designers and promote fair competition, which means they will attract the best designers and higher quality designs.

In a blind contest, each design submission can only be seen by the project holder and the designer who submits it. Therefore, designers can express their creativity more freely without worrying about protecting their concepts. After the submission period ends, designs become visible for all to enjoy.

Project Holders – We are currently only offering blind contests to project holders that have run at least one previous contest on 99designs. There is no additional cost for eligible project holders to run a blind contest, all you need to do is select the blind contest option on the ‘premium options’ page.

As usual, your feedback has led to this exciting new feature and we look forward to hearing what you think!

The 99designs Team