99designs.com connects clients needing custom design work such as logos and websites to a thriving community of  talented designers who submit a new custom design to the site every 7-10 seconds. To date 99designs.com has awarded over USD $6 million, with over USD $600,000 being paid to designers each month.

Need a Designer?

At 99designs.com a community of graphic designers competes to create the perfect design for your project – logos, web sites, marketing materials, product labels or any other graphical element. As the largest marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design with over 200,000 members, 99designs.com enables businesses to quickly and cost effectively source custom graphic design work without the risk – you see the designs before you buy.

To launch a design project:

  • Simply describe who you are, what kind of design you need and how much you are willing to spend.
  • The design community then begins submitting custom designs to your project. The average project is open for 7 days and sees about 100 custom design submissions.
  • At the end you choose the design you like best and leave owning that design and having a relationship with that designer. If you don’t like any of the designs we give you 100% of your money back, including our fees, so there is ZERO risk.

Are you a Designer looking for Work?

99designs.com connects designers from around the world to clients in need of custom design work. Every week upwards of 500 new open design projects are posted to the site with over 45,000 projects held to date.

99designs.com allows designers to showcase their talents on a level playing field while creating the opportunity to reach clients they would not have otherwise been exposed to – from New York Times Best Selling Authors and Internationally Known Companies to thousands of Small Businesses and Organizations across the globe.

Approximately 50% of the projects lead to additional direct work making 99designs a powerful tool for making money and building client relationships.

To join the design community and start earning money:


3 Responses to “About 99designs.com”

  1. Nita Says:

    a little surprise – Congrats on your new website. I was playing around with your current theme. This is real quick and lo res but if you like it I’d give it as a gift. Either way – hurrah to you!

  2. I was just told about 99Designs by a friend who runs a very successful website. Today, I posted an article about it from my blog. I can’t wait to use the service myself! Here is the link to the blog article:


    Tony Eldridge

  3. Ananya Roy Says:

    Definitely till now I not seen such a nice marketplace where so many talented designers are working together. The problem with most of the marketplace sites is mainly the rate. Lots of service providers always try to give low rate to win a project, which as an obvious makes the market rate very low. But here at 99designs.com the rate is always very healthy and attractive for designers to offer the best service or creative ideas.

    Another thing I would like to share that I never see 99designs creating so much problems with their rules with the designers or opposite party. They are always humble and smoothly following what they set here. But I have experience working with many bidding portals, where the admin always protect clients only.

    Overall it is a nice place to work and wish all the best for the Webby Award.

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