“Top 9 at 99″ iPad Giveaway

August 6, 2010

The Top Designers at 99designs in July 2010

We’re kicking off a new monthly contest for the community – every month we will showcase the 9 designers who have won the most projects for that month – The “Top 9 at 99.”

The community will then vote for that month’s “Top Designer” who will win a fantastic prize.

This month’s prize… an Apple iPad!

Here are the Top Designers for July (from top to bottom, left to right in no particular order):

Vote for your favorite designer here!

**Voting will be open until Tuesday, August 10th 5:00pm PT.

Terms & Conditions

  • 99designs will giveaway 1 iPad to the designer who receives the most votes.
  • You may only vote once
  • The prize is a 16GB WiFi Only Apple iPad. If you are selected as one of the winners and we cannot get you the iPad for any reason, we may choose to pay you the cash equivalent of $499 USD

18 Responses to ““Top 9 at 99″ iPad Giveaway”

  1. designdone Says:

    My vote gone for Keegan.

    I love the way he stays motivated and constantly comes with new logo ideas. ;)

  2. Spork Says:

    This is Great! Let the competition begin!

  3. huri Says:

    goodwork guys..

  4. theboxmeister Says:

    Ok, I do need to work harder to get in that list :) .

  5. Babakonda Says:

    wow, this is a surprise :)
    good luck 2 all!

  6. PoisonApple Says:


  7. Oksana Says:

    I vote for Club T – he is brilliant! Really hard working, works real fast & professional. His Designs are sleek and refined, not a rough job that you often can get.


  8. Tonno did a great job with our logo design!

  9. Club T Says:

    Thank 99designs, thanks all my CH, thanks everybody. this’s surpise :D

  10. Jonathan Frost Says:

    Haha!! This is flippin’ amazing, I’m comparabley new to 99 Designs, and loving every moment. This is an absolute honour to be listed with such great designers. Thanks to everyone, and I’ll love you even more if you drop me a vote!

    Jonathan :)

  11. Jonathan Frost Says:

    I think we should get a Top 9 stamp on our profiles :)

  12. logostudio Says:

    wuau. This is very good.
    very good initiative and very good idea.
    I am very surprised and very proud to share this stage with so many amazing designers.

    I take my hat ….
    greetings to all …

  13. yuliusstar Says:

    My wote is for Kolopach.
    Really wonderful designs!!

  14. PavkeNS Says:

    My vote goes for babakonda. Nice design and very creative. Best luck

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