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July 27, 2010

Meet Mark Lester Jarmin aka Spork – an awesome illustrator and just one of the designers who has helped make the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced logo design, web design, print design or any other design need!
Spork - an Illustrator in the 99designs Community

Designer Profile

Mark Lester Jarmin – Philippines
99designs handle: Spork
Projects entered: 218
Projects won: 50

How did you get started in design?

I started drawing in school when I was very young. From elementary to high school my notebooks are filled with sketches and doodles. I was always assigned to design our classroom bulletin boards and I was chosen to represent our school in art competitions. I won several awards including one for a design that our university used as our school ID.

After I graduated, I worked as a sign maker and later as a mall artist – designing decors and seasonal themes including graphic designs for events and activities. Right now i’m focusing more as an illustrator.

Professor Lead

How do you get your design inspiration?

I really look up to great illustrators – seeing how they create their art inspires me to create something better. Reading their books and blogs, watching their animations, studying their comics, etc… motivates me to learn and improve my skills.

The Mac Guys

What led you to start using

My officemate referred me to 99designs and I’ve been hooked ever since. At first, I joined the contests just for fun but when I won my first contest and a follow up project came in – I got serious and more competitive. I love it here – I enjoy, learn and earn at the same time!

99designs has really helped me showcase my skills. I continue to improve, meet new clients, make new friends and build a good portfolio.

Caption Obvious

What are three things designers can do to have success at 99designs?

1. Preparation is the key! Study the design brief first. View it in different angles – from the client’s perspective, from the perspective of the target audience and from your view as the designer. Proper composition requires more time than execution.

2. Create your own identity. As an illustrator, style really does matter! If you want to stand out and get noticed, draw the way YOU want to draw – offering something unique… yourself.

3. Take care of your profile and portfolio. A higher winning percentage surely reflects well on your status within the community and to potential clients. This is not a raffle contest so – join only the projects that you are really interested in and you’ll have more chance of winning.

Totally Toys

What do you love most about being a designer?

I just love what I do- I enjoy, learn and earn!

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29 Responses to “Designer Profile: Spork”

  1. roktiv Says:

    Nice style fealing! Great progress! Great stats!
    Let’s continue to play your game!

  2. ulahts Says:

    Really great stuff!

  3. Rehan Khan Says:

    Mark thats a great work Mashallah I pray to ALLAH that you get the best project that u ENJOY and GET MORE AND MORE SUCCESS.. MY prayers are with you..

    I won a wacom here as well man.. INTOUS 4 so i know what the feeling of winning…and learning as well..

    WAY TO GO 99 …


  4. Thank you so much. I likie this

  5. Marco Rafael Says:

    Congrats on the interview Spork!

    Great work! Magagaling talaga tayong mga pinoy!

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! :P

  6. Spork Says:

    Thanks very much guys! I really appreciate it! :) Cheers!

  7. arj Says:

    mabuhay kabayan!

    very nice stats… you’ve won 1/4 of the contests you’ve entered… that’s awesome!!!

    great work!

    continue to lift up our flag bro!!! i’m inspired by you…

  8. scribe Says:

    I’m a big fan, Spork! Your style is fantastic

  9. adhie Says:

    Once again the great designer with a great portfolio, thank you for the inspiration … Welldone

  10. Situa Says:

    you’re one of my Fav Illustrator in 99designs! :)

  11. Dinesh Says:

    Great work buddy :)

  12. Debashis Says:

    Hi Mark,
    You are one of my very favorite character designer at 99designs. Most of the time, I visit your portfolio to see what new contest you have entered and what you have designed this time. In gist, I can not stop myself to see you next character design, believe me, man !!!

    In fact, it is very nice to see you with your avatar and the tablet pen in your hand. I wish all my very best for your future endeavors.


  13. shanashay Says:

    one of 99D’s best for sure. congrats!

  14. Lugosi Says:

    Great work, excellent!
    All the best

  15. r_ee Says:

    ab 1/4 winning precentage, thats just wow! wht a stats..

    love your illustration, really..

  16. Congratulations Mark!!!!
    I remember your work since the ROY JUICE contest =P
    Great Skills, keep it up!! Your record speaks for itself =)



  17. Spork Says:

    Hi Guys! again, thank you very much for the warm and positive feedback! It’s great working with you fellow designers and also thanks to 99designs that opened many doors of opportunity to us designers! All the best and God bless! :)

  18. idiot.inside Says:

    this is great!!! congratz brader Mark…

  19. John Madden Says:

    Your illustrations are just excellent! I hope you’re available to work on my projects.
    I’ve just posted a new project titled
    ‘New Logo / Brandmark for Mobile Telephone Service Provider.
    Keep up the good work!

  20. Rayf Says:

    Great job,, You are really designer.

  21. starworks Says:

    Wow!!very nice bro. PINOY ROCKZ!!

  22. great job. mabuhay ang pinoy!

  23. Patrick Says:

    Great work! I’m trying to find a link to your work on 99designs…?

  24. jepoypalaboy Says:

    Galing mo bro! Hanep!

  25. froi40 Says:

    Great Design and what a great Spork you are….Keep on doing what you love

  26. Entertica Says:

    Awesome work! Love his outline & shading technique :)

  27. Scorpiono Says:

    How can I see more of Spork’s work? Any ID to his 99designs profile?

  28. BS”D

    Mr. Spork,
    Excellent, keep up the good work!
    I also began my art endeavors at an early age.

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