Voting: Invite Your Friends and Colleagues to Help Pick a Winning Design

July 15, 2010


“Everybody loves choice until you have to choose… and that’s where friends come in”

An ancient proverb that I just made up


One of the best things about 99designs is having so many great designs to choose from… BUT choice necessitates a decision – and decisions can sometimes be hard!

That’s why we’ve introduced a new voting feature that allows you to easily create a poll so you can get your friends, colleagues, social networks or even the twitterverse to help you choose the best design from your project.

Creating a poll is easy!

1. Click the “Invite friends to Vote” button on your main project page
Click the Invite Friends to Vote Button

2. Choose up to 8 designs you’d like your friends to vote on

Choose Your Designs

3. Share the poll with your friends

Share this poll with your friends

That’s it – simple huh.

The best news is… you can create as many polls as you’d like so you can share one with your colleagues over email and invite your Facebook friends to another – the sky’s the limit!

And you don’t even have to wait until the project has ended to create a poll – you can run a poll at anytime durning the project and even use it to help generate feedback to give to the designers!

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11 Responses to “Voting: Invite Your Friends and Colleagues to Help Pick a Winning Design”

  1. Galen Gidman Says:

    I love this idea. I feel that a lot of times, since there is often just one person choosing, the best design does not necessarily win. I think that this will help with that a lot. Thanks so much 99designs team!

  2. Rui Melo Says:

    I feel like an idiot. Where do I find this button?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Hi Rui,

      When you are looking at your contest – the main page.

      There are a variety of buttons that are either purple or orange that say: read the brief, submit a design etc… You also see the “invite friends to vote” button there.


  3. Josh Says:

    Brilliant! This will save so much time and back and forth with decision makers.

    Thanks for adding this!

  4. luckystreak Says:

    Just a thought: is there any way that this can possibly be abused by some other people with a biased judgement? I’m under the impression that this works only for project holders and not for other designers.

  5. Mr. Smith Says:

    Hi Jason,

    Is this new voting feature, making “technical glitch regarding awarding multiple winners” in banner contest for 99designs.

    It would be nice to see respond from 99 there.

    Mr. Smith

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      I am not sure if it the voting feature – but I know there is a glitch that the tech team is looking into that has prevented us from awarding multiple winners in the proect.

      It will be fixed.


  6. Devi DeLavie Says:

    Jason, please fix the suspension that was unfairly given me for doing a drawing based on a photo supplied by the CH.
    This suspension may have already cost me a different contest because I can’t respond to a private message.
    Thank You

  7. keruchan Says:

    I don’t think it is a good idea. specially if the Designers has some artistic/complicated explanation on his design.

    one good example is the logo of fedex

    since the comment page on each of every design is private. obviously the client friends who are invited to vote have no access to read those explanations. they are obviously there to vote according to what they see. nothing more.

    unless the client Give greater importance to how cool the logo must look even if it doesn’t have a sense.

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