TIP ROUNDUP: 45 Resources & Tips for Designers and Entrepreneurs

July 14, 2010

Great Tips for Entrepreneurs and Designers
A roundup of tips and resources for entrepreneurs & designers that 99designs.com recently shared via twitter @99designs.


How to Harness Your Creativity to Solve Problems – http://bit.ly/bCUpIR

How To Engage Customers In Your E-Commerce Website – http://bit.ly/dpq0Pb

7 Steps to Stellar Solopreneurship – http://bit.ly/cZynKf

How To Make The Right Keyword Analysis For Your Website – http://bit.ly/db7y4a

Dealing with trademark, copyright and Legal issues – http://bit.ly/aQV8xD

General Design

Be Inspired or Copy: What’s the difference? – http://bit.ly/d9se3v

How sketching will take your design process to the next level – http://bit.ly/d1E5Df

The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People – http://bit.ly/dg4VdM

The Process Behind Good Illustration (Part 1) – http://bit.ly/cFbBLZ

The Process Behind Good Illustration (Part 2) – http://bit.ly/bR0vTl

The Process Behind Good Illustration (Part 3) – http://bit.ly/cFbBLZ

Learn Photo Editing: Tutorials for Designers  – http://bit.ly/bjhQ9y

21 Fresh and Excellent Photoshop Tutorials – http://bit.ly/a4Rrwo

6 Ways to use a seamless pattern in Photshop and Illustrator – http://bit.ly/9INcwC

Quickly convert CMYK to Pantone – http://bit.ly/c6D0Py

Harmony In Design – http://bit.ly/9HVHNj

Harmony in Design (part 2) – http://bit.ly/cdeyLJ

40 High Quality Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials – http://bit.ly/cMUBBS

Excellent Poster Design Tutorials – http://bit.ly/dciw4M

20 Nice Tutorials for Designing T-Shirts – http://bit.ly/cfgnMI

Freelance Design

7 Habits as a Freelancer You Need to Ditch – http://bit.ly/axHaGt

How To Create Multiple Income Streams – http://bit.ly/cPKO5h

Why it’s Important to Be Professional as a Freelancer – http://bit.ly/9nvqiq

The Makeup of a Designer – http://bit.ly/ahbUEN

How to Upsize Your Next Project – http://bit.ly/cSZLsg

Logo Design

Brilliant Tips and Guidelines for Professional Logo Design – http://bit.ly/8YioHO

25 iconic corporate logo tutorials to challenge your skills – http://bit.ly/diWu0Q

Web Design

Web Design: Redesign vs. Realign – http://bit.ly/9lJSKV

Modern Element Trends In Minimal Webdesign of 2010 – http://bit.ly/a3BAQD

50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers – http://bit.ly/a5FVwg

Five Tips For Designing Eye-catching Tables For Your Site – http://bit.ly/cPSQAB

9 Usability And UX Pitfalls, And How To Avoid Them – http://bit.ly/bbJWVK

How To Control Flow Within Your Web Designs – http://bit.ly/97xIIk

7 Most Useful HTML5 Video Integrating Tools – http://bit.ly/bc79PY

Speed Optimization Tips For Your Website – http://bit.ly/9vvRMJ


HOW TO : Make Your Web Typography Better – http://bit.ly/dzwan2

The Beauty Of Typography: Writing Systems of the World – http://bit.ly/aSwH2w

The Beauty Of Typography (Part 2) – http://bit.ly/ciDlPd


Understanding inspiration – http://bit.ly/cSA1P9

35 Beautiful Examples of Creative Collage for Your Inspiration – http://bit.ly/cHfJzq

How to seek inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci – http://bit.ly/9Kr2IV

Top 20 Logos with Hidden Meanings – http://bit.ly/9EtrvK

Design Resources

Top Sites To Download Free High Quality Photoshop Brushes – http://bit.ly/dehS5M

Top Free Online Tools for Designers – http://bit.ly/d77z7a

8 Free Stylish Fonts From Typographers On Behance – http://bit.ly/ae9TWz

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    TIP ROUNDUP: 45 Resources & Tips for Designers and Entrepreneurs

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