Record Breaking Opportunity for Designers on

July 1, 2010

Opportunity Knocks at
Calling all Designers – at the time of this writing there are 682 open design projects listed at with OVER $223,000 up for grabs.

That’s a lot of opportunity!

Let’s take a closer look…

Logo Design –over 400 logo design opportunities
Web Design – over 120 web design opportunities
WordPress Design – 23 WordPress design opportunities
Print design – 37 print design opportunities
T-Shirt Design – 13 T-Shirt design opportunities

And there’s lot’s more so – Find your opportunity today!

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16 Responses to “Record Breaking Opportunity for Designers on”

  1. Simon Says:

    how are you? hope you are doing well.

    Seems with so many competition Opportunity that there might come a day when the designers are given a little more credence; don’t you think… and support working with sometimes BLIND competition holders – it is they that deserve promotion and elevation rather than delegating them to second class citizens (treated as cattle)

    As Opportunity, is evident by not only this promotion though also through feedback in competitions – 53 submissions, 2 comments by the Contest Holder… and the competition is deemed HEALTHY (healthy for who? How many hours have gone into this competition [53 submissions] for a measly $500).

    I get the impression that Opportunity, you have never taken a serious brief… because you are certainly burning bridges for the competitors in competition.


    (1 in 10 wins; from over 100)

    • REHAN KHAN Says:

      Hi Jason,
      Hope and pray you are doing well as so is 99 other memeber..

      Man i Agree With Simon.. The Designer who really knows how to deliver and pick a project they should have some edge on this platform.. Recently i am doing a project.. now what is happening ..

      Client is giving on rating no feedback… First he was just eleminating .. and when we designers guided him he start rating.. I think TIME IS VERY IMPORTANT.. if i am progressing from 1 star to 3 star i am giving my damn good time to that design… so… there should be some guide line to all contest holders so they know how to coordinate with the designers.


      LOVE TO 99

      • Jason Aiken Says:

        Hi Rehan,

        I absolutely agree – It is unbelievably frustrating when project holders do not provide feedback of any kind or otherwise do not run the projects well.

        We are currently working on a change that will help this… It is one of my personal highest priorities – so I will do my best to get it prioritized within the company development pipeline.

        Do know this – we do monitor all projects and reach out in several different ways to the project holders who need additional help with feedback etc… Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don’t – it’s frustrating for us too… believe me.

        It will get better.


  2. Devi DeLavie Says:

    Jason, Why the h””” have I been suspended???? I am accused of copyright infringement but I can’t even see the alleged design. The only possible thing I can think of was some young person who did not know what a Penrose Triangle is (Google it). I tried to educate the designer but to no avail. Is this the problem???? My account name is DELAVIE

  3. Devi DeLavie Says:

    Jason, Turns out this IS the problem. Please fix it. 99designs is my ONLY source of income. With over 900 contests under my belt, I’m not about to risk my reputation.
    Thank You

  4. Devi DeLavie Says:

    Also DEZINDEN, who filed the report, hasn’t entered any contests or submitted any designs. He may just be a pigeon who drops by and makes “Deposits”

  5. Scotty D. Says:

    $223,000 between 682 contests is an average of $327 per contest. If you submit an entry to every single contest with an average of 100 entries submitted per contest, you should win roughly $2,230. $2,230/682 (1 hr per design) comes out to $3.27/hr.

    For a real life example, our friend who posted above has won roughly $4,885 in almost 1,000 contest which is roughly $4.89 per contest entered. Assuming that he worked 1 hour per contest, he made $4,885 for over 6 months work (40 hour work week) or $4.89/hr. The minimum wage where I am from is $7.25/hr. If you think that this is real opportunity you are crazy. I am not trying to pick on you Devi, only trying to point out the fact that spec work is a waste of time, that sites like these are exploiting designers, and that your time would be better spent creating your own opportunity.

    Jason, congrats on your webby award. Your minion of designers working for peanuts has finally paid off.

    • Mirsad Dedic Says:

      Is this the only person here understanding hat “competing” for a “reward” in this way is loss of time and a slap into face. Wouldn’t it be better to have those who need services bid for concepts with a minimum bid set. This, like many other “opportunities” are far under lowest dignity level. Where did artists loose their middle fingers?

      The way it is being done – selected artists (per research on the customer side) are submitting concept and being payed (fixed minimal amount agreed upon) even if the concept is not being used. Concept being used is being payed.

      Some “online freelance opportunities” people fight for $9.00 for a logo…

      Can something different be done? I wouldn’t mind getting together with more creative freelancers to build something in the way we need it… after all; all creative power is on this side of table… :-)

  6. Devi DeLavie Says:

    Hey Scott D. I totally agree with you on much of what you said. I’ve been doing graphics work for 30 some years among other things ( The economy has caused me to be involuntarily “retired”. I have a car that runs when it feels like it and no savings or anything else to fall back on. So I am home all day most days. My choice is to rot my brain with TV or CREATE. It really isn’t all that different from putting my paintings in an Art Gallery and hoping the right person walks in. It ain’t ideal but it’s keeping the juices flowing and building one MONSTER portfolio.

  7. Scotty D. Says:

    You may call up some local screen printing businesses. I opened a screen printing business after graduating from college with a design degree in ’05, and working in several print shops in the past. The decorated apparel industry has been affected very little from the recession, and alot of shops are growing their business. If you can find a medium to large company, you could make a decent living ($15/hr-$30/hr) as a full time designer, or you could freelance for several smaller companies. I actually provide freelance design work for a few local competitors. Freelance hourly rates are usually a bit higher than full time job hourly rates, but the amount of work may be slower at times. The one good thing though, is that you get paid for your work, no questions asked. No speculative work in hopes of being paid. Put that monster portfolio to good use my friend!

  8. Sam Bulakh Says:

    Hi Jason,
    First of all, let me congratulate you on the webby! 99 design rocks!!

    I have something to say about the post review period of a contest. I understand that a contest holder needs 10 days to review and choose a design, but I feel that once this period is over, he should either award or withdraw the contest. It kind of gets frustrating to wait endlessly for the result.

    I also suggest that you make it mandatory for the contest holder to leave at least one feedback per participant per day (if not per entry) so that the designers have a better sense of direction.

    All the best!!

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Thanks Sam,

      I agree – we try to get customers to resolve projects a quickly as possible. The reality is – stuff always comes up… be it sickness, vacations, meetings, general busyness etc… In my mind it is better to be flexible so the projects resolve with a winner rather than being withdrawn. That being said… we do try to keep things moving and will continue to do so.

      As far as feedback – this is my hot button issue right now. We are working on it.


  9. Thomas N Says:

    I think the first couple of commenters have missed the point in being a designer in this industry, if your doing it for the money entirely then your in the wrong industry get out while you can. It’s a competitive industry where how successful is dependent on your talent and capabilities as a designer.
    I’m only 16 but I already know which design institute I wanna go to after high school, cause I love designing and everything about it.

  10. Safiq Says:

    With many regrets I ‘ve to say that your own design contest at wordpress category for this very blog running with a very poor feedback (with no guidence what actually wanted. If a designer can get 4 star that means he has the capability. Then gradually his design degrades to 2 star means he lakes information, or different person giving the stars?). How can we expect from other contest holders when your own contest runs like this? It is much frustrating.

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      I am very sorry to hear that – Apologies from the team.

      I know there were several people who were trying to coordinate feedback together which may have led to things not being as clear as they could have been.

      Apologies for any confusion.


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