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June 18, 2010

Meet Tomi Vinsek aka Lugosi – just one of the designers who has helped make the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced logo design, web design, print design or any other design need!
Tomi Vinsek - Lugosi on 99designs

Designer Profile

Tomi Vinsek – Zagreb, Croatia
99designs handle: Lugosi
Projects entered: 408
Projects won: 43

How did you get started in design?

In my childhood I participated in creative and technical workshops as member of National Society of Technical Culture in the field of Product Prototype and Modeling – this was the start of my creative work and production. Even as young boy, I loved to sketch imaginative things. I was a big fan of Flash Gordon :D, and I was always curious in how others see things in imaginative and creative ways. I believe imagination is extremely valuable in creative process.

Back in the ’80s when I was about 10, I got into computer graphics – first in a BASIC language environment on ZX Spectrum 48K computer, and later on Atari. About 10 years ago I started collaborating at a local magazine – this was my first experience with prepress process and magazine drafting. I was so inspired – I loved using Indesign, Photoshop and CorelDraw. I started working on logos, magazine ad’s, brochures, wallpapers and CD covers, etc. for friends, online contests and local small businesses – this was the start of my freelance graphic design business. As my skill improved and my love for design grew higher each day- I decided to enroll into an Adobe Certification program at the local academy.

Bove Audio by Lugosi

How do you get your design inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere – comedy, drama, nature, people, animals, books, movies… everywhere. I mostly design at night. I love quiet atmosphere, coffee, low light…That’s how I got my nickname, Bela Lugosi was a famous Dracula actor in ‘30s.

Spa Brochure by Lugosi

What led you to start using

I joined this community back when the contests were still in the Sitepoint forums and I must admit -the 99designs team has made great progress the last few years. Well done guys! At first I just wanted to improve my design skills and compete but I have also met new people from design world. 99designs has helped me a lot – I’ll never forget my first win here, wow, that was celebration!

Over time, this community became more and more valuable, and with respect I can say that 99designs gave me the opportunity to define my future. I mean it, really!

Two years ago I met Vjeko on – we found out that we live in the same town. We became online business partners and built our first web business and online portfolio. Today we own an award winning graphic design company here in Croatia – we are employed full time as Art Directors and Graphic Designers – we have built our own business with help of!

Quadrophenia Identity by Lugosi

What are three things designers can do to have success at 99designs?

1. Design with love – the best designs are the ones that you yourself can be proud of! It is definitely not good to enter too many contests at once. Enter one or two – make the best design you can and wait for feedback. After 6 days, if you have the opportunity – make it awesome. Put 100% effort into a design project and the client will notice. Contest holders do care! Don’t think about money, think about the design, your portfolio, your own and the client’s satisfaction. The prize will come for sure!

2. Define your style – it is precious and will separate you from others. Think about the thousands of products out there and what it would be like if they were all are the same? People love to choose! Just lead them. Every product has its own buyer – it’s the same with design. Your design is your personality – combine that with the client’s feedback equals success.

3. Presentation of final work is very important! It’s good to show how the design will work in different applications and surfaces or in different versions. Sometimes presentation takes almost the same amount of time as designing the main concept – but it’s worth it. Not all people are imaginative and they love to see how the design will work for them.

Wine Label by Lugosi

What do you love most about being a designer?

Freedom of creativity, expressing my personality – I love when my work is seen by many people all over the world. Design is timeless and recognizable. I love to see how other perceive different shapes and colors. Design does not live in the designers head, design lives in the viewers eyes – show it to the people.

BottleMate Logo by Lugosi
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42 Responses to “Designer Profile: Lugosi”

  1. Debashis Says:

    Very well said, Tomi – design lives in the eyes of the viewer! I remember the day I wrote you to get few tips on designing, especially, the style of representing the design. And I also remember when you never hesitate to share few tips! That really helped me creating my small portfolio at Behance. Thank you for all that I found very informative.

    Wish to see more about your logo making styles in youtube too!! More or less you always stayed as one of my mentors all the time at 99designs’ community.

    My best wishes for your future endeavors!

    • Tomi Says:

      Hi my friend! Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate your comment and I will be always open to communicate or help if I can. Congrats on your portfolio!

  2. Cairns Says:

    I really like looking at work from a inspired individual, many people think they can create logos and graphics just because they have photoshop, but when you look at the background of people like Lugosi you see so much more. Great work and great to see you are doing so well.

  3. roktiv Says:

    one of the icons here-Tomi!
    cool work!
    keep up!

    • Tomi Says:

      Thank you roktiv, I appreciate! Always love to see you here! :) keep your great work,


  4. Vjeko Says:

    It’s real pleasure to work with someone like my buddy Tommy. Good coleague, hard worker and real estetic person with great sense for design.
    Keep gettin’ them tiger!

    • Tomi Says:

      Thank you my friend! Your comments and cooperation are valuable for me and my progress! You rock!

      Thanks man! :)

  5. Ab! Says:

    Thats great to hear about you Tomi..You are really fantastic ! Good to hear about your views and ideas..All the best for the upcoming contests as well :)

  6. cyrus Says:

    very impressive logo design , i like it very much.

  7. Maka Says:

    Love the work!
    Love the interview!
    Love the story!

    good luck!

  8. Aleksandar Says:

    Great “designer profile” choice. Impressive work, great story and tips for success, well said. Keep up with great work and good luck with future contests.
    Pozdrav :)

  9. Nik Says:

    Odlicni radovi i nadam se da ces imati i dalje uspeha…
    Umesto kao tipicni ljubomorni Balkanac, jos i Srbijanac :), da nista “ne komentiram”, ili pak nesto podrugljivo, ja ti kazem “BRAVO majstore”!

    Pozdrav iz Amerike!

  10. Terry Bogard Says:

    Nice to know more about you Tomi. Great designs as always.

    All the best.

  11. GiGi Goran M Says:

    u svakom pogledu
    divan profil
    sve najbolje!

    pozdrav, gigi – goran

  12. adhie Says:

    Wow… what an inspiration, I will never forget the quote “Design does not live in the designers head, design lives in the viewers eyes – show it to the people”. Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing this great great experience of success, it’s makes me jump of my chair and said I can do that :)

    thank you … thank you …

    • Tomi Says:

      I’m happy if quote is inspirational! Thank you for comment, I appreciate!
      Best regards

  13. zal Says:

    I can’t say anything,,just wanna said WOOOWWW!! It’s so incredible.. Love your all work. :)

  14. ulahts Says:

    Ola Tomi!

  15. Shpira Says:

    Bas mi je zao sto nisi pobedio sa ovim vinom, odlican fazon i sjajan mockup.

    Lep pozdrav

  16. Tomi Says:

    Thank you all for nice comments! One more thing that I love in this community are many many great designers and friends!
    Thanks guys and gals!

  17. Tomi:

    Although I know you through your designs and website, it has been delightful seeing you interviewed as you deserved. Your designs are Clean, Professional and Fresh and
    so is your attitude ;) Thank you for sharing them.

    Kind regards


  18. barrezta Says:

    wow… great story..!
    i hope that’s come true for me…
    this is really inspired and gave me motivation to improve my skill design!!..

    thanks 99designs!

  19. 60nine Says:

    ajmo naši ;)



  20. Darek Ziomek Says:

    Congratulations Tomi!
    I’m so praud of you!


    • Tomi Says:

      WOW! what a surprise! Thank you master! thanks for comment and everything! :) za rodinu!

  21. mzaja Says:

    Svaka cast! Promoviras ovako hrvatsku haha ;)

  22. We have been blessed to work with Tomi for the last year and everything he produces is better than the last. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

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