Customer Profile: – Unique Design that’s ‘Off the Beaten Path’

May 26, 2010 wanted unique design

It’s no surprise that Todd and Lauren Sullivan wanted to tap into some design that was ‘off the beaten path’ when they founded – a site that helps adventurous travelers create trips and invite people from all over the world to join them.

The team has run three design projects at so far and is always getting fantastic compliments on the results:

“We have been told by people that our site is the best looking site they’ve seen. Of course that’s subjective, but the fact it’s been said says something important about 99designs.”

Logo Design by Overprint

Globetrooper Logo

Business card Design by Reklawdesign

Globetrooper Business Card Design

Web Design by Pixelized

Globetrooper Web Design

These are just some of the truly unique designs from the AMAZING community of designers that makes the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced logo design, web design & more!

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16 Responses to “Customer Profile: – Unique Design that’s ‘Off the Beaten Path’”

  1. Debashis Says:

    For me, this is perhaps a very unique and very different experience when I started following all the projects of “Globe Troopers” on 99designs but couldn’t dare to enter. The biggest reason – I was not happy to put a shoe (step mark) in a logo :) Funny, isn’t it? Sometimes designers get too choosy – that really bad.

    But eventually, the selection process of “Globe Troopers” proved to be the best where logo, stationary and website layout seemed to fit the best together, in terms of color and a type of adventurous feeling. At times, you even fail to recognize all these three designs are done by different designers !!! Just – WOW.

    Reklawdesign’s design was just unbeatable, having that wow and designers’ jealous factor !! :)

    Congrats to everyone involved in these projects.

  2. @Debashis Many thanks for the kind words; the current site gets a lot of praise, which clearly wouldn’t have been the case if we didn’t use 99designs. And thanks for the honesty regarding the shoe. :)

    Have you seen the current site and the small differences from the original designs? Would be interested in your thoughts.

    Best, Todd

  3. Debashis Says:

    Now, this is called the revolutionary design. Everything is quite perfect and fitted very well. Congrats :)

    Since you have asked so I found the followings, which could have been modified a little bit:
    1. The small arrow like element that is present just below the logo and
    2. The scrolling pictures on above the content area seems not fitting with the stripe carrying boot-marks and the text “what is GlobeTrooper?”. But I like it in the won design of Pixelized.

    Todd, many thanks for asking me for my thoughts and expressing your views on 99designs. I fully agree, this site has got the best designers you hardly find elsewhere.


    • Thanks for the feedback Debashis. I see what you mean about that strip, but we need it for the breadcrumb menu on the other page. But it’s interesting you pointed that out. I’ll think about how we can make it look better :)

  4. LukeSF Says:

    Business cards are definitely the best thing here…
    By the way, just had a look at the updated site… Is there a way to remove all or some of the footprints from the background? There are way too many of them… it really starts distracting in a while…
    Overall – well done!

    • Thanks for the feedback Luke.

      Yeah, the business cards are very cool. Admittedly though, they’re not as impressive in the flesh because they’re so small (standard business card size). Also, the perforation is a great idea in theory, but leads to the cards bending easily in the hand. But still, they’re a great talking point and everyone loves them.

      I agree about the footprints, let me see what I can do. And thanks for confirming what was a concern in the back of my mind.

    • Just removed the background foot prints and it looks wayyyyyyy better. A lot less cluttered as you suggested. Many thanks.

  5. Jason Aiken Says:

    Really loving this exchange guys – thanks for participating.


  6. ulahts Says:

    Great work!
    Please make sure to check this website:

    It looks like they have stolen a lot of other designer’s works.

  7. Sanaa Says:

    If you still want the other card.. wink wink :)

    No, I really think you guys got the most out of the 99design site. Congrats to you for recognizing talent and getting the most out of it, it all blends in very well.


  8. logo designs Says:

    Nice article i am also associated with this business so i am well aware how useful this article really is..

  9. Very nice designs. The business cards are some of the most unique ones I have seen in a while. I would think your cards would be a paw print with all of your information on it. This works well as well.

  10. Thanks for the feedback IamShiporu988. Great idea with the paw print, although we’re not that focussed on safaris. We’re more about trekking, backpacking, etc.

  11. Wow, this is a beautiful site. Very easy on the eyes. Visually it makes me want to sign right up.

    The simpler the better. Especially like the little paw prints. The business cards are unique in that they kinda look like tickets somewhat. I love creativity like this.

  12. Thanks JWD; much appreciated.

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