Thanks For Voting a Webby Award Winner

May 20, 2010

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We want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted the Best Web Service & Application of the year in the Webby People’s Voice Awards!

As promised – we shot this video of the team celebrating. This video is for the entire 99designs community – the Webby People’s Voice Award is YOUR win!


Thanks for making the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced logo design, web design, and other graphic design projects.

509 Responses to “Thanks For Voting a Webby Award Winner”

  1. ulahts Says:

    Nice one fellows!

  2. You Guys, are Men of Your Words !
    And I would like to tell you that is the first internet website which I personally TRUST in the ‘involving-money-website’ category.


  3. John Devor Says:

    You guys rule! Best website ever!

  4. Miss Allie Says:

    HA HA HA! Love it!!

  5. Valentin Says:


    99designs ftw!!!!!!!!!

  6. Diva Q Says:

    Thats freaking hilarious. WTG !

  7. dave Says:

    lol completely awesome, you guys deserve t

  8. Tava Tea Says:

    Weeee are the champions… My Frieeeends :)

  9. Angel Says:

    OMG!!! Awesome guys and gals for winning the Webby Award.
    I knew this site is awesome and it will get it’s recognition it deserves.

    Kudos… (Golfers Clap…************)

    video must of been fun to shoot where was it shot?


    • Jason Aiken Says:

      The opening (and very end) is in San Francisco but the bulk of the madness occurred on the wild streets of Melbourne :)

      • Angel Says:

        Wow how many employees in 99Design? I had no idea you guys
        where that big of a company?! What do you guys do other then Run this massive website?


  10. NWeSource Says:

    COOOL. Nice to see a you all kicking web and taking names! Congratulations.

  11. Leigh Says:

    Very Cool!!!

  12. Blickblade Says:

    WTG nice vid…

  13. Toby Says:

    Fantastic! We love the Prince look-a-like!!!

  14. Alibata Says:

    Congrats. More awards to come.

  15. Annette Says:

    ha ha…well done all. Love the clip!

  16. Amarok Says:

    You Guys rock!

  17. Eric Lyon Says:

    Nicely done guys. When I voted there was still a HUGE lead over 99designs. I’m glad to see everyone pulled through & bumped 99designs into an awards position. :)

    • Nick Says:

      In the end, the people’s choice winner boils down to “who can motivate their customers to vote for them”. I’ve used both 99designs and Dropbox and personally I was hoping for the latter to win, but the people have spoken!

  18. J-MAN Says:

    LOL that is awesome! :D

  19. Congratulations!!!!
    Thank you for your professionalism and the ease of use site that allows us novices to utilise.

    Enjoy, you all deserve it!!!!!

  20. amy Says:

    you guys rock. love my 99designs logo. get many compliments and have spread the word the world over. (okay, a few friends…). congrats. i would like to interview jason for my site and poss. cbs radio. pls contact me. @parmfarm


  21. Peter Maruff Says:

    Well done, guys.

    If you’re ever at Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, look us up. We’ll buy ya a beer or three …

    Peter and the team from EXIT Live

  22. Stanislav Says:

    haha, nice :D

  23. Dusty Says:

    Love it! You guys ROCK!!

  24. Sporeo Says:

    Amazing! I love office music videos. You guys deserved it!

  25. Fitz Says:

    LOL, Congratulations to the whole team. We continue to recommend you and wish you all great success.

  26. You guys are great. You so deserved to win. You all do such a wonderful job. Congrats on your win.

  27. PrologoMA Says:


  28. bender Says:

    Funneh! Guy in the bird suit rules! =D

  29. Blackshadow Says:

    You rock !!!!

  30. ragewolf Says:

    Congrats…99designs deserve it…or should I say we deserve it :)

  31. Nippa Says:

    You guys need help!!!!
    Brilliant. You should get another award for Prince-a-like playing guitar in the Vid.

  32. aplecko Says:


    great vid :)

  33. Eric Says:

    fanfu@kintastic you guys ROCK.

  34. TAViS Says:

    That’s hilarious guys! Thanks for that, still laughing. OMG !

  35. Joyce Wycoff Says:

    Don’t you have any girls there? Other than that you’re the best and definitely made me lol.

    • Mal Curtis Says:

      The girls were a little shy and stuck towards the back of the pack – rewatch the video and you’ll see them!

  36. Susan Says:

    Loved such a laugh. Who is the next Hendrix!?

  37. Ivonne Says:

    haha! Well done! Congrats! You guys deserve it… I’ll keep voting in the future to see more videos :)

  38. Amayadori Says:

    Good job..
    Congratulations.. ;D

  39. congrats! happy for u!

  40. berthely Says:

    very nice

  41. Congratulations guys!

    AWESOME. Nice to see my vote
    helped you out!


  42. vasq Says:

    Dudes, that was totally worth the time it took to vote. Thanks.

  43. Curtis Says:


  44. scissorboy Says:

    That was a FANTASTIC video. Congratulations! I love your website/service

  45. b29 Says:

    Congrats, this is only the beginning! Thank you for making this happen for ALL OF US!

  46. Jim Fatou Says:

    Great videos guys.
    The ultimate in Online Marketing :)

  47. Adam Says:

    Congrats! Well deserved.

  48. KIM COOPER Says:



  49. imemex Says:

    Congrats!!! is that big chicken part of the staff??? what it does??? ha ha ha ha!!

  50. CitM Says:

    Lol!!! I love the chicken!

  51. Deepak Says:

    Wooww.. That’s great.

    You are the champions

    Congrats to whole 99desigs team from my side.

  52. @fherdito Says:


  53. Brandon Says:

    First time I have got an email, read it and actually voted for anything web related. Its well earned! Good work fellas!

  54. Way to go!! What a great service you offer and now more people will know about it!


  55. OUTNET Says:

    Good on you!

  56. Kerneels Says:

    woww congrats guys, You’re the real champion!! :D

  57. JDR Says:

    Good Job, I love that site. I won more than a dozen contests on!

  58. papaman Says:

    you rock guys! That was hilarious :)

  59. TryBPO Says:

    Wow…congrats on the webby, guys! Love the video…looked like a lot of fun! You have a great service and we look forward to using you again, and again, and again and…

  60. Isuk Says:

    Coooooooool! COOONGRATSSS!!

  61. leona Says:

    Congrats!!! :)
    I love you!

  62. Rafael Masoni Says:

    I lol’d. Congratulations!

  63. Aleksandar Says:

    Jeah…..!!! :)

  64. m Says:

    congrats 99….you ROCK!….lovin’ the chicken!!!!

  65. B.J. Says:

    Congrats! You guys deserve it. And great video. :)

  66. Vooodoo Says:

    Ei guys! You’re sooo cool.. All votes are worth it!

  67. gjperera Says:

    Congrats…you deserved it.

  68. Mary Garcia Says:

    WTF was that chicken???
    Congrats guys!!! :D

  69. Maka Says:

    Congratulations again and again and again :)

  70. soundseller Says:

    You’re welcome.
    Keep it up
    Cheers from Berlin

  71. TJ Downes Says:

    It’s nice you guys won the award, I’m excited for you. All that stuff aside, you’ve got a great business model, excellent support and an excellent service that has benefited me personally, and for that YOU KICK ASS. I’ve never put much stock in awards, but you guys obviously deserved it. Good on ya.

  72. Pat Says:

    Nice cover guys! Keep up the good work at 99designs!

  73. starworks Says:

    hAhaha!!nice one guys!! ^_^

  74. torka Says:

    yeeeahhhh!!!! hahahaha

  75. George Says:

    You rule 99designs. You deserved it and here’s to even more awards in the future!

  76. mtz Says:

    you are the best and video it’s really funny.

  77. Gthang Says:

    Congrats guys, well done! Hiliarious, loved the guitar players. That video was epic :)

  78. Mark Says:

    Entertaining video – looks like a great place to work. Though I think you need some more women to keep the place a little more level.

  79. veer Says:

    nice! Congrats on your win.

  80. Mauricio Says:

    Ja!Ja! Great! nice vid! You are the champions!
    Congratulations from Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina!

  81. Redpixell Says:

    hahaha congrats 99designs! btw i like the chicken in video :D

  82. moe Says:

    Congrats guys!!

  83. at-as Says:


  84. Congratulations! Loved the video.

  85. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! Well deserved…and the video looks like it was fun to make. :::giggle:::

  86. sallex Says:


    You are the best, guys :)

  87. rob Says:

    That was well put together, I’m impressed. Kudos gentlemen, and ladies on a lovely video clip complete with air keytar and everything!

  88. Nemanja Says:


    Video is awesome guys…

    Keep on rockin’ design community for a LONG TIME

  89. manuel Says:

    jajajaa, well done!, felicitaciones (congratulations)desde México!

  90. AmolK Says:

    Congratulations guys, you deserve it!!

  91. TokNgulu Says:

    U’re the CHAMPION! Congrats!

  92. :))))
    Hihihihi, Congratulations!
    This video was surprise for me I am glad to see you in this funny real situation espesialy by this spesial reason

  93. Gina Says:

    Fantastic!!!… Love it…Great news… Enjoy…

  94. adhie Says:

    CONGRATS….. Welldone

  95. Ernesto Says:

    jajajaja Congrats!!!! from Guatemala City

  96. Rosie Says:


    Wanna make my next music video?!

    Congrats on a well-deserved win!

  97. AWESOME!!!!
    Congrads, Love the video! You are the champions!!!!!

  98. nice one! congrats 99designs!

  99. gemruiz Says:

    You did great !!!

    Here from the Manila “MABUHAY”.

  100. DAN Says:

    congrads, keep up the good work

  101. Simon Says:

    Well done guys. Like they say – one third better will get you loads … and SitePoint have delivered in 99Designs.
    Have an added 1/3 beer on me. Simon

  102. Nick Says:

    Great job. Out of curiosity, how much did it cost to obtain the rights to use that song?

  103. dgandolfo Says:

    Jajajaja, Great! El pollo es el mejor! Congratulations! I love 99designs…

  104. carissa Says:

    Nice job on the video…. NOW GET TO WORK! ha ha- congrats!

  105. freakshow Says:

    congrats 99 designs ^_^V

  106. Budi Says:


    Congratulation!! 99designs FTW!!

  107. Speechless at the awesomeness. Congratulations, you guys. You totally deserve it!

  108. Snorky Says:

    Congrats guys.

  109. Tomi Says:

    awesome video!! Well done guys and congrats!


  111. Maesstro Says:

    We are all very happy for you guys!

    You did the great job FIRST for us, and we have just returned our gratitude in this form, voting for you and trying to support you as good as we could.
    It did work!


    Thank you again for being the champions of great service and professionalism!
    Now we know that you are also great actors!

    All the best!

    Prof. Hrachya Harutyunian and Dr. Khandut Israel

  112. Congrats to the winners, go team!

  113. nugilo Says:

    hahahhahaha! Congratulations!… step you’ve achieved success, but the fight is not over .. keep the spirit to always be a winner ………..Congratulations!…..

  114. DEMIAN Says:

    Great video, very funny.. congratulations!!!

  115. Bryan Says:


    You guys deserved the win, and I am proud to have been one of many to cast my vote.

    Hail the chicken!!

  116. Bill Hibbler Says:

    Congrats on your Webby award and for keeping your promise if we voted for you. Can be far behind?

  117. Biojanus Says:

    That was AWESOME! Loved the musical performance. You guys rock. Well done & Congrats.

  118. Mourad Mokrane Says:

    Congratulations!! You deserve it!! :)

  119. dapas Says:

    Congratulations… hope 99designs wil be better and best for tomorrow..

  120. Padmanabhan Says:

    You guys rock!!!! Many many congratulations….

  121. dennis Says:

    congrats!..awesome video, keep up the good work from manila, philippines.

  122. abiaditt Says:

    Congratulation! Always be a winner

  123. pedromagnus Says:

    hahaha. Great clip!!!
    Really proud to be a (really small) part of 99designs.

  124. Alex Says:

    Awesome guys. Congrats for this great achievement!

  125. antoniagoga Says:

    Great video. Congrats !

  126. saturanie Says:

    great…awesome…congratulation….so proud of u….

  127. rayunlampan Says:

    bhwakakakak,… I LOVE IT,wkwkwkwkwk. LOVE YOU ALL GUYS,.. men gotta be men :P wish you all the best

  128. bobmata Says:

    What can I say? You’re all the best guys! CONGRATULATIONS! MABUHAY 99designs!

  129. Sarah Says:

    congrats to all, love the look on the bystanders face…!

  130. migs Says:

    nice!! congratz ^^

  131. Katesrobyn Says:

    Great! love you all guys!

  132. MicheleCB Says:

    Fantastic! And lots of laughs – love the clip. You indeed deserve this recognition.

  133. Jesse James Says:

    Congratulations! Glad my vote made a difference.

    Are you changing your name to 99,000 designs? lol

  134. Congratulations! I didn’t get a chance to vote; however, you deserve it.

  135. huiragubi Says:

    Congrats!! LOL ! lovely video!

  136. Fedex Says:

    you guys deserved to won….

    It is nice to meet 99designs team.!

  137. zaenal Says:

    congratulations from Indonesia,
    you’re not only the best in service but you’re also the best on giving other opportunity to did better and better.
    luv U

  138. marzhx Says:

    hahahaha yeah!!!! you’re the men!!!!

  139. yandihioe Says:

    congrats guys!
    keep cihuy all the way…

  140. Congrats! Well deserved. Very cool vid also.

  141. Rob Says:

    I used your site for my logo and it was so easy and worth it! You guys deserved this and I was happy to vote for you! – Rob

  142. Josh Says:

    Congratulations! Great video :-)

  143. soegengku Says:


  144. Says:

    great performance!!
    u guys rock!!

  145. Kimberly Says:

    Congratulations you guys. Ya deserve it!

  146. Nuno Lopes Says:

    HA HA!! Cool vid! XD

    Congrats 99designs!

  147. Sue Says:

    That is awesome, congrats!!

  148. Paul Says:

    You guys look like a TV show about a group of young hip people working at an internet company. I am already working on the storyline and characters.

    Have your people talk to my people. ;)


  149. You guys are AMAZING! Congrats! You ROCK!

  150. Ananya Roy Says:

    Yeeeee!!! We are the Winners!!!

  151. What so ugly you are in video…Ha..ha…ha..ha


    BRAVO 99designs..




  152. Bakili Says:


  153. lee agosila Says:

    congrats guys!!! you deserved it guys!

  154. Edgegrip Says:

    WOW! You deserved it guys! Congrats 99Designs!

  155. ordmode Says:

    You guys and gals crack me up in that video, awesome~ Still can’t believe you made it, when I vote you were in 3rd place…

    !!! YOU ROCK 99designs !!!

  156. naing oo Says:

    keep it up! Congrats 99.

  157. Gabriele Says:


    Well deserved win! You are the best and you ARE the champions. Love the video and wondered if that tune would play when I pressed the button. A classic, great!

  158. dedisign Says:

    yeeaaaaahhhh, we are the CHAMPIONS……………

  159. narcarsiss Says:

    OMG! how embarrassing
    Congratulations on the award

  160. 99 Designs rulez… oh ya and COOL VIDEO!

  161. indra the kids Says:

    OMG !!! Youa are a BIG GUYS. Do something new for the world….One of you can be US president.

  162. Naz Says:

    Is that Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar? hahahaha. Nice video! Congratulations 99desins. You guys deserved it!

  163. Ignacio Says:

    Congratulations 99 designs!!!!

    great work, Well deserved, nice staff jaaaaaaaaaaa

  164. wahyunirwanr Says:

    lol, this is funny dude

  165. Rob Huxley Says:

    This is where I type in a bunch of HAHAHA’s and LOL’s.

    Great job guys, very well deserved and I loved that video.

    Looking forward to my next 99Designs website!

  166. Matt Bell Says:

    Glad to hear that you guys won! You had my vote. 99designs for the webby win!!!


  167. blaire grady Says:

    F-ing awesome. Loved Prince character.

  168. plitsbubuy Says:

    congrats!!! we are the winner!!!

  169. Zee Says:

    Awesome Stuff!

    I had my Biz cards done on the site and get comments every time i hand them out!! I didn’t actually know you were an Aussie company until just recently! which makes it even better :)

    Congrats Guys…Keep up the good work!

  170. matiaskris Says:


    Viva 99designs!!!! Congrats….

  171. sergio osorio Says:

    jajajaja Muchas felicidades muchachos!!!
    y mucho gusto en conocerlos :)

    best regards

  172. an3 Says:

    Yeah baby… we are the champions!

  173. BeckyMinx Says:

    Every individual and every group or business who I have spoken to about 99Designs is pleased with the result. Positioning and Differentiation are the keys to success…and 99Designs has it nailed!

    John Zajaros

  174. colocolo Says:

    congrats! viva 99design!

  175. elcanasto Says:

    uuuuuuuuuuuuu we are the champions!!!

  176. creativesoul Says:

    Congrats 99designs!!!

    Cool vid!!!
    You all are awesome….
    Keep up the good work!

  177. Gagan Says:

    Very Nice !!
    Congrats 99design!

  178. anthronx Says:

    congratulation felaz…..its so awesome!!!

  179. RVC Says:

    Weeee OMG OMG OMG Congratz…

  180. Daniel Says:

    congrats well deserved!!!

  181. azurejane Says:

    I’m glad we’ve got this result. Congrats. You guys did a good job :D


  182. lineart Says:

    i have one vote for this. hahahahaha congrats

  183. cracks Says:

    hahahaha, i like it, i like it, i like it,

    cograaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats :))

  184. Joshua Says:

    You guys deserve it! I am a huge 99designs fan, advocate and user. I use it for my personal projects and recommend it to all my clients, as well.

    Nice job, fellas!

  185. dany Says:


  186. tefa Says:

    hi and thx

  187. mupet Says:

    congrat conrat , you rock!, cheers….

  188. zerobriant Says:

    OMG guys OMG!!! hahaha thanks, and that makes me proud to be a part of the supporters! :D CONGRATULATIONS!!! love the video!!!

  189. Boldis Media Says:

    Congratulations! Keep it up, guys!

  190. David Collins Says:

    Cool clip guys. Looks like you all had as much fun doing the gig as I had watching it… Yes you are the CHAMPS!!!

  191. Hahaha… you did the service well.
    And you clip, too.

    WE are the CHAMPIONS!!!

  192. pman Says:

    Congrats 99designs !!!

    Yes we are the champions.

    I love it..

    Nice for us :)

  193. irshad Says:

    its great…

    i vote, you won, am happy…
    Congrats… 99dudes…;)

  194. congrats, I’m very happy for you, keep up the good work

    love ya

    Love the video

  195. Pamela Says:

    Yay for you! Congratulations; love the video.

  196. brady Says:

    Way awesome you guys! Glad to see you got the recognition you deserved.

  197. cecili Says:


  198. Agiru Says:

    CONGRATSSSS… I love 99design

  199. Pac3 Says:


  200. ivanucan Says:

    Congratulations, you had my vote…;)

  201. LynnDaly Says:

    Congrats & Thanks!!

    I just won my first contest, transfered my files and am waiting for them to be accepted. The contest holder was wonderful and I look forward to submitting more designs!

    Thanks for creating an AWESOME site! You deserve the award.

  202. ga_99 Says:

    heaa… goog job to all…

  203. realgrapiks Says:

    Wow! congratulation 99designs… keep it up guys!!!

  204. a2d Says:


    great video :)

  205. Rick Says:

    Way to go guys!

  206. neeraj sarna Says:

    Congrats…99designs deserve it

  207. ronaldparmar Says:

    You guys r the best. Congrats 99designs group and all designer.

  208. Vanity Says:

    Congrats guys; Well done

  209. Ironmike Says:

    Yeahhh Baby!!!!! 99designs ROCKS!!!

    Congrats 99designs!!!

  210. adams Says:

    great job guys… we’re the champions

  211. baobabs Says:

    wow..nice video..congratulations ^_^

  212. Jiten Says:

    Congrats 99designs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah we are the champions!!!!!! You Guys Rock…..

  213. Salman Says:


    You r de champions!

  214. rose Says:

    we are the champions!

  215. kulidesain Says:

    lol…nice video and good team..
    Congrats 99designs from Indonesia!
    You all the best..

  216. adzani Says:

    congrats 99 designs,!!!!

    Keep spirit for the best!…

  217. William D'Cruze Says:

    Congrats 99 designs! wish you all the best.

  218. AMG - AMIR MOR Says:

    Your winning is our win…Congratulations!

  219. DM Says:


  220. samir Moustafa Says:

    congrats guys and nice clip all wishes by success always for best site and team

  221. yaw Says:

    Nice work guys..
    Be more creative and linking the world with your stuff

  222. Unheil0leiden Says:

    Congratulation for the Award, 99!

  223. Syd Salmon Says:

    Congratulations 99designs. You are a great gateway into helping people understand and achieve better design.

  224. Afser Says:

    Congrats! 99designs frm Kaizen Solutions , Chennai, India

  225. hahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahahha…..

  226. Ishwor Says:

    Congratulations !!!!

  227. Bangar Says:

    Congrats Keep going

  228. Alex Says:

    Hahaha, awesome, and congrats!

  229. Puneet Mehta Says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeee, many congratz :)

  230. darkshine Says:

    ———grandi!!!complimenti :))

  231. Amynah Mehdi Says:


    WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  232. XeDesign Says:

    Wow! Congratulation 99designs!!
    GREAT team! AWESOME website! you deserve the award.
    lol very nice video too! OMG….!

  233. aneesh anand Says:

    Well done guys..

    I must say the most profitable website I have ever come through, is 99D. Its so easy, dynamic and trusty. I love the way you handle each transactions and projects. And I know, many out there have the same feeling, there you got the votes of appreciation!! Kudos!!

  234. djerix Says:

    congrats dude……big win…hahahahah

  235. Getcha;) Says:

    Congrats to all,,,,,,you all are the real designers.

  236. Evelyn Says:


  237. Awesome!! Congrats for winning the Webby Award. :)

  238. ANDOT Says:

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHA.. very-very love it!! Congrats 99designs!! you are the champion!!

  239. Dipesh Says:


  240. Debasis Pradhan Says:

    Congrats 99designs!!!!!

  241. roktiv Says:

    Congrats all TEAM!
    You should nominate your video for Oscar too:)))

  242. You had sent me (with others) many mails suggesting to vote and I had registered and voted!! Congrats! :)

  243. bryant Says:

    Prince is the lead guitar? hehehe Very cool video! And congrats guys…

  244. sible thomas Says:

    Congrats…. you have done it….

  245. kre8iveminds Says:

    Hahahahah You guys are awesome. Excellent work. Loved it.

  246. Varun Says:

    Congrads to all the team members.. GooD Job keep rocking aways… YOU ARE THE CHAMPIONS :)Great video good team spirit..

  247. bulate Says:


  248. Satyen Says:

    You guys ROCK!!!
    99designs is the BEST PLACE TO WORK. Its all about freedom. Cheers for the Webby :)

  249. bulate Says:

    Congratulations!!!! 99designs the best!!!

  250. manish Says:



  251. !!! Says:

    hahahahahahahhaahahahahahahaaahhhaaa !!!

  252. silviu sh Says:

    Congrats! Nice team. You are the champion.

  253. Im proud to be part of this.. Congrats 99Designs

  254. BratSid Says:

    Cheer! guys
    Very nice and fun Video… Heartiest Congrats….

  255. you are the best !

  256. Debashis Says:

    CONGRATS again. Wow..very nice video with excellent composition. The rooster is cool. I didn’t know 99designs have a band !! :)

  257. Mani Says:

    Congrats fellas :)

  258. Carol Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You certainly deserve this award. Your site is great and so are all of you. Video was great LOL. :)

  259. clux-box Says:

    nice …. conratulations guys

  260. queen Says:

    cool. i’m happy see it.

  261. Peter Says:

    Congrats guys! Got time for a loser? NOOOOO!!! No time for losers!

  262. hehhehehehe

    bravooo ;)

  263. longmay Says:

    Nice video, nice team and nice website ever!=)
    Again, CONGRATS!!

  264. tipu sultan Says:

    Great News !!!
    Keep it up


  265. ahmed Says:

    nicccccccccccce. Bello vedere una tutti a calci web e che nomi! Congratulazioni.

  266. gato Loco Says:

    Awesome..!!!!!! Great Jobs you guys…

  267. h4ris Says:

    99 DESIGN
    now i know who the man behind the gun!..
    god luck,

  268. one-two Says:

    OMG… hahaha
    nice 99!!!!!!!!!!! COngrats AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  269. Nooman Khan Says:

    I’m soo glad that you guys have won!! You all definitely deserve it. Loved the Video! :)

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    we are the champions!

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    I really enjoyed!!!

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  274. congratulations. you did it.

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    I have got so much street credit from suggesting your service to people, and they have all love it.

    Would have liked you in tights as Freddy was a huge fan.

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    NOPE NOPE NOPE!!!!!!!!!
    I want to hear YOU singing :))))
    Don’t try to cheat us!

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    bravo 99designs.


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    Soo congrats dear..
    with regards
    Khaleelillah chemnad

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    Congrats to all!! :)

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    cause you change many lives here in the Philippines.

    Till the next round!!!


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    Congratulations Guys! :)

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    Great Result for a great Team !

    Keep it up guys :)

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    Congratulations 99team You deserve this award!:)

    All The Best!

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    best regards,

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    Simon and the team at ‘Picdesk’ Images of Women. Courtesy of 99 designs magic.

    Luvly Jubbly.

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    see you

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    I am Elvis’s illegitimate son and wood make a great addition to your band.

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    Do it again ! ;-)

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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! =)

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    Fantastic Video!
    Keep it Rockin!

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    I am so excited..:)
    99designs is my part of life. Very Proud as a designer.

    More victories lining up.. thanks for all the votes.

    Rocking website 99design.

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    Nice job fellas. You really rock in more than one way. Congrats! Glad to be a small part of honoring your fine work.

  402. Mistik Says:

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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! =) I just want the DUCK mascot posted to me for keeps….lol

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  406. Paulo Says:

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  408. Congratulations 99Designs!!!

    Since you once asked me for a vote, I can ask you to return the favor, right?

    My 99Designs project was designing audiobook covers for what is absolutely the coolest way to learn Spanish ever — It’s called No-Work Spanish. And… I’m looking for backing (another form of voting) at:

    Now, it’s true that backing requires payment, BUT…. you can get something for the payment (even more than just my gratitude). So check it out at

    Whether you decide to back or not, I appreciate you taking the time to look.


  409. Suhela Says:

    Congratulations!!!! U guys rock!!!

  410. purple77 Says:

    Hi Jason and staff,

    Congrats, well done guys

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    you guys rock, wish it was a full movie ;D

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    Really good job..!!

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    Keep up the great work!

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  426. kemuel Says:

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    semoga selalu jaya..

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    I’ve paid my dues……
    Time after time…….

    We are the champions – my friends…….
    (lets sing)…. ;)

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    great pleasure!

  434. Almas Says:

    Congrats from indonesian boys!!you did it guys….
    Thanks for sharing this great video..
    I like it… Hope this award will be motivator for 99designs..

  435. allies Says:


    time after time….
    we are the champions…my friend….

  436. Nick Says:

    That’s great.


  437. moinul islam Says:


    Glad to know about your success…
    wish you will get more success in near future…
    Most Important, wish NOT TO be pissed off any time…


  438. Congratulations to the Whole Great Team of

  439. kindson Says:

    Yups that nice… Congrat to all of you guys…
    We always support you…
    (fan from Indonesia)

  440. wync Says:

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  441. kurusetra Says:

    glad to hear about this
    congratulations guys!

  442. Jan Lorie Says:

    Binabati ko kayo! Congratulations!

  443. gratuluje !!! i serdecznie pozdrawiam z Polski hehe:)

  444. ariyanto Says:

    hihihihi, congrat…….!!!!!!!! :D

  445. Toez Says:

    My choise is not useless,


  446. Hafidz Says:

    way to go guys!!!!!!

  447. Scotty D. Says:

    Nice video. I did find this line hilarious-
    “I’ve done my sentence
    But committed no crime.”

  448. Emiel Jokotrianto Says:

    Congratulations guys,well done!!You make us proud to..
    Thanks for sharing the video.. :)

  449. ibrahim Says:

    i am very happy for you guys:)

  450. Muhammad Ihwanudin Says:

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  451. Ghannami Says:


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  454. alex Says:

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    i’m happy to hear and watching it…..

  456. Jan Says:


  457. Yimseulgi Says:

    WoW~~ hhh


  458. congrats!!!

    yihaaaaa… ;p

  459. joev Says:

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  460. djepri Says:

    very nice man…

  461. Well Says:

    congrats to 99d :D

  462. Mofoquer Says:

    Hahahaha, great video and congratulations to the whole team!

  463. test Says:

    yea its a big celeberation…but what about the ipad contest…and why was it not announced???

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      The iPad winners have been contacted and have received their prizes – we will posting the winners soon along with a new contest – stay tuned!

  464. DENIS Says:


  465. gilbert Says:

    hey, as expected! we’re the best! Great video! More power to you all guys!

  466. David Says:


    Well done.

  467. imran Says:

    Congrag guys !!!

  468. Grace Says:

    that was cool guys…keep it up!!!!!!!

  469. Paige Says:



    haha, you guys should do Youtube vids!



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  471. meanymoo Says:

    yeah you guys rock..
    congratz :)

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  473. Great job with the Guitar Hero guitar.

  474. nogaybro Says:

    Cool Job..

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    Congratzz dude

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    U ‘r ROCK…. Congrats…. Long Life 99 Designs… HIP HIP HURA 100000x… ha ha hahah

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    very good resource

  483. Logicspeaks Says:

    Congratulations! More powers! You made me a proud pinoy. Go dumaguete!:)

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    nice to know it…

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