99designs.com Wins Webby Award: Upsets Tumblr and Dropbox

May 7, 2010

99designs.com Wins a Webby!

Thank You 99designs Community – We Won a Webby!

WooHoo! We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to the community for voting 99designs.com the Best Web Service & Application of the year in the Webby People’s Voice Awards.

To claim this prestigious honor we had to beat TWO amazing companies – Dropbox & Tumblr – each of which has millions of passionate users!

Thanks to YOU – 99designs has proven to have the most passionate community of all.

Singing in the Streets

As we promised the entire team at 99designs will march down the street signing Queen’s We Are The Champions and post the video to YouTube for your viewing pleasure – Stay Tuned!


41 Responses to “99designs.com Wins Webby Award: Upsets Tumblr and Dropbox”

  1. aguleo Says:

    Congratulations 99!!!

  2. Hi Guys,

    Well done, I voted for you.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS !!! Very well deserved !!!

    PS. I really want to see your faces marching down and singing on the street… lol.

  4. Galen Gidman Says:

    Congratulations! When I didn’t get an email soon after they were over that said you guys won, I figured you must not have. I hope this encourages more businesses to post contests here and maybe brings down the competition a little. :)

    By the way – the little guy asking us to vote for you was pretty good. Did you hire one of us designers to do that?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Thanks Galen,

      It is definitely good exposure – which does lead to more opportunity for everyone.

      The little guy was provided by the Webby’s – glad you liked it.


  5. galinka Says:

    I crossed my fingers for you :D.

  6. senopati Says:


  7. Ralarash Says:

    I voted for you..

  8. Ch41 Says:


    Let’s sing it :

    We are the champions… my friend…
    an we’ll keep on fighting till the end….
    We are the champions…
    We are the champions…
    of the world…………!!!

  9. ardhian Says:

    i voted 99design. worth every vote right ? congrats.

  10. suuiorb1 Says:

    Dear Jason and 99designs Team,
    Congratulation!!! Selamat (Indonesian)!!!

    99designs, the best and most reliable web for freelancer community. Keep the spirits alive.

  11. CONGRATS, 99 DESIGNS ROCK !!!! \m/

  12. Amarok Says:

    Congratulations , I did Vote for you

  13. seth13 Says:

    yahooo! we made it guys! congrats! dont forget your promise. :P

  14. J4zZ Says:

    Congrats guys.. can’t wait to see the video :) make a crazy noise while you’re on the steet will you.. let us know when the video ready..


  15. Ledevil Says:

    Congrats winners !!!!!!!!

  16. Voya-archandart Says:


    I wish you much success in your future work.
    Thank you for such great and beautiful ideas for the community 99designs.


  17. babumon Says:

    woohoooo……i had mine for 99. congratulations..

  18. Pooja Says:

    Congratulations to 99……….really deserves to win…..

  19. Rinse John Says:

    WOW!! I was sure 99designs would win. Congrats 99Designs. “99Designs = 99.99% satifsaction” ;)

  20. strider Says:

    Congrats!!! bring on more awesomeness :D :D

  21. budimierink Says:

    Congrats!!!!! i vote 4 u

  22. Ayoob Says:

    Really deserving win. Congrats to whole 99 team including the designers in here.

  23. TokageCreative Says:

    Congratulations 99!!!

  24. Maka Says:


    i knew you would win! :)

  25. Kernel Says:

    I vote for you :D

  26. sriram Says:

    One of the top freelancing sites in Internet for logo designing. Will be adding your site in my next article Top Freelancing sites in Internet in my job site http://www.mytechnogrill.com.

  27. an3 Says:

    Yeah!. we did it! 99designs rules ;)

  28. arj Says:

    yeah! ^_^ i voted! i wanna see the video… is it ready yet? ^_^

  29. Alabaster Says:

    Wow, I’m so happy 99d won the award. I saw dropbox and tumblr still ahead of us some days before the votes were hidden.

    I guess 99d received a surge of votes later during the final week.

  30. Pac3 Says:

    Wow! Congratulation, Mr. Jason and friends! ^^
    good to hear that 99 become a winner just as I hope!

  31. Neil Says:

    Aw Go On Admit It – You knew you would win!

  32. Fahrefi Says:


  33. Maxpro Says:

    Congratulation 99designs!
    I voted for you.
    I knew it that you will be the winner :)

  34. treecore Says:

    Congratulations 99designs!!!
    +1 Vote from me :)

  35. Congratulations! We recommend your services to many of our customers here at Lightning Labels who are are just starting out building their businesses, and they have gotten some great results. Well done!

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