wanted unique design

It’s no surprise that Todd and Lauren Sullivan wanted to tap into some design that was ‘off the beaten path’ when they founded – a site that helps adventurous travelers create trips and invite people from all over the world to join them.

The team has run three design projects at so far and is always getting fantastic compliments on the results:

“We have been told by people that our site is the best looking site they’ve seen. Of course that’s subjective, but the fact it’s been said says something important about 99designs.”

Logo Design by Overprint

Globetrooper Logo

Business card Design by Reklawdesign

Globetrooper Business Card Design

Web Design by Pixelized

Globetrooper Web Design

These are just some of the truly unique designs from the AMAZING community of designers that makes the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced logo design, web design & more!

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Meet Kris Taft Miller aka KT Design, Inc. – just one of the designers who has helped make the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced logo design, web design, or any other design need!
Designer Profile: KT Designs, Inc. at

Designer Profile

Kris Taft Miller – Durham, NC USA
99designs handle: KT Design, Inc.
Projects entered: 65
Projects won: 13

How did you get started in design?

I graduated with a degree in elementary education but took a summer internship with Disney Animation where I re-discovered how much I loved graphic design and learned on the job from the pros. From there I spent 8 years at the studio in Florida and later Los Angeles before relocating to North Carolina with my husband and starting my own company as a freelancer.

YMCA Web Design

How do you get your inspiration for your web design?

I find I do a lot of designing in my head before I even get to the computer. When I am about to fall asleep especially, designs are running through my head. Once I get to the computer I work organically and just try lots of different things to see how they look. I love designing things that are out of the box, colorful and fun.

Maitely Weismann Web Design

What led you to start using

I stumbled on 99designs last year after returning from maternity leave and actually having a few spare moments to get caught up on the design world. I loved it immediately, the challenge and “game” of it all is a new element to work I already love doing. I also love the community of designers – getting inspired by those around you and their work.

Budi Bar Web Design

What is the most important thing designers can do to have success at 99designs?

I would say to really listen to the client, just like any other design project. Make the extra effort to reach out to the clients – try to accommodate their specific needs and give them something unique.

A Princess For You web design

What do you love most about being a designer?

I love the artistic element, the feeling of creating something from scratch. I love when my 2 year old comes in my office and asks me to show him what I ‘made’ today.

International Relief Teams Web Design

What tips would you give to clients running design projects on 99designs?

Be clear in your brief, give as many specifics as you can, including dimensions, file format, and as much detail as you can about what you are looking for. Designers will give you lots of options but they don’t want to feel like they are going in circles and designing blindly.

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[tweetmeme source=”99designs” alias=”″%5D
We want to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted the Best Web Service & Application of the year in the Webby People’s Voice Awards!

As promised – we shot this video of the team celebrating. This video is for the entire 99designs community – the Webby People’s Voice Award is YOUR win!


Thanks for making the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced logo design, web design, and other graphic design projects.

Breaking the Rules | Beforethecoffee Breaking the Rules

A roundup of tips and resources for entrepreneurs & designers that recently shared via twitter @99designs.


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Feedback is the Key
Whether you are looking for a fantastic logo design, web design, T-shirt design or any other design – Giving designers good feedback is the key to getting great results at!

How to leave Feedback

1. General Comments – You can leave general comments/feedback that is applicable to all the designers in the main comment area at the bottom of the main project page

2. Individual Designer Feedback – To leave specific feedback for an individual designer:

Click the design you wish to leave feedback for
A page for that designer only will open
You can write comments directly into the comment field at the bottom
Thanking the designers for their submissions is always a good idea

3. Star Ratings – It is a good idea to use the star ratings as it gives the designers a better idea as to which direction you want the project to head. You can assign between 1 and 5 stars.

Here is an easy way to think about the stars:

1 star – Thanks but no thanks
2 stars – Not bad but needs significant work
3 stars – Solid effort, interested in seeing more
4 stars – Strong submission
5 stars – Perfect

You can SAVE A TON OF TIME by using the feedback tool –

To ELIMINATE a design that is way off the mark or otherwise inappropriate:

Hover over the design
Click the “X” that appears in the top corner

See more tips on setting up & running a great design project here:

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Designers – Looking for a fun project that benefits a great cause?

City of Hope – an innovative biomedical research, treatment and educational institution dedicated to the prevention and cure of cancer and other life-threatening diseases, is running a poster design project at for its long running Nashville Celebrity Softball Challenge.

Celebrating its 20th year, the event helps raise funds and awareness for City of Hope’s lifesaving mission.

Read the brief

Here is one of the early entrants:

Poster Design by 412ink

Poster Design by 412ink

Share Wins a Webby!

Thank You 99designs Community – We Won a Webby!

WooHoo! We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to the community for voting the Best Web Service & Application of the year in the Webby People’s Voice Awards.

To claim this prestigious honor we had to beat TWO amazing companies – Dropbox & Tumblr – each of which has millions of passionate users!

Thanks to YOU – 99designs has proven to have the most passionate community of all.

Singing in the Streets

As we promised the entire team at 99designs will march down the street signing Queen’s We Are The Champions and post the video to YouTube for your viewing pleasure – Stay Tuned!