Designer Profile: Fernando’s Design

April 29, 2010

Designer Profile: Jude Fernando

Designer Profile

Jude Fernando – Philippines
99designs handle: Fernando’s design
Projects entered: 126
Projects won: 29

How did you get started in web design?

I got my start in design a long time ago, 1995 to be exact. It was not in web design, but in Architectural design. Yes, that was my foundation and my five years in architecture school developed my aesthetic sensibilities.

However, architectural practice in the real world didn’t work out for me. It was not my cup of tea – I discovered that creativity in the world of cement and steel was limited by so many factors. I started looking into other creative outlets such as traditional art and sculpture. All this was until the day I discovered Photoshop…

I was so amazed by the capabilities of the software, that I started spending all my waking hours messing around with it. I tried my hand at some personal websites for friends and poster designs for local events. I realized that this was something I could get good at after much encouragement and appreciation from my friends, family and early clients. This was also the time when websites were not cool and pretty to look at and there was definitely no web2.0 and glossy, shiny interfaces! There was and is so much potential on the web!

Web Design

How do you get your inspiration?

My initial inspiration is always the client. A good brief inspires me and gets me thinking about the possibilities. I also spend some time every single day just browsing the web, looking at great designs, seeing the work of other designers. The more you appreciate the work of others the more you grow in your own work. Most of my ideas come to me at night – when the world is asleep. A calm mind and quiet surroundings inspire a lot of thought. I never rush into a design.

Web Design

What led you to start using

Unlike many here, I discovered 99designs quite late. I was randomly browsing through a popular web design forum when I came across a discussion about contests. The whole concept of crowdsourcing was new to me and I was curious enough about 99designs to give it a try.

I was hooked immediately – each and every contest gave me a rush but I was also depressed when I didn’t win. I am sure all of you designers here have felt the same. After 126 contests its still a rush and I have learned to deal with losing :)

99designs has been invaluable in providing me with a lot more opportunity than what I had before. Every contest is a learning experience and I have built relationships with more than a few regular clients though this site. I have improved a lot since I first started here – much of which is due to the concept of this site. Being able to compare ones work with the work of other designers gives you great insight into what you need to improve on. Without this constant interaction with other designers through the contest environment, I would still be stuck where I was a year ago.

Web Design

What are three things designers can do to have success at 99designs?

  1. Understand the brief. This is the the most important aspect of any contest, yet is more often than not the most overlooked. I don’t mean just read the brief, but actually understand what the contest holder wants. Read it carefully, take the time, don’t rush things.
  2. Think like the client. Put yourself in the clients position and think about what you would want if you were the client. What would be most important to you? Sometimes I even think about where the client lives and the acceptable current design practices in that country or that city. For example Scandinavia has a minimalist, functional and ultra modern design language, whereas Miami beach is about being eclectic, colorful and a little over the top.
  3. Offer something unique with your entry. Everyone likes to be surprised and clients remember unique designs. If two designs follow the brief to the letter and both designs have excellent technique, it’s likely the design that offers something unique or something extra will win. Remember, think like the client. Every client wants their website to standout from the crowd.

Web Design

What do you love most about being a designer?

Creative freedom is what I love the most. Each new project is a creative outlet and a challenge in itself. Each project brings something different. Not having to do the same thing every day for years is what I love most about being a designer.


23 Responses to “Designer Profile: Fernando’s Design”

  1. superjamesgensan Says:

    keep up the good work Jude Fernando.Philippine designers rock on!!

  2. eshcol Says:

    Good Work Mate!

  3. fernando Says:

    Good Day.

    Hey sir, i am beginner graphics artist, web designer u are the inspiration to many Filipino.

  4. Debashis Says:

    Hi Fernando, I really like your designs. They are really superb.

    Good luck.

  5. judith Says:

    Got my vote.

  6. Jude Fernando Says:

    Sperjamesgensan, Eschol, fernando and Debashis, Thanks for the comments and appreciation:) BTW I am a Filipino resident but Indian by birth:)

  7. Bart Schutz Says:


    I have recently been working with Jude Fernando. I can truly recommend him for visual web designs. Jude is not only a very good designer (really love his work), but a very pleasant and pro-active person to work with too. He has a clear view on design in relation to corporate identity and user interface. I’m looking forward to working with Jude in the future.

  8. Domsdel Says:

    Another Pinoy Pride!

  9. jayyyrock Says:


    Awesome story and some great projects, Man, I’m running a contest for a web design right now, under the displayname: jayyyrock , I don’t know if the prize money is enough for a guy of your caliber, but its a pretty challenging project!

  10. Jan Lorie Says:

    Proudly pinoy!!!

  11. oragongbikolano Says:

    gud day sir….nice work ……

    mabuhay po tayo….

  12. John Perkins Says:

    Great success! Maybe my HomeVideoTour submission to 99 Designs yesterday will get lucky enough to get a design from this talented artist.

    Keep up the great work and God Bless,

  13. Alaxander Says:

    Sare Jahan se accha Hindusthan hamara. Hai Hind

  14. Arh Says:

    hi mate, you’re a great inspirations to us new designers… especially pinoys.

    more power to you!

  15. Arj Says:

    hi mate, you’re a great inspirations to us new designers… especially pinoys.

    more power to you!


  16. James Says:

    Your an inspiration sir.
    Thanks for the three things that you’ve suggested to have future in this career…
    Best of LUCK sir…

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