Why Choose Just One? Select Multiple Designs at 99designs.com

April 24, 2010

Want to choose more than one design?

One of the most common requests we get from clients at 99designs is the ability to choose multiple winning designs – well now you can.

To choose more than one design simply:

The first design will be awarded with the money you already prepaid to set up the project.

Each additional design will require additional payment equal to the full prize plus the 15% handling fee.

There is no limit to how many designs you can award!


12 Responses to “Why Choose Just One? Select Multiple Designs at 99designs.com”

  1. Galen Gidman Says:

    This is a great idea. I know as a designer there were times when contest holders really liked my entries and might have picked them along with others had they had the opportunity. Great job 99designs!

  2. Allie Hylton Says:

    Nice! I like this new feature.

  3. venkatam Says:

    really great !dea, sure it will works better :)

  4. Great service update. This surely is a great idea.

  5. thuong hieu Says:

    Noi dung rat hat.

  6. BusCom Says:

    As a content holder one should have the freedom to decide on the high of the second or third prize.
    Sometimes the quality may be comparable and so it is justified to pay the same prize, no discussion needed
    about that but in other cases there are still quite differences.
    With the freedom to award lesser prizes I would be able to aknowlegde the work someone had with his design draft even if it will never be used.

    What is in for me as a content holder: My contest would get more attention by designers.
    So with an adjustable high a designer would get something, if I am obligded to pay the full prize amount again, there won’t be a multiple prize at all. Not winning designers get nothing at all.
    I stand up for an other regulation regarding the high of awarded multiple prizes.


    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Thanks for the comment – What you are saying makes sense when you want to award a 2nd or 3rd prize but do not want to take ownership of those designs. It would not be reasonable to expect a designer to give up the rights to their design for an amount less than what was offered originally. To your point we have been looking at ways to make this possible.

      However, there are many situations where project holders want to take ownership of multiple designs – this makes it easier for them to do so. The good news is – it’s already been really successful and we had not even promoted it.


  7. Safiqur Rahman Says:

    It’s really a nice step for both designer and contest holder. Being a designer myself I am very much pleased with this decesion of 99designs.

  8. Frinley Says:

    Nice post,good idea. very useful thanks alot

  9. Mark Says:

    I don’t understand how this makes sense – why would you pay 10% more for a second design, that in theory, would not be as desirable as your first pick?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      The 10% is the prize handling fee that helps to cover transaction costs – it is required on all prize payments.

      I don’t think you can assume that a second design would not be as desirable as the first. There are a lot of situations where people want to take ownership of multiple designs from their projects. For example, you run a t-shirt project – there could be a handful of fantastic t-shirt designs that you want to buy. Remember, this feature was highly sought after by our customers and has already been very successful without us even promoting it.


  10. Rayf Says:

    Nice! I like this new method.

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