Roundup of Tips, Resources and Inspiration for Designers

April 10, 2010

Tips to help you Learn
A roundup of tips and resources for designers that recently shared via twitter @99designs.

Design Essentials

The Value of Good Design –

So You Call Yourself A Designer? –

Five Ways to Build Your Skills Through Freelancing –

How to avoid your Creativity Burnout –

Reasons Designers Fail to Remain Motivated –

Maintaining Existing Clients –

How To Build Your Reputation And Authority As A Designer-

Logo Design & Branding

What’s Brand? –

15 Fresh Logo Design Processes That Teach Volumes –

5 Branding Basics Every Logo Designer Should Know –

Web Design

Your New WordPress Website Step By Step. Beginner’s Guide –

Taking Small Steps for a Better Website –

How to Critique Web Design –

40 Useful Tools for Web Designers –

12 Tips for a More Accessible Website –

The Art Of The Web Background –

Tips For Calling Visitors To Action –


The Philosophy of Typography –

60 Breathtaking Examples Of Beautiful Typography –


InfoGraphic Designs: Overview, Examples and Best Practices –

14 Visually Stunning Animated Infographics –

Design Tools & Basics

The Icon Designer’s Toolkit –

Free Graphics and Audio Editor: Aviary –

Adobe Illustrator: All the Basics –

Content Aware Fill In Photoshop CS5 –

20 Free Fonts for Fresh Corporate Designs –

40 Fresh New High Quality Icon Sets –

The Total Newbie’s Guide to jQuery –

Design Essentials 2: Originality –

Techniques for Squeezing Images for All They’re Worth –

The Total Newbie’s Guide to jQuery –

Code a Modern Design Studio from PSD to HTML –

Design Inspiration

The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci –

50 Inspiring Logos you Have to See –

30 Logo Designs with Creative Use of Negative Space –

74 Simply Stunning Line Art Logos –

44 Awesome Business Card Designs –

25 Ultra Modern Websites Using HTML5 –

30 Blog Designs with Killer Typography –

30 Amazing Typographic Movie Poster Designs –

30 Incredible Epic Movie Posters & Related Trends –

High Speed Photography : Frozen In Time –

40 Creative Guerrilla and Ambient Advertising Campaigns –

53 Creative and Exquisite Package Designs –


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