Annual Design Awards: Special Offer

March 24, 2010

Annual Design AwardsA few months ago we told you that is a proud sponsor of the Annual Design Awards.

The awards are now just 1 month away!

  • Entries will only be accepted until April 22, 2010

The idea behind the awards is to uncover and celebrate amazing design talent all across the world and that’s what 99designs is all about!

Award winners will be featured in numerous magazines and blogs, reach over 1 million designers, and have their work judged by some of the best designers in the world – pretty cool huh?

It’s a great way to get recognition for your talents. See a list of all the benefits of entering the Annual Design Awards.

**Special offer for the 99designs community**

Use the promotional code: 99DSGNOFF – to get 30% off the entry fee.



2 Responses to “Annual Design Awards: Special Offer”

  1. MAQSOOD Says:

    i will win the price

  2. Simon Says:

    It seems to me that being a descent contributor to the community involves more than throwing money at a competition. I am seeing here many projects where the contest holder is unknown, awards the prize to an unknown contestant and pays $20 – $100 for hundreds of hours work by your contestants.
    Your policing of these awards and of the contest holders is non-existent… It is a sham you can not see beyond the immediacy of churning competitions. Time you seriously started looking from the contestants point of view… lost IP; CH with no creditials, no screening of BLIND competitions.
    It is time you upped the price for a competition and seriously looked at what it is you are doing (trying to do)… and I mean seriously… have you considered the man-hours all your contestants put in to any given competition????
    And they get nothing!!!! nothing!!!!
    Time you started doing something for your contestants here other than throwing a few dollars at an award – in fact a lot more – you should host the award; you should have a descent forum for design, you should be promoting to colleges and students and finally should be monitoring the competitions far more vigorously for IP theft, from all aspects.

    Simon Josephson

    PS: thanks for publishing this.

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