99designs.com Launches Logo Store – Logo Design the Fast and Easy Way

March 15, 2010

Over 4,000 Logo Designs at Your Fingertips

Ready-made Logo Store from 99designs.com

We are very proud to announce the 99designs.com Ready-made Logo Store is now open for business!


A month ago we invited some of the best designers in the 99designs community to “stock the shelves” of our new logo store and BOY- what a response. We now have over 4,000 high quality logos ready to be purchased and customized for just $99.

Here’s How it Works

  • Browse or search our catalogue of logos and choose your favorite
  • Go for a non-exclusive license for $99, or purchase the logo exclusively for $298
  • The original designer will customize the logo with your business name
  • 24 hours later its all YOURS!

It’s a fantastic complement to our popular Design Contest Marketplace – so now there are two great ways to get a high quality, professional logo at an affordable price!


We are especially happy to make the logo store a reality and bring a whole new world of opportunity to you – it has been #2 most requested addition from the design community on our UserVoice forum for months. Your response has been absolutely fantastic – THANK YOU!

Interested in submitting a design for sale? Find out everything you need to know to sell your logo designs here.

Please let us know what you think?

The 99designs Team


100 Responses to “99designs.com Launches Logo Store – Logo Design the Fast and Easy Way”

  1. B29 Design Studio Says:

    Is this where all the lost souls go to be sold for a budget?

  2. DivulDesign Says:

    i`m going to post some overdone logos on buy area, cheers

  3. Matt Says:

    What a great idea! I searched for a few logos and they are very well designed!

    But wouldn’t you guys be creating competition with yourselves? As a person that ran 10 contests already, I would now not even start a $500 contest for a logo, instead I’d grab a $199 logo off the shelf.

    So this would ultimately mean less for 99Designs, less work for designers, and a smaller community.

    A better idea would’ve been to take logos of the designers that LOST logo contests, and include them in the store. Then if they sell it, they get a % of the $99 or $199 sale price. It would have to be moderated as not all logos would be able to get in, but would be a much better idea for everyone involved.

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  5. Hi Matt. Thanks for your input. A few points I’d like to expand on for everyone’s benefit…

    Non-exclusive logos cost $99, meaning others may buy and customize the same logo. An exclusive sale means the logo becomes 100% yours (exactly like what you get from design contests). Exclusivity costs $298.

    Our design community created all the designs in the logo store, and they still own them unless they’re sold exclusively. Much like design contests.

    This is a great opportunity for designers too…

    Our designers now have the potential to sell each logo they’ve created more than once, so the logo store could end up being quite a nice passive income stream for our designers over time, not to mention a great source of customer leads, just like design contests.

    Designers get a commission for every sale they make. We only accept logos from designers who have won at least one contest (you need to earn the right to participate) and we check all designs before they’re accepted for sale in the store.

    If we can save you time and money with our new logo store we’ve achieved our purpose, however design contests are still the best way to create totally unique designs customized precisely to your needs. It depends on what you’re after. We now have something for everyone.

    Hope that all makes sense.

  6. TheNutz Says:

    others may buy and customize the same logo? a company logo shouldn’t be unique? wow!

    • That’s a good question…

      Personally I would definitely want a unique logo for my business (and I’d pay extra for it) but my wife on the other hand doesn’t care. She has a small freelancer business and doesn’t mind if her logo is not unique. Same with my father, he doesn’t care either. They both run very small businesses.

      We’ve had similar feedback from others, so we’ve leaving that decision up to the buyer…

      If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t mind buy non-exclusive for $99, otherwise spend the extra $199 and lock in exclusivity. It’s up to you!

      • Pete Says:

        Hi Mark,

        Your response here doesn’t convince anyone who deals with copyright law.

        If your wife and father don’t care about having a unique logo, then they shouldn’t have a logo. Here’s the main reason:

        A competitor may already have own that logo design. Therefore your wife or father are in breach of copyright.

        It’s this lack of understanding that I’m really quite concerned about. You guys think you’re actually able to create a business model based on generic logo design. It’s not just bad for business, it’s actually likely to land you in a whole heap of legal trouble.

        You know I’ve used 99designs for quite some time, and it bothers me (as it does other good designers) to see logo designs submitted to contests that are generic and have been submitted over and over again.

        This logo store concept falls into this trap. It’s a contradiction in terms to have a ‘generic logo’.

        You can’t police the logos coming in and therefore you’re going to sell designs to people that may well already be copyrighted.

        In short, it’s a joke.

  7. 60nine Says:

    i think that you should increase the time for designer to customize the logo for the client… at least 48 hours…

    • J.ru Says:

      I pretty much agree with this and did sent this question. What if the designer is away for the weekend? Also some designers are from another time zone and would open their email in the morning, meaning at least 6 hours have already passed before receiving the notification….

      • Jason Aiken Says:

        We believe the 24 hour turn around is an important selling point for the ready made offering.

        Designers get paid regardless of whether they are able to do the customization or not – if they can do the customization then it’s an opportunity to earn a bit more.


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  9. _nXs_ Says:

    Had a look, seen a few of them that have “made the rounds” before. I had a look at my old stuff to see if there was anything that I could submit, but no, most, if not all were taylor made for that specific competition. Which made me realise how generic alot of the logos were in the line-up. And if the client was pedantic about their logo, they would have to browse over 200 pages to make sure they didnt miss one. I got to 16 and that was me. And brings me to another point, if you wanted to submit a logo, it would have to be different from everyone elses, would you have to go through the 200 just to make sure as well? Bugger that.

  10. Matt Says:

    Thanks for reply Mark.

    Running many online projects, the logo stores is a great addition and I was tempted to buy a few logos yesterday for 1-2 projects that I have in the works.

    I disagree with some of the people that are complaining above about the logo store.

    There are many companies that will have unique logos that you won’t find in the store. But there are many where the store logos are just perfect. There was a few $199 logos there that were better than the $4000 logo I paid for years ago done by a big Canadian firm – what a waste of money that was. I wish I knew about 99Designs then.

  11. Josh Says:

    Hi, is there any way we can see what logos are selling or how manny times our design has been viewed?, or if any potential customers have actually visited the store?
    Would make this whole idea bit more interesting, if i knew there was come customers out there.

  12. H. Says:

    I wished that at least 99 design could stay away from this behavior but seems like it won’t.

    I don’t like, sorry.

  13. […] 99designs have announced that their new logo store is now open for business. There are currently around 4,000 logos in the store by some of 99designs’ best designers, […]

  14. LukeSF Says:

    Much has been already told before but again – Guys, think twice…
    You have a cool custom design resource (though “custom” is doubted by many people outside 99design) Yet as a part of community I know some people here make real wodners when they get to designing logos, sites, print stuff, etc.
    Though I can’t say I’m a top notch designer, but still I wouldnt really like to be associated with the 99designs when it comes to the logos in the store.
    And if someone tells somewhere showing one of such logos that it comes from 99designs, I guess it will definitely not add points neither to you nor to real designers here.
    It makes your work and what’s more important OUR work cheap, unattractive and to some extend simply ignorant.

    Think about it…

    • Dharma Says:

      Luke, the same point you mentioned about being unique and created by a “real designer” in contrast to 99designs should encourage you then to stand out from the crowd. So this is all for the better for you then, if you take your argument further.
      I myself am very encouraged and happy to participate here. It gives me a tremendous chance that I would not have otherwise. So, live and let live! Times change and you have to go with that :)

      • LukeSF Says:

        No so fast with the decision making :) I’m a part of 99designs community and I got back here from time to time because I like competing with others. I like making new steady clients here. I simply like 99designs because one can find professioanally made logos here. Even if these logos are not made by the professionals.
        What I mean is more of marketing point and some common sense issue – how one can declare professionally designs logos by designers and sell it as a best logo design service online and at the same time giving a bunch of clipart logos under the same brand?

  15. LukeSF Says:

    And one more thing… 99designs guys, don’t be lazy and go through all the pages… I got to 12 and found a bunch of clipart and about 3-5 rip-offs…
    Those have been always prohibited here, why is it then they are allowed in the store I wonder

    • Please report any designs you think are breaking the rules and we’ll deal with them.

      • Pete Says:


        You can’t expect the community to report rip off logos! That’s not their job, it’s yours.

        Oh wait, you’re selling stock logos. See the problem here?

        This part of your business isn’t even a month old and you’re selling logos that, in all probability, are already owned by companies and protected by copyright.

        Please rethink this very odd and risky business plan.

        Here are some likely outcomes of continuing with this business plan:

        – Clients looking for a cheap logo choose this option, then they ask if the logo can be protected by copyright. Which it can’t. They wonder why the spent any money in the first place and question the motivations of this business model.

        – Clients question whether 99designs is a safe place to do business due to this interest in money first, quality second attitude to design.

        – If high paying clients don’t continue using the service because of the above points, the good designers will go elsewhere for contests.

        Not a very good picture is it?

  16. SR Promotions Says:


    A big misconception about the store was its previous popularity among designers.. of whom “voted” for it to begin with. You have to remember the vast majority of the designers competing at 99Designs never ever see a penny for anything they have created.. thus the vast majority of designers from this community would support having another venue to pawn this “trash” off on other people. As a previous poster mentioned.. if youre winning, and its unique, why would you need a place to try and sell it again?

    From 99Designs perspective there are people out there who will willingly purchase this “trash” at a discount. And to be honest.. thats fine. Like Mark mentioned, his wife doesnt care what her business is branded to look like… there are several hundred thousand people just like her who could care less if their logo is a clipart whatever purchased off of istockphoto or the 99Designs logo store (or most likely dont know the difference). So… it makes sense for such a business owner to buy this stuff and it makes sense for a designer that cannot win competitions to put there stuff up for sale. 99Designs is a business offering a product to a market that will buy it and producers who will stock their shelves..

    What the major problem is, is that 99Designs keeps pushing this idea and concept as something worthwhile, just like in the blog post “best designers in the 99designs community to “stock the shelves” of our new logo store and BOY- what a response. We now have over 4,000 high quality logos ready to be purchased and customized for just $99.” I mean… there is nothing high quality there, these items arent from their best designers.. this is the exact opposite of what they advertise.

    Its hard to say in one breath that this is a great solution, and then in the other explain how such a solution is really only good for people that dont care what theyre branded as.. lol.. or have no money to spend. Its a contradiction.

    However, as has been discussed before.. it really doesnt have to be like this. It actually could be the top designers submitting concepts for modification, it actually could be high quality solutions for consumers to purchase on a budget.. it actually could be something that wouldnt drive down the contest prizes or the contest quantities.. (as has been illuminated once again in previous posts..).. and it actually could be easier to navigate and find what youre looking for..

    99Designs will just have to do what they do until all they have left are designers with no experience, that dont speak english, and will do anything for $20.00. Then the joke will finally hit home, and suddenly quality and respectability (not to mention profitability).. will be too far out of reach to ever attain..

    Way it goes. squeeze this turnip till its empty.. move on to the next.


    • toearely Says:

      What about future profit to the designer on a logo when some mom and pop business hits it big? Did you know that multi billion dollar businesses like Pampered Chef were created in someone’s basement? I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the Nike designer? I see the need for high end design and design for the common man but there always seems to be a loosing end to the designer at 99 — the only real winners are the ones sitting back and raking in the profits from all of us …

    • weberica Says:

      ////99Designs will just have to do what they do until all they have left are designers with no experience, that dont speak english, and will do anything for $20.00. Then the joke will finally hit home /////

  17. SR Promotions Says:

    btw, here are the ways to improve the idea.

    Ways to fix it:

    1. You must have won 15 logo contests or more to be eligible for “shelf space” on one of three levels… platinum (50 or more wins), Gold (30 to 49 wins), and Silver (15 to 29 wins).. and the wins must come from the contest side of the site. This eliminates most all of the third world market hacks, newbies, concept stealers and the like. Really, for those who win 1 in a 100.. by the time they get to their 1,500th submission they should be doing something correct by then.. even if they arent.. theyve earned it. Winning 1 contest doesnt earn anything.

    2. The logos or brands are categorized by genre and style, not by business industry. This allows for a customer to choose the style, but still require that the artwork be modified to suit just them. Youre selling style concepts, as a top designer, not cookie cutter logos that are submitted by the 99% of designers that should choose another line of work.

    3. The logo concept minimum price is $80 and can be listed as high as $175.00, this way the contest pricing isnt such a dramatic difference. And its sold as is. For a fee of $50.00 the designer will modify it for the customer. Exclusivity is sold for $300.00, and thats with modification. In every case the logo is sold, 99Designs makes $27.95.. and that never changes. The higher the level (platinum, gold, siver..) the higher the pricing.

    4. In order for the designs to remain on the “shelf”, the designer must have a registered login once a week at the minimum.

    What the above solutions provide is for a small business owner to come here on a limited budget, lets say … a little company that makes extreme beenies for snow boarders. They can come here, look in the “grunge” category, see something they like, purchase it for a $100.00, have the same designer that made it, modify it for an additional $50.00.. and move on, the cost saving is minimal when compared to a contest, however they were offered the chance to browse works from actual talented proven winners, they did not have to take the time to run a contest and offer feedback and yada yada.. all of which saves hassle and money, at the end of the day they purchased a $150.00 logo which in no way takes away from the contest prizes, the designer actually made something, which they could do over and over again.. but it also incentivizes designers to be good enough to get on the shelves. The store would provide a place to not only find a quick solution, save time and money, but it would also serve as a showcase for the better designers who have most likely labor’d on 99Designs for many contests in order to have won 15 or more contests.. these designers deserve the opportunity to sell concepts, they’ve worked for it, this is a reward and valuable showcase.

    Win Win for everyone if done this way.

    you want to drive quality up while still allowing for a cost effective solution, and still offer profitability to both 99Designs and the designer. There wouldnt be any cookie cutter logos, just style concepts, and you wouldnt be driving down the prize amounts or the contest quantities.. the only real savings is in time and education to run a successful contest. You split the submissions by pricing (the different levels) as well as by genre.. so you dont have 25 pages of “dentist” cookie cutter logos..

    better for the customer, better for the designer, better for 99Designs.. instead they went with the opposite. lol

    Good luck!!


    • J.ru Says:

      Great suggestion, i like most of what you proposed here..specially your pricing scheme :)

  18. KimKiyaa Says:

    Are there any plans to do this same kind of thing for web design? It actually makes much more sense for this kind of thing to be for templates.

  19. LCWD Says:

    What about a webdesign logo store? I find it more useful than a logo store, due to the fact that the logos are made exclusively after a website or company. Love to see it somehow.

  20. Matt Says:

    No, they should do it for business cards!

    This way you only upload your logo to 1 out of 10,000 business card designs and preview it, then if you like it, you buy it.

    Secondly, there should be a bundle package for those that want a full site from scratch ready in seconds:

    They get to pick out a logo, apply it to one of 4,000 templates, then pick out business card background, and it should all come as a package deal.

    Some of these are good ideas (for 99 as a business), but also a bad idea for the CHs long term. You don’t want to turn off the high quality designers from coming back.

    I think you guys need to choose a direction. Become another TemplateMonster, or become a community for high quality designs.

    I like the logo store though.

  21. Mozi Says:

    well it’s really great Idea!! I also think that 99D Team will Create something for webpage designs!!


  22. I think this is a great idea, and I will probably use it in the future.

    However, I think that you really need to show the number of times a logo has been purchased already, particularly for those who want exclusive rights of the logo.

  23. Matt Says:

    Question to the Team:

    I want to buy a logo exclusively. But right now, I don’t know how many people have already downloaded it non-exclusively.

    Are we able to see somewhere the number of non-exclusive purchases the logo has had?

  24. Matt, goo question. You can’t buy a logo exclusively if it’s already been bought non-exclusively. Only the fist buyer has the option to buy exclusively.

  25. Matt, good question. You can’t buy a logo exclusively if it’s already been bought non-exclusively. Only the first buyer has the option to buy exclusively.

  26. JDM Says:

    The logo purchase is out now on 99designs, but when the 99designs team do the same thing like selling a web template from 99designs designer?


  27. STEVE Says:


    You guys need a forum where people can discuss contests with other participants / contest holders in open forum style.

    Posting this as a comment cause there’s no real place to discuss such things.


  28. Matt Says:

    I agree with Steve. 99Designs needs its own forum.

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Check out our uservoice forum – http://99designs.uservoice.com

      You can vote on ideas on what you’d like to see developed at 99designs and create your own suggestions as well.

      The Ready-made logo store was one of the top suggestions from our community by the way.


  29. Willy Says:

    It is disappointing to see how they change the purpose of 99designs wanting to integrate the sale of stock. I imagine that begin with the logos and then add more categories without thinking that affect the designers who have grown 99designs.

    Gentlemen, you are putting their interests regardless of the primary purpose of 99designs.

    Now customers will choose to buy a logo of 99 dollars instead of paying 500 usd.

    Very unhappy with the direction you are taking this community, I will close my account

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  31. Rana Says:

    Non-exclusive logos for $99, the designer get 30% – 50% commission on every sale & for exclusive ownership
    of the logo buyer will pay $298, than how much the designers are getting?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Designers earn 30% – 50% commission regardless of whether it is sold at $99 or $298.

      ie – it’s either 30%-50% of $99 or 30%-50% of $298.


  32. Andy77 Says:

    This is a great opportunity for the logo designers,But please think about website designers.It will be grt!!!! if website designers are get same kind of opportunity to sell their website through 99designs.

    Hope you guys think about this!!!!


  33. Cristy Says:

    I’ve sold a logo @store but it is three-four days since it says: “Awaiting buyer acceptance These customizations will be automatically accepted shortly.”

    • Venya Says:

      Two of my logos currently have sticker “SOLD” and says that logo was sold exclusively. But I did not received any notifications, not asked to make customization, still have 0 sales in statistics, and, whats more important never get any money for it!

    • Thirdeye Says:

      I am haveign the same problem. Customer bought one of my logos and is currentlly using it on their website but I still see “Awaiting buyer acceptance These customizations will be automatically accepted shortly.”

      THAT WAS 5 DAYS AGO!!! I have posted multiple comments to support with no reply whatsoever.

      Feeling frustrated…

  34. roktiv Says:

    Cool! That’s works! First my logo has been sold there!

  35. creativesoul Says:

    Just three days after the launching, 4 of my logos have been sold, 1 sold exclusively and 3 sold regularly (one of them sold twice!).
    But, the last buyer haven’t completed the handover process while he has used the logo in his website. Is this allowed? I still don’t get the money but he already use my logo. I’ve emailed 99designs support team about this and still have no answer.



    • creativesoul Says:

      Ignore my last comment in the last paragraph.



    • Thirdeye Says:

      My issue has not yet been resolved. I still have a customer using my logo while I have “Awaiting buyer acceptance These customizations will be automatically accepted shortly.” Do I need to post on the form instead of contacting support? I would at least like to know if support is receiving my comment submitted to them.

      • Jason Aiken Says:


        Apologies – I will look into your issue and get back to you ASAP.


      • Thirdeye Says:

        Thank you. Feeling a little frustrated here. :(
        Your reply makes me feel a little better tho.

      • creativesoul Says:

        What I did couple days ago, I opened his website and searched for contact us form. But the link didn’t work. I tried another way, I opened the blog page and there was a comment form. There I wrote to him that he has to finish the handover process before putting the logo into his website. After that, he emailed me and said sorry for the incident and he finished the handover process. Finally, I’ve got my money… :)

      • Thirdeye Says:

        I got my money too, Dan form 99D fixed it for me. Thank you Dan!

  36. J.ru Says:

    1) Perhaps add a comment area in the design handover even after the revised files were uploaded in case you want to add information about your upload.

    2) This is a bit confusing for me…When sending the customised or revised files for buyer’s approval, it says there “…other files you’d normally send” under the “upload eps” function but when you hit “Upload” button below, it already locks up. How can we send the other files we may want to send like proof…

  37. yb design Says:

    Hi, i just sold a logo and the buyer had a question and a request after he accepted the files. It is impossible for me to answer this question now because there is no reply field anymore?

    Can this be fixed? Is there another way to contact your buyer?


    • creativesoul Says:

      If your status is completed, then go to your ‘credits’ in My Account section. In the ‘credit account changes’, look under the description column, you will see the name of your buyer, just click it and it will bring you to his/her profile, click the contact link and now you can send him a message.
      Hope this will help you.



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  39. oxy Says:

    All logos should be sold exclusively only, otherwise for any additional sale of the same logo, copyright infringement can be justified easily in a court of law – period.
    The fact that some clients do not care about exclusivety is irrelevant. The designer is vulnerable for every second sale of the same logo.
    We are not talking about morality here (which is also a case btw) but for legal eligibility.

    Important note: in many countries, when you sale a logo, it is considered a “service” (since the law assumes there is only a creative process involved to produce a unique piece of a given value) but when you sale copies of the same thing (even if it is “customized”) is it considered a sale of goods -> commerce and it is treated differently.

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Thanks for your comment. We take copyright pretty seriously here at 99designs, so in putting our Logo Store together we’ve sought extensive legal advice for what is acceptable practice. The resulting Services Agreement was written entirely by our legal experts and of course we will continue to examine our business practices to try to provide the best outcome for both our customers and designers.


      • Pete Says:

        Hi Jason,

        Who actually monitors/approves the logos that you accept into the logo store?

        In an above post Mark Harbottle asked a member of the community to point out designs that are in question!!!

        I’ve just looked through some pages of the store logos and at least 10 designs are generic and already exist in a form close enough to call into question.

      • Jason Aiken Says:

        Hi Pete,

        We have an internal design review team that monitors/approves the logos. I think Mark was pointing out that despite having this team in place it is not outside the realm of possibility that a logo gets approved for sale when it shouldn’t and therefore if anyone, designer or otherwise, sees such a logo – don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.


  40. I think the idea is a good one. For those worrying about cheapening the 99designs brand, the brand is already about discount design work. This is already a cheap alternative to going to a big design house and paying $4-10K for a design and marketing package. taking it another step down is not a big deal. Its the same as brandstack’s business model. Which recently has taken up running projects like 99d does. Brandstack, Crowdspring and 99d are competing for the same business and none of them want to be left without an option that the consumer wants. If you like it participate, If not, move on. You can make a small amount of money with less effort. go for it!

    • j.ru Says:

      I like brandstack better because you sell exclusively and designers can set the price for a logo.

  41. j.ru Says:

    Additional suggestion;
    Designer selling logos via store should have a link beside their profile in the main 99D contest page and vice versa, so they can easily jump from contest page to logo-store.

    • j.ru Says:

      2) Perhaps another suggestion would be to give designers the option to decide if they want to sell their logo exclusively or not prior to putting up the logo for sale. In a way givng them control as to how they want to earn from this system. just my two cents.

      • Jason Aiken Says:

        Yes – thanks for the suggestions.

        We will be improving how everything connects together over time. One easy example would be a link that allows you to see all the logos available from any given designer.


  42. […] 99designs have announced that their new logo store is now open for business. There are currently around 4,000 logos in the store by some of 99designs’ best designers, […]

  43. j.ru Says:

    I sold a logo 4 days ago but up until now I am still waiting for the customer’s approval (“Awaiting buyer acceptance These customizations will be automatically accepted shortly”).

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it when the customer did not send any approval within 48 hours it is considered approved and the fee should automatically be credited to the designer’s account?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Yes – you are correct.


      • J.ru Says:

        Thanks for clarifying this but I got an email response from your team that what I mentioned above is “not quite right”…

        Anyway, I did get the money after a week.

        But if the policy is really an automatic credit if the client has downloaded the files but fail to approve within 48 hours, 99D should do something about the auto system because mine took a week and an intervention by the 99d staff.

  44. omen666 Says:

    any logo has been sold yet?

  45. de Says:

    Due to the logostore opening.. logo contests are dropped from 24 pages to 15 pages. i think designers should pulldown their logos from this store AsAP. im sorry i hate this logo store idea ! 99designs should close this ! 99designs is earning more money and giving the lesser to the designers who actually deserver more money.. selling a logo more than once isn’t a great idea. i don’t think anyone will buy a logo which is already sold and being used by other company..

    • j.ru Says:

      After selling one logo, I realized I would be better off re-submitting my unused entries in later contest than selling it at the logo store (sorry 99D).

      99D should increase the price of the logo or at least let the designers set the price and 99D should get the commission from the sales being the distribution/marketing agent. Not the other way around…

    • BAGraphix Says:

      I agree! It makes no sense, don’t it state that once you win a contest and hand over the copy write that logo belongs to the contest holder who bought it in the first place, so if the same logos are being bought over and over again and being used by mutiple times by several people breaking that rule of thumb? We get in trouble if we use the same logo design more than once and there is enough arguing amongst designers for copying…wouldn’t this be doing exactly that?

      • Jason Aiken Says:

        It is a different licensing model. If the logo sells exclusively – then the customer buys it – same as in the contest model. But is a logo sells non-exclusively, then it can be sold over and over again. Many small businesses don’t necessarily need an exclusive logo.

        Let me know if you have further questions on this.


  46. eshcol Says:

    I sold a logo and got only 28$…

  47. Stickie Says:

    I think that 99designs schould get a commission for a sold logo not the opposite,…
    getting 30-40§ for a logo is ridicculous for people living in the states or europe
    especially when we have the 24 hours turnaround in mind
    …and if you are away for two days 99 is even getting your funny 30$

  48. delavie Says:

    I keep trying to see how this store benefits anyone except 99designs. I can’t. The Designers are the engine that drives 99, if we don’t participate doing spec work for a marginal chance of winning a usually minimal prize, 99 doesn’t exist.
    Artists as a general rule don’t do well in the roll of worker ants. This store shows very little respect for the very people that keep you in business.

  49. […] month, 99Designs announced their new logo shop. They have over 4,000 logos ready to be purchased and customized for just $99 […]

  50. Cody Says:

    Well I think this is a great idea, however I can not find how to post my designs.

  51. Cairns Web Says:

    I love this idea, so many of my client do not have enough money to get a $500 logo and with so many to choose from this makes my job easy, I can get on with creating websites.

    Great work I would also like to see a web template style version.

  52. BAGraphix Says:

    I am not sure if I really like the idea of the logo store, I see many potiential problems, such as mutiple designers buying the same design and using them in contest which will lead to more arguing between designers copying each other designs, it’s hard enough as is in many contest to come up with original ideas, and many times the contest holders dump the contest and then no one wins. Also I think it is unfair that the we the designers will only get a % of the sale of our design that may have taken us many hours to design in the first place, I really don’t see where we the designers will benefit from this.

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Thanks for the feedback – we at 99designs as well as designers in the community police the logo store and the contest marketplace to help make sure things like that don’t happen.

      One thing to think about regarding designer benefits – Let’s say a single logo sells multiple times. That creates a recurring revenue stream for that designer – they keep making money off it, over and over again. The store is just a month old and we already have many logos sell multiple times and one has sold more than 5 times.

      I think we will all learn a lot as this develops.

      Thanks again for the feedback.


  53. Nenad Says:

    You guys from 99 designs never stops to amuse me with the stupid moves like this.
    I can make a 4 miles letter but I just don’t want. I give up.

    You will burn in hell :)

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Time will tell… The logo store is off to a great start. Many designers are finding success – we already have many designs that have sold several times – that is a recurring revenue stream for designers and a very powerful thing over time.


  54. Tommy Z. Says:

    This Logo Store is excelent idea and great opportunity for designers to get some extra income, but is unrealistic and a bit frustrating because it received only 30% of their work and time spent on the logo.

    My proposal: if the designers get 70% per sell, and 99designs get 30%, it would be very fair and everyone would be satisfied

  55. lynrite Says:

    I agree that the store idea is a good idea, but the amount a designer gets is quite unreasonable.
    For example, I have had several sells:

    – on an exclusive sell I made $120., and I did all the work and customization to the design, yet 99designs earned more than I; they made around $180. for that sell.

    – based on a 40% commission rate, my non-exclusive sells earn me $40., provided that I do the customization/revisions; otherwise, I earn $28. That means that 99designs pays me twenty-eight dollars for the sell, and a mere twelve additional dollars to do customization work (including multiple revisions if requested by the buyer) while they get 60% – IMOP it should be the other way around.

    99designs, please reconsider the value of your designer community. As it now stands with the Logo store, it could be perceived you have a lack of appreciation for your faithful designers, even greediness perhaps.

  56. DEDA Says:

    why do you take 30-50%? isn’t that too much? for who do all this designers work? for you? i don’t think so! i think that you should be satisfied with 10-15%. for example, if i sell one logo for 250$, you get 25$ and i think it is very nice since you done nothing…this is pure disrespect!

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