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March 9, 2010

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Designer Profile

Emilian Constantin – Bucharest, Romania
99designs handle: ulahts
Projects entered: 2349
Projects won: 301

How did you get started in design?

I started working with pencils when I was 12 years old – drawing sketches of muscles. I wanted to get the finest and strongest abs in my classroom – Later I discovered colors, and I think that did the trick :).

I participated in a few school-to-school drawing competitions which I was fortunate enough to win. At the age of 16 I started to play football (soccer) and I directed my creative juices towards “nasty” ball running. Then – between secondary and superior school, I started messing around with graphics again and especially printing.

I got my first part time job as an offset machinist in a large print house at the age of 21 when I was studying at university – I call that period “colorful white nights”. Logo Design - Spiffy Sparrow I worked for about 4 years as a machinist and then later I got into the sales department and prepress management. Of course this is where I discovered my aptitude for graphic design and finally met Mr. Corel … Corel Draw. Yeah, for me Corel was James Bond of graphic design programs for the next few years. Throughout the time I spent in printing I experimented heavily with brand design, logos, stationary, brochure design – almost everything that prints.

Around 2002-2003 a friend showed me a website where I could try to sell my artwork. At the beginning I thought it was a stupid idea, but later it got more competitive which for me – the harder it was the better. I haunted that website for about 3-4 years and worked my way up to being ranked first in the logos section.

What led you to start using

Logo Design - Sprout BucketIn 2006 I was introduced to SitePoint at that time they had a Contest Marketplace section later to become the successful

On 99designs I’ve had great success and during this period (SitePoint and 99designs) I have sold over 500 logos. I think I sold 80-90 logos on SitePoint alone – and that’s really when I began to get addicted to logo design. At this time I was a part time employee and was able to start my own small printing boutique which later brought me even more success.

Participating in projects at 99designs has definitely helped me reach greater heights in my design skills. One important lesson I learned is that if you have doubts about something that you are drawing, even the smallest doubt, then start working in another direction. Another tip I have for designer is do your homework – read about brand identity, color usage, printing etc… It helps a lot!

How do you get your inspiration?

Logo Design - CropdRegarding inspiration and what comes from it – both are lead by your state of mind, skills and experience. But above all that – there is something that I always keep firmly in mind:

“There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity. In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite.”

Paul Gauguin

What I love most about being a designer is that it’s related to the brain and that’s an unlimited resource!


44 Responses to “Designer Profile: ulahts”

  1. John Says:

    I remember when ulahts was by far #1 here with like 70-80 contests won…now 300, congrats dude!

  2. Ade Says:

    Thanks for a great interview!!

    Fantastic tip about doing the homework ;)

  3. Scotty D. Says:

    Congrats on the wins. And to everyone else, this is a perfect example of what happens to graphic design in a contest/non personal setting. Generic, recycled designs.

    • ulahts Says:

      Thanks everyone.
      Scotty, i understand where you are coming from what i don’t understand is what you are trying to convey: that i have re-used many concepts or that you don’t like 99designs :D

      Anyway, cheers to all!

      • Scotty D. Says:

        I am trying to convey both. In a contest setting for graphic design where payment is optional, the main goal is to create a logo that will win the contest whereas in a professional client/designer setting, the main goal is successful branding. Re-using concepts is not how a successful logo is created. Sure, the client may end up with a nice shiny web 2.0 logo, but the final product has nothing to do with the company or their brand. It is just a generic logo, easily forgettable. If you spent 5 minutes looking over all of those logos that I made a collage of, and then made a list of names on one side, and the logos on the other, you would not be able to match a single name to the logo. On the other hand, it is easy to name the companies that belong to these logos: Each one is unique, and has thought put into it. The point is, 99designs is cheapening design. Designers are working for pennies, and clients are getting unsuccessful branding.

      • _nXs_ Says:

        I kinda agree with what you say, but the contest holder gets what they deserve, the more input they put in, the more output they’re going to get. If they have a vision of what they want, its more than likely they get the logo they expected to achieve. They on their part have to do they’re homework too and realize when a logo looks generic.
        Also remember that brand marketing plays a big part in how well a logo is remembered.

    • Mark Says:

      this guy (“Scotty D”) is so hurt… He enters in every single post of 99designs blog only for criticize and put people down. Get a life.

    • Vogel Says:

      What do you expect if someone participate more than ten contests at the same time and with already over 2000 contests entered? Quantity gets over quality mate.

  4. Entertica Says:

    He’s very talented! I’m adoring each of his work since two years ago.
    Great job Emilian!

  5. TheNutz Says:

    wow, finally the legend is here :)

  6. de-sign Says:

    Hes a hardworking guy thers no doubt about that.. & there are v.few like him. but i do NOT like him copying others work… !!! sorry Ulahts but you have to accept this that you were addicted to reusing the same elements again and again AND AGAIN !!! but from past few months i see some changes in him !!! :), May be his real true designer inside has awakened and said NOooo Emilian Noo now stop, & thats a positive sign !
    Best of LUCK.
    Mani Khan Tanoli.

    • ulahts Says:

      Thanks Mani,
      Well, what can i say aside of the fact that in so many years i gathered a few thousands unused icons ?
      I became lazy, yes i know, and i am trying to move on with my business and i am starting an internet based one as well. Hursh times requires hursh decissions.
      As for the copying, well, i would worry more about others copying my work than i copying others work , really :)

  7. Drunken Guy Says:

    Congrats Ulahts!
    you deserve greater success!
    its always inspiring to see how you think in your work! ( and get the same feeling every-time ‘why did I not think of this as well!)

  8. Debashis Says:

    @ ulahts –
    Hi Emilian, you are a fantastic designer and always in my watch-list. I am so glad to read this interview and wish to have your continuous inspirations.


  9. TheNutz Says:

    Scotty , they get what they deserve. I wish I was in ulaths place every time.
    btw. what’s the meaning for “ulaths”?
    adica ce inseamna ulaths asta?

  10. Aniketh(apm1) Says:

    When there were contests in sitepoint that time i was regularly watching for ULAHTS designs.And at one time me n ulahts were participating in the same contest,whr i thought i could never win this contest,but actually i won that contest for SGA.Then i felt somewhat like wahh…bcoz i ve competed wit ulahts and won the contest also.And i was also inspired by Ulahts designs.:)

  11. aguleo Says:

    Congratz Ulahts! You have a lot of reason about the homework, thanks!

  12. Web design Says:

    I browsed through some of your websites and i must say that you did some very interesting design/projects.
    Keeps the good job

  13. Alf Says:

    Cheers for a great “shutterstock” designer. Many of your designs are just copied or inspired from other peoples work. You just have to admit it. You ,I have to say, are a great concept copier. You take 100%, use 80% modify some things and there you have it, award winning designer, or so you call yourself.

    I can point at least 10 of your winning designs that are copied or too much inspired. But hey, That’s the happy face of crowd-sourcing. You would stand a chance in a real, serious agency. You do not research your brief, you just “instant logo them” with few exceptions. And here I’m not saying you are not talented, I’m just saying your work style is unfair for other. But hey…it seems you won “a few” this way.

    Doing anything to win? Well, that’s the main flaw of crowdsourcing. Some people would stop at nothing just to gain a few cents now and then. With a logo I cannot pay my bills, but some designers can feed a family for a month.

    Just to summarize, if you were that good you would be working for a big agency by now and not on 99designs.

    Best Regards,

  14. Dika Says:

    I know this day will come!! ^0^, congratulation ulahts! you’re one of my favorite designer.

  15. Riz Says:

    Good interview Emi! Keep it up… work smart not hard ;)
    For all the crowdsourcing haters: Get over it!… if crowdsourcing has stopped you from having a starbucks coffee on your desk everyday then readjust your pricing or you’ll be left behind in the race. I do not understand why crowdsourcing-haters loose so much sweat to defame crowdsourcing than to actually concentrate on their own $10,000 clients. Get over it. Its the buyers will to either go to the dollar store to buy a shirt for $1 or go buy it from Armani for $1000. You cant shut the dollar store if you’re not getting enough customers :D. I favor both markets. They operate in their own environment depending on the buyer(business) needs. So there is no need to unleash your dogs from empty pockets on crowdsourcing :). Anyway.. As a professional I give my Congrats to Emi! and peace to haters ;)

  16. Louis Buvens Says:

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!

  17. Rana Says:

    If it all about scoring & earning money than hats off to you ULAHTHS. Congratulation man!

    But if we are talking about CREATIVITY I think we knocking wrong door. ‘It’ doesn’t live here. Again if he own 301 contests, there is nothing wrong and its not his fault. He just showcased his product and the window shopper liked it. He never or cant force some one to buy it.
    If someone paid money & want a cocktail of Wine & Vinegar what the bartender can do. These buyers (max of them) don’t like/understand creativity/suggestions as max of them are not even sure of their business future & that is why they are ‘here’, to buy(hahaha)a LOGO from the ‘MALL’ with their card.

    There is only 1 Twitter in long history who bought a logo in $6 and become that hit with in a year.
    In contrast Twitter might not be here or bankrupt before launch if gone to an Agency. Or GOOGLE logo would be the best but sold to Search Engine)long ago.

    So if you love creating logo, rather do it for free or a dinner. As far as I understand as a designer an artist even don’t know the price of his/her art-peace, what he/she count the level of satisfaction not how much they got.

    My point of this BBBBBIIIIIIIGGGGG write up is let him Enjoy & Celebrate this Award, do not try to judge it. If you are judging than my question is what you are doing here and reading all this…..?


  18. georgiana Says:


    I am new here and I am very happy to see my people around.
    So, I was looking for brilliant minds around the internet so I can learn and here I see that they are closer that I imagine. Maybe we are neighbors…:P

    I am new to freelancing and I am happy to see that it is possible.

    Hope to have the chance to meet you personally.

    Felicitari! :)

  19. rickshow Says:

    Wow, great to see the face behind the name!

    Best of luck in the future, you deserve it.

  20. ulahts Says:

    Thank you all for your comments.

  21. Joe Dexter Says:

    Congrats Ulahts !! It’s show your level !! 301 Won contests. Awesome !

  22. huiragubi Says:

    congrats to you, ulahts! great to see you. ;)
    nothing to blame him or 99designs, guy. the importance and decision here and in market are you satisfy customers and they are happy and have what they want and then .. you got awards. i think that’s better than you said that you were best, unique .. blabla but no one(customer) uses it!! no one needs it!! so then what kind of artist then?

    keep up great ones, ulahts. you have one more fan!

  23. roktiv Says:

    Congrats Emi! You are a real logomonster:) Do you sleep at night? Do you eat? Just tell me when you have a vacation (so it’s probably give me more chanses to win) So much entered contests!!! LOL

  24. Jariadi Says:

    i read your profile and saw some of your logo , its great man.., simple but cool… congratulations, hope all the best for you in future…

  25. Alt+D Says:

    ulahts you are very inspiring…


    just wondering…
    how much time do you need to create a single logo?
    in average time…

  26. keegan Says:

    I don’t like your personality, but I have to admit that you’re great and my inspiration. keep up the good work. I’ll catch you someday. hehe

  27. logobox Says:

    Thank you a;; people :)
    @roktiv if i am the logomaster then i can say you are my equal :)
    Absolutely astonishing ideas and logos from you since i known you.

    I do sleep – a little though, life is made to be lived and not slept :D

  28. karmadesigner Says:

    Someone to learn from!!! Thank You !

  29. artmart Says:

    Good man and an inspiration to all.
    Love your work.

  30. metall Says:

    Ulaht u are the king..

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