Help Win the SXSW People’s Choice Award

February 24, 2010

Help 99designs Win the People's Choice Award is a finalist in the 2010 SXSW Web Awards and now we need your help to win the People’s Choice Award!

Each year the People’s Choice Award is given to the public’s favorite finalist from the SXSW Web Awards competition – The finalist with the most votes wins.

Let’s spread the word about our awesome design community…

Vote for 99designs Here


41 Responses to “Help Win the SXSW People’s Choice Award”

  1. barrezta Says:

    i’ve vote for 99designs!
    good luck brooo!!

  2. is the next generation breakthrough in creative business.
    Great Job !

  3. Faisal Says:

    Ya it’s realy fantastic

  4. Kane Waltman Says:

    Best of luck to all my friends at 99designs!

  5. Alec Says:

    Have voted, love the site. My first competion was a stormer! Keep up the good work!

  6. DivulDesign Says:

    Your vote for the site ’’ has been tallied. Feel free to come back again tomorrow and make yourself heard again :)

  7. GraySource Says:

    I vote for 99designs.

    It’s the best!

  8. Dr@ftER Says:

    HOOOWAAA!!! Good Luck!
    I’ve Already voted for 99designs!

    99design ROCKS!!!

  9. Rwayd Says:

    Good luck to all my friends @ 99designs

  10. Darren Reay Says:

    Good Luck, my vote is in :)

  11. palm-boy Says:


  12. irfan Says:

    This the great web site as i know that good luck 99design

  13. Jason Aiken Says:

    A BIG THANKS to Barrezta, Gunawan, Faisal, Kane, DivulDesign, Graysource, Dr@fter, Branko, Rwayd, Darren, Raden, palm-boy, irfan and EVERYONE ELSE who has voted.

    You Rock!


  14. Alaxander Says:

    Voted today. Good luck 99Designs Team :)

  15. Indiraia Says:

    I Vote You!!! You’re the best . . . WIN WIN WIN

  16. shawntaylor Says:

    love it. love it. love it.

  17. Ivaskiv Andrwe Says:

    Have VOTED, Good LUCK!!!

  18. Baricster Says:

    Done and done! Good luck 99designs!

  19. Quaiser Says:

    My vote for 99Designs

    Best of luck:)

  20. Gathotkoco Says:

    Done ! go forward for 99design!

  21. nugilo Says:

    Have vote for 99designs!
    good luck !

  22. Daksha Says:

    best of luck:)

  23. Heaven Says:

    Best of luck to all my friends at 99designs!

  24. YPatel Says:

    Good Job 99 Designs

  25. Serggio Says:

    i’ve vote for 99designs!
    Its Great !

  26. phipphin Says:


  27. Luke.Concept Says:

    vote to 99designs. :)

  28. selvakumar Says:

    very good for publisher helpful and attract prize and quick support for theri customer

  29. selvakumar Says:

    very good for publisher helpful and attract prize and quick support for their customer

  30. Muthalagi V Says:

    good attract for very customer and wonderful performers attacted for their amazing prize, giving one loop connect the world for their winning the profile

  31. Muthalagi V Says:

    good support for each on very one customer for their wonderful perfomance, well done, continue your business at all

  32. Muthalagi V Says:

    i vote for “99 design”

  33. andot Says:

    99designs no comparison. 99designs is the best!!

  34. Hrvach Says:

    It says “Your vote for the site ’’ has been tallied.”
    Good luck 99designs! *thumbs up*

  35. Tom Says:

    Can’t wait to see the announcement that 99designs wins at SXSW!!

    Good Luck guys!

  36. Tom Says:

    Will be voting daily till we can’t anymore!

  37. Obuzz Says:

    Good Luck guys ^^,!

  38. manikandan Says:

    The great web site for designers platform to expose there talent

  39. Agus P Says:

    good luck….go power 99designs change the world for marketplace design contest

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