December & January Highlights

February 8, 2010

Looking back over 99designs’ biggest holiday period ever, we’re again amazed by the quality of designs. Here are just a few of our favorite designs (in no particular order):

Featured Designs for December & January

  1. EarthPak logo design by TiChuz
  2. CompleteGenomics logo design by splat
  3. WebSpy user interface design by bender
  4. bluewerk logo design by OTK
  5. TextFugu logo design by pintxo
  6. 973 Studios logo design by LukeSF
  7. New Republic Multimedia web page design by neboica
  8. Dumb & Smart Mac Guy illustration design by Spork
  9. resafari logo design by `alex
  10. Touch Consult logo design by hendraku
  11. Cyber Nation logo design by sammynerva
  12. DARE by Natalia logo design by maleficent
  13. Republik Records logo design by n4t
  14. Hausmacher web page design by zeba5
  15. logo design by andot
  16. Head Ancho logo design by stephanielok
  17. kaimbo logo design by mindster®
  18. GridFury logo design by HansWurst

Which designs from the community have caught your eye?

Leave a comment and let us know.


7 Responses to “December & January Highlights”

  1. LukeSF Says:

    Thanks for featuring my design, guys! Havent been to 99designs for a while and what a pleasure to find one of my logos featured.

  2. Spork Says:

    mine too! thanks for the feature!

  3. Jay Paul Says:

    as well as mine…Thanks

  4. neboica Says:


    “This time next year, we’ll be millionaires”

  5. bender Says:

    Oooh, I got featured. Nice! =D

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