Design for TiVo – Huge Opportunity at

February 6, 2010

Banner Ad Design Opportunity for TiVo

Opportunity to Design for TiVo
Designers – how would you like the opportunity to add TiVo to your list of clients?

TiVo has come to to find talented designers to create some Banner Ad Design with some REAL “Stopping Power!”

TiVo is looking for 3 Banner Ads in fact and they are offering $1000 for each!

So Read the Brief…

And let’s show them what you got!

The 99designs Team


2 Responses to “Design for TiVo – Huge Opportunity at”

  1. JJJ Says:

    who won?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Daric and Bradvr4 are 2 of the winners – I believe the third is still being decided.

      Unfortunately – the project holder did not go through the proper channels to award the 2nd and 3rd winners so I have less visibility on the project than I should.


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