How to Save Time & Provide Better Feedback Running Design Projects at 99designs

January 28, 2010

Giving Great Feedback Just Got Easier

“Providing designers with feedback is the key to getting GREAT results when crowdsourcing design projects at”

We are excited to announce two new improvements that will make running design projects at easier than ever before:

  1. New Feedback Tool that streamlines the entire process of reviewing designs and leaving essential feedback for designers
  2. New email updates that give you a summary of new designs and comments that have been submitted to your project

1. Feedback Tool

Using the new Feedback Tool you can quickly access all the designs that require feedback in one simple interface. This is AWESOME because:

  • the tool will show only the new designs that need to be reviewed
  • giving feedback on each design is now MUCH easier
  • the inbuilt workflow will literally save you hours

To use the Feedback Tool:

Click the “Review new designs” button on the top left of your main project page.
Review New Designs Button
You will only see the button if you have designs that require feedback.

Once clicked you will enter the Feedback Tool.
Feedback Tool Interface

From there – leaving the desired feedback and proceeding to the next design is a snap!

Designers… This is great news for you too – Easier feedback means more feedback!

2. Email Notifications

By popular request, 99designs will now send you daily email updates so you can clearly see all the new activity on your project. The daily report will include:

  • new design submissions
  • new public comments
  • new private comments

You can also choose the frequency of the email alerts by going to the “notifications” tab on your account page.

We hope you enjoy these new features! Please let us know what you think.

The 99designs Team


18 Responses to “How to Save Time & Provide Better Feedback Running Design Projects at 99designs”

  1. Rehan Khan Says:

    This will be definitly time saving..

    a BIG thanks

  2. VB20 Says:

    Sounds great! Better for the contest holder and the designers as well.

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  4. alex Says:

    Altough I am new to 99designs i have a suggestion on how the stars should be awarded, because i have observed that many times a design that has 4 stars later in the contest the same design posted again has 2 stars or maybe eliminated. In my opinion it should be great if the stars would have predefined text that all the designers know. Something like “1 star = nice design butt not what i was looking for” “3 stars = i like the design now improve it” and so on, i think you know what i want to say. And maybe have another point besides the stars in form a question mark maybe that when is on it means the designer should give specs about the logo or something like that, like what it means, why those colours etc.

  5. Rehan Khan Says:

    I Agree with ALEX.. Acutally what i felt is that mostly client just rate your design they do not bother to send feedback …I am talking about Personal Feedbacks here which are given just to you.

    I recently entered a contest and submitted 3 designs.. really worked hard on the options and i got star rating as well. now what was pinching me is that client was not telling me that why he gave me this rating .. should i remove something or enhance something…and all of sudden i decided to leave that contest :( now that is not something to be happy with.. Also some clients are new to this sites as well.. so something should be done…EVERY DESIGNER ON 99 WORKS VERY HARD.. and we all worth for this solution..

    Rehan Khan

  6. Tveiten Says:

    This is a very great update for us clients! I have now 6 successful contests behind me(4 on my profile, and 2 that I facilitated), and are launching two more today!

    I admire the whole concept of 99designs, and I really admire and apriciate all the designers that make this possible. So for me it is about fairness, apriciation and giving the designer at the same respect as I get from him.

    I have a feedback and starrating of 100% on all my contests, but I must say that it has been timeconsuming checking every star rated design to see if new comments has been posted. :) So two thumbs up for this new function, it will make it a lot easier for me as contest holder, giving the designers what they deserve!

    Best Regards

    Alf Morten

  7. Tveiten Says:

    Since I now got into the habit of posting my first blog comment here, let me post another one! I have tought of something for a while, a new function that I would love to see, and that I think designers would like as well:

    I as a contest holder has some projects I am running for my self, some for my friends and some for my clients. Thing is that in some contests it is crucial for me to keep the contest private, off google and hidden for potential competitors so that I can have time to get it from a PSD to a live and functional website without giving my competitors time to react..

    Like for instance the webmonster page and logo(my first and second contest) I got the design for several months ago, but it was first in January I finally got it online.. Some projects I can get online within a week, and some will take months. For the ones taking months, or the ones making a lot of waves(or the ones needing much advance coding, the coding can take months, cus it is great to actually get the design done before the coding) I wish for natural reasons to keep it private until I get it live! But as soon as it is live, there is really no reason to keep it private anymore.

    The winner of the contest here at 99designs get the cash price, but all the others, who also design kick-ass designs, dont get anything, and in addition, when the contest is private, they dont even get to add it to their 99design portofolio showing potential clients how great designers they are!

    I wish a possibility to make a contest un-private when I am ready, so that the designers can add it to their portofolio. And it would be fantastic if they got a PM stating “the contest number xxx is now un-private, and you can share your entry in your portofolio”. After all, the designers are what keeps 99designs running.. :)

    I would also love a function where I can bookmark my favorite designers so that I can send a pm to them when I am launching a new design contest. Instead of now having to save-their-profile-url-seek-and-pm individually each time.

    Best Regards

    Alf Morten

    • Jason Aiken Says:


      Thanks for being a loyal client and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback!

      I will be sure to share your ideas with the rest of the team.


  8. Volt Says:

    Nice improvement, but one feature that is really required is the ability to get an overview of private comments/updates made by designers involved in a contest.

    As it stands, you get an email saying X new entries, X new comment and X new designer comments, but there is no simple way to get an overview of these ‘updates’… you have to click each design to check if the designer has made a comment.

    Some sort of overview screen showing something like the following would be really helpful:
    – 1 new design by Designer1
    – 2 new designs by Designer7
    – DesignerABC has withdrawn design #7 and added 2 new comments

    Great site and keep up the good work!


  9. Dave Says:

    Perhaps I’m just burned out, but frankly it would also be helpful to have a rating system we designers could give to CHs.

    As pointed out already, designers as a group work very hard on these designs only to have some given mimimal stars or outright eliminations with no comment from a CH who has no clue.

    As with CH ratings of our work, there would have to be standards set to avoid retailiatory ratings. But it would level the playing field and be a great head’s up to designers on which contests to avoid.

  10. Simon Says:

    Hi guys…
    Again nice concept… but are you suggesting clients (CH) view websites as postage stamps – you gotta be kidding. You do have a better presentation than this I hope. You will drive CH into believing a website is viewed under the same parameters… that is craziness.
    Like the BLIND comps. Can’t you guys handle a little artistic ego/agro – for the sake of a better result for the CH. Comments being blind is as it should be – though designs – give me a break!!! I know I plagiarise – my parents taught me!!!
    It is a learning game for both CH and CP – it should be about cohesion between the two… not upping the anty for one… and denying it for the other.

    Thanks again for a great great website – concept and execution


  11. Nat Belza Says:

    Finally. Thanks for bringing this for our best convenience.


  12. maria Says:

    Thanks very much.

  13. hrm894 Says:

    Hi, this has not solved the issue.

    Of the 3 contests I am currently entered in, all three are listed as “healthy” but have less than 20% feedback. The highest one has 18% feedback, the other two have less then 5%, but are still listed as healthy!

    Something needs to be done about the contest feedback aspect of 99designs.

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Hi hrm894,

      I saw you posted this on the UserVoice forum as well – I answered it over there but essentially… I think there is something buggy going on with our contest health algorithm. I have noticed several projects recently where the CH was reasonable active with feedback yet their score was listed at 0%. I will have the dev team take a look.


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