Designers Show Their Skills in the Freelance Review Poster Design Contest

January 20, 2010

Poster Design Contest Winners

We want to send out a big congratulations to all the designers who participated in the recent poster design project at for Freelance Review – it was a smashing success!

There were over 600 entries in this poster design competition – celebrating tremendous design and talented designers for the launch of a new weekly column – Round Table Review.

The Top 20 Designs are featured below as well as in an HD Inspiration Gallery at Freelance Review.

Which design is your favorite?

Rehan Khan Top Prize Winner

Poster Design - Rehan Khan


Poster Design Nomhak


Poster Design Verzerk


Poster Design Urban


Poster Design WeLikeRock

Ramiro Piedrabuena

Poster Design Ramiro Piedrabuena


Poster Design Malinic78


Poster Design bplus


Poster Design Derric


Poster Design japanese_baby

Ross Baynham

Poster Design Ross Baynham

Ted A. Borel

Poster Design Ted A. Borel


Poster Design r3dempt10n

digital ink

Poster Design digital ink


Poster Design BorkoN


Poster Design Marto


Poster Design DDDesign

T Designs

Poster Design T Designs


Poster Design type088


Poster Design tauberman

17 Responses to “Designers Show Their Skills in the Freelance Review Poster Design Contest”

  1. Maarja Says:

    My favourite would be japanese_baby. Love the composition and the colours.

  2. Rehan Khan Says:

    I like “Marto” design..Colors used very logicaly and carefully.. and the line work is just good…
    he did a sleek design and it worked…

    Then Second is “Digital Ink”….The blast is really good and the detailed work on broken glass bits.. is Outclass
    Plus very nice and to the point Color theme…

    Again we all had a great time.. !!!

  3. r3dempt10n & japanese_baby are my favourites, and seem to make the most sense to my eyes for the subject matter.

  4. Debashis Says:

    I like Digitalink’s execution. This is only because the design has got:
    1. the proportion and balance of colors
    2. Can be predicted in two forms; one is making or breaking of glasses to give a sense
    3. Can you see the clarity? I love to see it in this graphic.
    4. I feel that this design individualizes “me / you” from others by emphasizing it in the design
    5. I like the flair used
    6. A truly High Definition (HD)

  5. zainab Says:

    I love digital ink and bplus best. Darn, they are real goog!


  6. Rehan Khan Says:

    I would like to add here.. Though every one here commenting are on most senior level then me specially..But the main focus of this contest was on RTR “Round table review” promition which was a new launch on freelance review site.. and all those Designers who give good branding and design logics to RTR Subject had delivered the complete and RIGHT! ART…

    Some designs are good on designs end not some i must say every one is.. but they missed the MAIN FACTOR that was RTR…which was needed to be understood clearly and vividly by Audience…

    Best Regards
    Rehan Khan

    Rest every one is Wiser :)

  7. Jason Aiken Says:

    Thanks to all for sharing your insight – some really great designs here!


  8. JJ Says:


  9. jb Says:

    welikeeboy more like it.. ouch!

  10. Diana Says:

    Designs are all great, but the most original idea is definitely Ramiro Piedrabuena´s.

  11. Nono Ignacio Says:

    Awesome looking posters here :)

  12. Justin Says:

    Great posters. So how much were the other 600 people who submitted entries compensated for their hard work? This site is a scar on the face of every reputable designer out there. Shame, shame.

  13. Steven Aerts Says:

    Cool stuff … Congrats to all designers!!!

  14. OC Says:

    Those are some great and classy poster designs.. impressive :)

  15. arena towel Says:

    no comment because very beautiful…

  16. kiyas Says:

    all these design are great i love, hard work, good louck. Urban and Marto done well i like those poster, keep going all …………

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