The Power of Crowdsourced Design for Startups and Entrepreneurs

January 5, 2010

Branding a Startup with

Here is a brief conversation I had with Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot and OnStartups, about the benefits of using to help solve the problem of early branding for startups.

What brought you to

What brought me to 99designs is that I was pissed off at Logoworks. This is my 3rd startup and I am an investor in 9 other startups – and the early branding of a startup is always a problem. I used to go to Logoworks because it had a fixed price and I liked the workflow, but the last 4 projects I had run – the creativity involved in the early mockups was just not there. I just didn’t like the stuff that came out of the process.

I was like – well this kinda sucks… I want more creative input into this thing – so that’s what I was trying to do. I just want more creative ideas – so I found 99designs.

How has your experience been with 99designs?

It went really well. What’s interesting is that there’s good news and bad news. I had lot’s of submissions – almost too many submissions. But the great news is that you filter through those and there was stuff that I could play off of.

It was like…well that’s creative, that’s something I could not have pulled off on my own… and that’s something that a single individual even if I hired them at 20x the price I would have no guarantee that the actual outcome would have been anywhere near the same.

That’s the power of crowdsourcing – it works for that kind of a problem.


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  1. R4i Says:

    Yes ! Business is link with design !

  2. bandsxbands Says:

    I truly believe that we have reached the point where technology has become one with our world, and I am fairly confident when I say that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.I don’t mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside… I just hope that as technology further innovates, the possibility of transferring our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It’s a fantasy that I dream about almost every day.(Submitted by Nintendo DS running R4i DS NetPost)

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