Giving Great Feedback Just Got Easier

“Providing designers with feedback is the key to getting GREAT results when crowdsourcing design projects at”

We are excited to announce two new improvements that will make running design projects at easier than ever before:

  1. New Feedback Tool that streamlines the entire process of reviewing designs and leaving essential feedback for designers
  2. New email updates that give you a summary of new designs and comments that have been submitted to your project

1. Feedback Tool

Using the new Feedback Tool you can quickly access all the designs that require feedback in one simple interface. This is AWESOME because:

  • the tool will show only the new designs that need to be reviewed
  • giving feedback on each design is now MUCH easier
  • the inbuilt workflow will literally save you hours

To use the Feedback Tool:

Click the “Review new designs” button on the top left of your main project page.
Review New Designs Button
You will only see the button if you have designs that require feedback.

Once clicked you will enter the Feedback Tool.
Feedback Tool Interface

From there – leaving the desired feedback and proceeding to the next design is a snap!

Designers… This is great news for you too – Easier feedback means more feedback!

2. Email Notifications

By popular request, 99designs will now send you daily email updates so you can clearly see all the new activity on your project. The daily report will include:

  • new design submissions
  • new public comments
  • new private comments

You can also choose the frequency of the email alerts by going to the “notifications” tab on your account page.

We hope you enjoy these new features! Please let us know what you think.

The 99designs Team


Affordable Logo Design

January 26, 2010

Logo Design by ndo

Logo Design for Startups

We recently received the following email from a gentleman who had just run a logo design project for his brand new startup. Here is what he had to say about

“Nothing to ask. Just a few quick words.

I just started my first own company after spending many years working for bigger corporations. One of my former employers brought me in contact with 99designs when we crowdsourced some design work. Back then I was happy with the value we got out of it.

Now I have my own startup and am amazed.

With a very limited budget I couldn’t spend much but wanted to get a good logo done never the less. A symbolic act if you will. Good design keeps you going on the long nights when you build a company.

I created a contest with $150 in prize money and told the designers straight up what this was all about. That they were designing for a small startup and that I wished I could offer them more money. Instead I offered
them 100% verbal feedback as quickly as I could possibly give it.

To my delight, the community of 99designs designers jumped on the offer. 3.5 days into the contest we are approaching 120 submissions. 3 of them beat my expectations by a wide margin. I would consider them designs worthy to stand for multi-billion dollar corporations and marketing campaigns.

It is very rare that startups get to play in the same league as the big guys.

Thanks to your site, startups like mine get professional and amazing design work done at a rate we can afford.

Thank you. That’s really all I wanted to say.”


Poster Design Contest Winners

We want to send out a big congratulations to all the designers who participated in the recent poster design project at for Freelance Review – it was a smashing success!

There were over 600 entries in this poster design competition – celebrating tremendous design and talented designers for the launch of a new weekly column – Round Table Review.

The Top 20 Designs are featured below as well as in an HD Inspiration Gallery at Freelance Review.

Which design is your favorite?

Rehan Khan Top Prize Winner

Poster Design - Rehan Khan


Poster Design Nomhak


Poster Design Verzerk


Poster Design Urban


Poster Design WeLikeRock

Ramiro Piedrabuena

Poster Design Ramiro Piedrabuena


Poster Design Malinic78


Poster Design bplus


Poster Design Derric


Poster Design japanese_baby

Ross Baynham

Poster Design Ross Baynham

Ted A. Borel

Poster Design Ted A. Borel


Poster Design r3dempt10n

digital ink

Poster Design digital ink


Poster Design BorkoN


Poster Design Marto


Poster Design DDDesign

T Designs

Poster Design T Designs


Poster Design type088


Poster Design tauberman

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The Los Angeles Marathon

The LA Marathon, one of the largest organized road races in the United States, is running a special t-shirt design project on in celebration of its 25th anniversary and new course – “stadium to the sea.”

The top six designs selected by the LA Marathon will be voted upon by the LA Marathon community. The t-shirt that gets the most votes will be awarded the winner and be printed as an official t-shirt of the LA Marathon.

It’s an incredible opportunity to design official memorabilia for a prestigious sporting event that inspires athletes and connects communities.

Please Read the Brief

The 99designs Team


Designer Profile: IfThenElse

January 12, 2010

Maria Rakic

Designer Profile

Marija Rakic – Novi Sad, Serbia
99designs handle: IfThenElse
Projects entered: 85
Projects won: 23

How did you get started in design?

Some of my friends were building websites and I started to learn html/css as an option to provide some extra cash. I was student of Faculty of Technical Sciences, University in Novi Sad, and I saw myself working as hardware programmer – I was more geek than artist so having a creative job never crossed my mind :) .

At first I was all over the place: flash, html, css, illustrator, Maya, php … Coding and programming was very interesting and easy for me but I found myself enjoying the design process the most. I’ve started paying more attention to it and spending more and more time working in Photoshop.

It took 5 years, and 3 PC’s but now, what started as additional income has become my full-time job.

Jeep Club Web Design

How do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. It can be my desktop wallpaper, a TV commercial, a tea cup… The main thing is not to force it, sometimes it takes days to come up with a wireframe and general idea – and in some cases a design brief is so interesting that you immediately get inspired.

CSS galleries are always a good resource for inspiration and as a way to follow design trends. You can learn a lot just by watching and analyzing other websites. Never stop learning, read as much as you can on design process and trends. Even when not inspired by the theme of the site you are working on (your 10th commercial site this month) it is important to develop a skill and to be able to produce quality work.

Hexaville Web Design

What led you to start using was one my favorite websites, and at the time the design contests were part of the Sitepont marketplace. … back in 2006. I spent some time just following the contests and then eventually decided to give it a go. 99designs has helped me develop my design skills – I’ve learned a lot through the contests and watching how different concepts are created based on the same brief. This is an excellent learning environment.

The majority of my regular clients found me on 99designs, so it is good place to find clients. This doesn’t mean you have to win a particular contest to get work, very often people will hire you based on your designs.

So don’t be discouraged when another design wins. Keep in mind, that even if you loose, quality work will be noticed, and in time you will obtain clients and a steady workflow.

On the other hand, even when I have work, it is too much fun to participate in the contests :). Measuring your work against others and trying to guess what the CH will like is very exciting. This will always bring me back to 99designs.

Cigar Info Web design

What are the three most important things that designers can do to have success at

1) Have respect for contest holder and his decisions. When entering a contest, keep in mind that the contest holder is spending time and money, and can conduct the contest any way they choose. Treat the contest holder as a client – not as a buddy. Be aware of when the contest ends and try to submit designs in a timely fashion ( you probably wouldn’t go to your boss or client 2 days before deadline and say: ”Please, please extend!”:))

2) Choose projects based on how they interest you, not by the prize money. I understand that high prize contests can be very tempting but you will do a much better job, and probably have more success if you only enter the contests that are appealing to you.

3) Keep your integrity. If you are asked to use other people design elements – respectfully decline. In my experience – this usually results in a win ;). Your opinion matters, don’t be afraid to suggest something different to a contest holder or propose a different solution for revision request. Treat any kind of feedback as constructive criticism.

Endurance Magazine Design

What do you love most about being a designer?

First of all, I am a web designer and developer – so for me – the perfect blend of technology and creative work is the part that I love the most.

I love the variety of work – you can work on a website for children one day and do a corporate and clean style the next. Every project is different.

Also, working with different people from different parts of the world can be very interesting.


Poster Design Contest at
Freelance Review is running an insanely cool poster design project at to kick off Round Table Review (RTR), a weekly series where prominent designers and bloggers will share key insights into their craft.

This is not only a tremendous opportunity to really show off your skills…but there are also some fabulous prizes!

Grand Prize

Wacom Tablet
$250 from
One grand prize winner will receive a brand new Intuos4 medium pen tablet from Wacom and $250 cash! The winning poster design will also be featured at the top of an upcoming HD Inspiration gallery.

Second Prize

One second place winner will receive a free 1 year Premium membership to Picnik, the online photo editor. The second place winner will also be featured near the top of the HD Inspiration gallery.

Third Prize

One third place winner will receive 5,000 words worth of free editing by a professional copy editor at Wordy. The third place winner will also be featured near the top of the HD Inspiration gallery.

Additional Prizes

The top 20 posters will be immortalized in an upcoming HD Inspiration gallery on Freelance Review. It’s a great opportunity to have your work highlighted in front of designers all over the world.

Please Read The Design Brief Here

The 99design Team