Introducing Crowdsourced Naming Contests on SitePoint

December 22, 2009

We’re often asked on 99designs, SitePoint, and “Can you help me run a contest to name my thingy?”

Well, now we can!

There’s a new section in the SitePoint Marketplace (shortcut: to help you find your new shiny thingy a name… whether it’s for your new business, your web site, or even your new pet.

After all, everything needs a name — right?

Running your naming contest is easy:

  • Simply create a new listing
  • Nominate a prize for the best entry (minimum $50)
  • Then watch the ideas roll in!

Best of all — for a limited time, it’s FREE to post your contest!

If you’re a creative type and want to earn some extra cash, why not head over and suggest some names of your own. Who knows, you could win the cash!

Check out


4 Responses to “Introducing Crowdsourced Naming Contests on SitePoint”

  1. SCALE Says:

    wow, that’s great, but there is only Paypal method And I have no paypal in my country that’s why I am not able to participate. :(

  2. doug Says:

    awesome – an extra requirement could be that if the domain name exists, the person who provides the name reserves it and agrees to sell it for what they paid for it. Or partner with domize or godaddy or something to reserve the names while the contest runs.


  3. George Says:

    +1 for doug’s comment

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