Design Adidas Goggles For Winter Olympics at

December 15, 2009


Design Opportunity of Olympic Proportions at

How would you like the opportunity to design for Adidas Eyewear, and have your design worn at the 2010 Winter Olympics!

This is your chance to design for one of the world’s most iconic sports and lifestyle brands and have it seen around the world!

The winner will receive $1001.

Please read the brief here


20 Responses to “Design Adidas Goggles For Winter Olympics at”

  1. paparanch Says:

    OMG!! that’s great!

  2. cooljaz124 Says:

    wow..great to see this !!

  3. Mister Gray Says:

    This is massive! is THE place to be. Love it!

  4. adzani Says:


  5. Marc Says:



    For designing a new style of goggles for Adidas to be worn at the Winter Olympics?!

    What a joke!! Adidas should be ashamed of themselves using designers like this and paying a pitance for something they know they would have to pay a lot more to a commisioned designer for. It’s slave labour!!

    99 Designs you should also be ashamed…come on guys up the stakes! Sort it out! Why do you condone contest holders paying such crap fees for superb design? You do realise this whole site cheapens the creative currency? It’s a disgrace!

    I’d like to know how much of a commision the owners of 99 designs are recieving for this project!


  6. Ashfaq Tai Says:

    hey its a wonderful opportunity for 99 designers.
    gud luck to all

  7. technika Says:

    whats the money

  8. Lisa Says:

    But if you read on the comments of that contest, its on another site and theprize is 20,000

  9. Oow.. Great info, I will join that.

  10. zaenal Says:

    very great indeed

  11. Jonny Says:

    this is some kind of scam.
    If you would have looked at the Talenthouse site about an hour after the entries were posted the very first design had over 10798 views which would be almost impossible for there to have even been that many visits in the first 15 minutes of their contest and the fourth design has 1479 votes at $.99 a vote. Come on….. It had even less votes when the voting was supposedly closed. These tow that I mention are contrived designs and has been done before. You would think that if this was legitimate they would be looking for a new, fresh idea.
    Many of the designs with the fewest votes are the best designs with powerful appeal.
    You can bet Adidas had there own as I find it hard to believe this could be a contest/winner chosen/manufactured/tested/delivered, in less than a month. These kinds of scams should be investigated by the US Department of Justice.
    The fourth design will be the winner and this was set up before the whole thing started.
    They made a fortune off of people texting votes. Adidas may not have even had anything to do with this.
    SCAM, SCAM, Scam, Scam . . !

    • scam alert Says:

      yeah talenthouse is a scam in my opinion. before the deadline of the project i entered they didn’t tell the artists that everyone who votes for their project is going to be charged 99ct. After putting all that work into a project, and then being asked to beg your friends to pay for your votes leaves a pretty disgusting taste in one’s mouth.

  12. Jonny,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are upset. I can guarantee you that is not a scam. Let me go over your points and explain it to you:

    – The numbers of the views are actually accurate. Unfortunately our system counted every refresh so it was easy for users to press F5 for 10,000 times in 20 minutes. We have noticed it during the first hour of the voting period and are no only counting one view per IP.

    – No design had 1479 votes within the first hour. Our system worked fine and displayed the votes in real time and did not exceed the voting period.

    – The selection was done by our users. Not by Talenthouse nor by adidas. Our partners at adidas have already begun mailing blank goggles to the top submissions and will then pick their favorite and equip a British athlete with it. Adidas has taken over the process now according to our contract with them.

    – You might have seen that we are paying $20,000 to the participants according to their votes. The money we are getting in through text messaging is going directly back to the artists. The top ten artists have already been notified about the amount of votes they got, how much many money are getting and we will contact the rest of the participants next week.

    Please feel free to get in touch with me directly ( if you have any other questions or concerns. Happy to explain it all to you in person. We could also arrange a phone conversation.


  13. Super Says:

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