Custom Graphic Design: From Logos To Landing Pages

December 12, 2009

Tyson Quick, COO of Mesiab Labs, the software and web application company responsible for among other things, is an experienced project holder at He has used 99designs to source custom graphic design work on everything from logos to landing pages. I recently got a chance to catch up with Tyson and he shared a bit of his experiences including some tips on how he gets great results each and every time.


We first found it through a friend of mine. He was launching a software application company and had used 99designs several times – so I checked it it out and was immediately impressed. We had a designer in-house that we were paying about $4,000 a month and we got 10x the results for a fraction of the cost. That was a clear indicator that this is a great way to get design work done.

Logo Design

What design projects have you run at

All kinds – We have run logo design projects for retweet, and for a new company we are launching in 2010 – affiliate alliance. We have also run projects for banner ad design and landing page design. The landing page projects have been great because we actually awarded multiple winners so we could do split testing.

Landing Page Design

Prior to 99designs you had all your design work done in-house?

Yup we have an in-house designer, but we have so many projects he couldn’t do them all himself. It’s just so hard to find a designer and even when you do – you might get a design you like or there might be something that’s just not quite right.

99designs makes this much easier – you have multiple options that you develop with the designers over the course of a week. When you start you may not know exactly what you are looking for, but by the end of the week – you’ve got something you are pretty confident in. I don’t know of any other place where you can get that kind of results.

We have built contacts with multiple designers that we have gone back to outside of 99designs for work on smaller projects- like tweaking an existing landing page and things like that. I think that’s what makes the service so attractive to designers. They are going to have build a portfolio anyway – why not do it on 99designs and whether you win or not you have pieces to add to your portfolio.

Banner Ad Design

Do you have any tips on how you get such great results?

Definitely – getting a landing page built is more complex than running a project for a logo. One thing that I have noticed about the process for doing a lander is that its extremely helpful to provide the designers existing resources to work off of – like a basic wireframe or something – rather than just throwing the project out there.

Also, feedback is so important. We have noticed huge difference in the outcome when we give detailed feedback to the designers. And because of that, we now have a good reputation on the site so every project we post generates a lot of interest from the design community – so we tend to get twice as many submissions as similar projects at the same price point.

Web Design


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  1. shah Says:

    Nice Landing page design it is better to have a good landing page to avoid visitor bounce

  2. Sean Boone Says:

    Your in house designer must have been a lazy ass no good who not only handled the company’s every design, lander page, blog setup, wiki design, forum theming, software user interface design & learning curve of versatile software and languages the in house programmer threw at him.

    But then again, pride or profit. ;)

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