Crowdsourced Innovation & Product Design: Re-envisioning the Motorcycle

December 11, 2009

Crowdsourced Innovation

I stumbled across this super cool design project this morning that asks designers to re-envision a motorcycle from a “extreme sports” perspective.

The project is being run on by BPG-Motors and it’s a great example of crowdsourcing innovation and product design.

Switch Blade by mrcollins

SwitchBlade by mrcollins
Projects like this are very open ended allowing designers to really stretch their imaginations and let their creativity run…

Plus they’re just plain FUN!

How do you envision this extreme machine?

Check out the design brief here


One Response to “Crowdsourced Innovation & Product Design: Re-envisioning the Motorcycle”

  1. gaush Says:

    Even I feel such projects help the designers to think out of the box. Creative ideas can only help in such designs.

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