99designs.com Design Highlights – November 2009

December 9, 2009

Design Highlights

99designs.com Design Highlights - November 2009

Here’s just a small handful of the designs submitted this month showcasing the AWESOME talent that makes 99designs.com the world’s best resource for crowdsourced graphic design.

Which one is your favorite?

In no particular order…

  1. Teesub t-shirt design by killer_meowmeow
  2. Goldfish logo design by DLogan22
  3. Yola web page design by kpp0209
  4. All Agents logo design by PavkeNS
  5. Louis I and Co logo design by TaoLab
  6. Drop the Suggestion Box! logo design by RESP45
  7. Yola web page design by kpp0209
  8. TalkPlate logo design by theommand
  9. 2K Usability Group logo design by RedLogo


9 Responses to “99designs.com Design Highlights – November 2009”

  1. inancz Says:

    I think PavkeNS is a great designer. He has a different style on his designs and original all of them. He’s my favorite..

  2. Ann@ Says:

    My favorite is also PavkeNs. Great design.

  3. Jason Aiken Says:

    Inancz & Ann@

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. tanaar Says:

    PavkeNS is one of the best designers here on 99. He has that “out of the box” trip. Good job PavkeNS!

  5. Stevan Says:

    My fav is Number 4. All Agents.

  6. Wanted Says:

    Yola Design Contest Was Awesome :)

  7. Mystic Says:

    Of course PavkeNS should win, noone else is close to the quality of his stuff. At least 3 of the other so called _TALENTS_ ripped other designs…. the Yola one only uses stuff from deviantart for example.

  8. Sammir Nash Says:

    Number 8 is absolutelly fantastic logo ;)

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