Launching Design Projects Just Got Easier: Save a Draft of Your Brief

December 3, 2009

Simplicity has always been a key piece of what makes the best way to get custom graphic design work done and today we’ve made launching design projects even easier!

Launching a Design Project has Never Been Easier!

Save a draft of your design brief prior to launching your project.

We’ve moved the ‘write a brief’ step to the end of the launch process so that you can:

  • setup your project
  • pay for it
  • and then take your time putting the brief together – because getting the brief right is a critical step that shouldn’t be rushed!

So…you can now work on your design brief and save it as many times as necessary – then launch your project when YOU are ready.

This is just the first in a series of improvements that will be coming to 99designs over the next few months. We are really excited about this change because it sets the stage for us to provide even more help in the brief creation process…stay tuned.

As always, we got the idea by listening to feedback from our users so please visit our feedback forum and let us know what you think!

The 99designs Team

3 Responses to “Launching Design Projects Just Got Easier: Save a Draft of Your Brief”

  1. Tester Says:

    I suppose adding option to remove draft of Project is to be added?
    Now I have number of projects that I watch – and I can remove any of them, but that option for saved design briefs is missing?

  2. steve Says:

    Have you considered introducing an icon panel that project owners can highlight to indicate which elements the designers are required to submit? Probably already talked to death – but please don’t flame me I’m new here.

    e.g. A project poster, once the brief is written highlights from a set of icons that they require a designer to submit “psd (design files), html (web), icon (design files) and so on…

    Just a thought.

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