Design DISH Network Installation Vans: 5 awards totaling $12,500

November 18, 2009

Designers – interested in redesigning a fleet of installation vans for one of the largest providers of satellite television in the United States?

Your designs would literally cover thousands of vans all across America!

5 winners will be awarded $2,500 each for a total of $12,500.

***Please read the brief here***


28 Responses to “Design DISH Network Installation Vans: 5 awards totaling $12,500”

  1. S.Mohsin Says:

    am on it…

  2. Andrez Oke Says:

    and by what means you can pay, whether passing 99designs?

  3. Arjun Says:

    Wow quite interesting…., may i know the deadline for it.

  4. Dean Galbraith Says:

    I would like to tackle this task, would like to more about the job in hand.



  5. Debashis Nayak Says:

    You know what, I was really waiting for such an opportunity to do another vehicle design after my very successful Limo Wrapping design (

    Got to be there soon.

  6. Ariya Says:

    Just checked out the contest. Will be a good challenge.

  7. Kaz Says:

    Can we get the font for PC please.

  8. Paul Smith Says:

    When does this contest expire?

  9. Fildzah Says:

    I Wanna to get $12000… that is for me …^_^

  10. Grapherz Says:

    Best of luck for all with me….!

  11. Debashis Nayak Says:

    As the contest is getting nearer towards the end, I find the conjunction between the requirement and the ratings getting blur. Meaning, why for a designer would work to deliver the best, if the novice designs get the highest ratings? Also, how the most of the designers with highest rated designs are new to 99Designs?

  12. […] take a quick look at DirectTV’s current crowdsourcing project (with agency partner Victor & […]

  13. Lusdi Says:

    i cant opened the brief…can anyone help me?

  14. Filip Says:

    I can not see It too.

  15. Jason Aiken Says:

    The project has ended and is currently locked per the request of DISH Network. The winners will be announced soon.


  16. Ah, This is spot on! Clarifies
    a few misnomers I’ve heard

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