Vote for the Winner of the SXSW T-Shirt Design Project at

November 17, 2009

It’s time to choose the winner of the SXSW T-Shirt Design Project! The winning design will be printed and sold at SXSW 2010!

UPDATE: Voting Closed 11/20/09 – Winners to be announced

First off – I want to send my congratulations to everyone who participated. The designs are seriously Kick Ass! I know the good folks at SXSW had real trouble narrowing it down to just these 5 designs.

Here’s How You Vote

– Take a close look at the top 5 designs shown below.

– You can click each design to enlarge it so you can really soak it in.

– Choose your favorite design on the ballot here > VOTE HERE

The Top 5 Designs

In no particular order…

Design #199 by lancerfour

SXSW199 - lancerfour

Design #491 by TNT Escapist

SXSW491-TNT Escapist

Design #210 by suanggi

SXSW210 - suanggi

Design #43 by bloc

sxsw43 - bloc

Design #415 by DerKater

sxsw415 - DerKater

Voting will end on Friday, November 20th at 5:00 pm PT




***All 658 designs submitted can be seen HERE.


17 Responses to “Vote for the Winner of the SXSW T-Shirt Design Project at”

  1. Arslan Says:

    my vote goes to Design #491 by TNT Escapist

  2. matt hymes Says:

    I don’t really “feel” any of these but they’re all definitely good. I guess my vote goes to #491 though.

  3. carla Says:

    I would go for design #491

  4. andrea jones Says:

    I voted for #43. Would be cool in different colors of t-shirts. Nice

  5. islah Says:

    I think 415 is great.

  6. […] over to the 99 designs blog to get your vote in for what design should be printed. Here are two of my faves that I […]

  7. Nuno Lopes Says:

    My favorite is #210. It has impact and the composition of the info makes it more readable.

    Anyway, good luck to all :)

  8. Chad Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding? These are the five TOP designs.
    What are you guys on??

  9. Terry Bogard Says:

    I vote for #415. BTW the ballot is not accessible.

  10. Clix Says:

    #43 is pretty good. It’s my pick of the litter… (cant get to vote page)

  11. mike Says:

    Design #491 by TNT Escapist

    and austin texas rocks


  12. svo Says:

    #43 rules!

  13. RaMiKoO Says:

    Design #491 looks alot better. It has more attractive stuff. The others look like they are sad or something like that. Thats what I think.

  14. All T-shirt designs are quite funky with a trendy feel.Certainly for GenX

  15. China Hotels Says:

    I like the Design #491, so much lovely.

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