Custom Graphic Design: Big Feet Pajama Company Taps the Crowd at

November 13, 2009

I recently spoke with Valerie Johnson, founder of Big Feet Pajama Company, to discuss why she has returned to time and time again when she needs custom graphic design work done. Over the past year, Valerie has used for custom logo design, web design and a host of other design needs for her business.

What brought you to 99designs?

In this economic climate we don’t have the need for a full time in-house designer, and designers are looking to find projects to work on to make some extra money…So your site is great on both sides. Through 99designs we have created a new logo, a whole new web site, some print collateral…in fact I’ll be running a new project in a month or so for a four page brochure that I’ll use at some upcoming trade shows.

Logo Design


What do you love most about getting design work done at

When you hire one designer, either in-house or on a project basis, you only get their design aesthetic and are really stuck with their concept or vision. With the help of 99designs – you get ideas from so many different people. So what you may have had in your head as far as the concept, you might scrap once you see someone else’s vision.

That’s what I really like – is having so many different options to choose from. In fact the designers who have won my projects have been from all over – some from Bulgaria, the United States, Indonesia… so its really been interesting.

Web Design


Here’s some of the other design work Valerie has had done at 99designs

Postcard Design


Button Design for Website



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