99designs.com Design Highlights – October

November 5, 2009

Day in and day out we are blown away by the talent of the design community at 99designs.com. Here are just a few of our favorite designs from the past month (in no particular order):

Design Highlights

9 thumbnail images of logo and web page designs from 99designs.com.

  1. InZania web page design by Entertica
  2. Fish on Fire logo design by Ulahts
  3. Kona Jazz Festival logo design by Bold_Estudio
  4. Hanger Alley logo design by Oliva
  5. W1 logo design by Terry Bogard
  6. Chimera Capital logo design by Wizmaya
  7. Andi Gladwin web page design by Lene
  8. SocialDressUp.com logo design by Ink
  9. QFeeder web page design by Pdesignstudio

Which designs from the community have caught your eye?

Leave a comment and let us know.


6 Responses to “99designs.com Design Highlights – October”

  1. fish on fire is great!!!
    Chimera is good…!!!

    hooray to Ulahts & wizmaya!

  2. Antasy Says:

    Great designs, but how did I miss the comps? I look everyday at least twice a day and never saw any of these… hmmmmm

  3. Mar Says:

    Loving the Chimera, Hanger and Social DressUp logos. Excellent, excellent, excellent and very thoughtful designs!

    This site beats every other design contest/freelance post-its jobs on the web hands down!

  4. Verena Says:

    Hey! I´m there. Thank you guys! I really enjoy it :)

  5. sandra park Says:

    I love #4 Hanger Alley logo by Oliva.

  6. Thaati Says:

    Fish on fire is mind blowing.

    Next to that (from my point of view) W1 was excellent.

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