99designs is giving away $10,000 – Hurry or you’ll miss out!

October 29, 2009

facebook logoThat’s right, 99designs is giving away $10,000!
All you have to do is connect your 99designs account with Facebook now and you’ll earn your $10 share.

As a Designer, connecting with Facebook allows you to:
Show off your folio – Add the 99designs tab to your Facebook profile and share your best designs with your friends and future clients.
Share your wins – When you win a contest, we’ll post a message to let your friends know. It may even lead to your next job!

For Project Holders, Facebook connect allows you to:
Attract more designers – We’ll tell your friends when you launch a contest so they can spread the word
• Get feedback from your friends – Your friends will be able to check out your contest and let you know which designs they like best

What’s more, all users connected to Facebook can log into 99designs with a single click!

How do you connect? All you need to do is go to the 99designs login page and click the “Connect with Facebook” blue button.

If you’re connected to Facebook when we reach 1000 connections, $10 will be applied to your account within 7 days. And yes – if you are already connected then you already qualify.

Easiest way to make $10? We think so… make sure you don’t miss out!

UPDATED 11/04/09:

Thanks for the great response!
We have hit the thousand connection mark. We are processing payments – for those of you who were part of the first thousand connections, expect payment within the next 7 days.

UPDATED 11/18/09:
All payments have been processed to the people who qualified by being one of the first 1000 connections.

The 99designs Team.

62 Responses to “99designs is giving away $10,000 – Hurry or you’ll miss out!”

  1. Brandon Vaughn Says:

    nice one… 10,000 well spent guys ;)

  2. Radu191289 Says:

    We just need to be your fans on facebook?

  3. Paul Annesley Says:

    You need to ‘Connect with Facebook’ when logging into 99designs.

    It’s different to our Facebook page – but come and be a fan there anyway!

  4. Raaj Says:


  5. Robb Says:

    What if we already have our account attached to facebook? Are we still eligible, or do we have to disconnect, then connect it again?

  6. whoa! Says:

    great marketing move :)

  7. lawrence Says:

    Any idea why i don’t see the ‘connect with facebook’ blue button on the 99design login page?

    • Another way to connect is to:
      1) login to 99designs
      2) go to “my account”
      3) click the “facebook connect” option in the left hand menu.

      From here you’ll be able to click the blue “connect with facebook” button or verify that you’re already connected!

  8. Haris Says:


  9. andrie Says:

    this is awesome,
    first blind contest,, and now this,
    in the few years 99 designs would be the best site ever for design communities..

  10. reizeii Says:

    very nice feature

  11. Chris Says:

    Nice work guys. Good Way into the Future!

  12. Adam Smith Says:

    Good link building technique….

  13. Aleksandar Filipovic Says:

    Have been long time here and things get better and better. Thanks 99designs.

  14. tanmay Says:

    Great move. I am joining

  15. Cool.. good idea. You guys rock.
    And thanks for finally making the blind contests..

    ive been saying that back since sitepoint.

  16. Mayur Says:

    I have connected my 99designs account with Facebook now what??

    How to connect my Facebook account with 99Designs account?

    Please help me on this

    Wizard Mayur

  17. Draft Labels Says:


  18. SaleHype Says:

    Very nice! I connected myself with facebook but there’s no 10$!

  19. Rajat Says:

    Logout First and then go to the login page and click the “connect with facebook” button and follow instructions.

  20. I have connected my Account with 99design Facebook. Now How I will get $10 ? Is there any more steps to be done ?

  21. fahrefi Says:

    Great !! I’m joining ….

  22. Freddy Says:

    I also connect but no money :)

  23. adih muhammad Says:


  24. braddamy Says:

    done it!!

  25. Matt Says:

    Do you guys read?

    It says clearly: “If you’re connected to Facebook when we reach 1000 connections, $10 will be applied to your account within 7 days. And yes – if you are already connected then you already qualify.”

  26. Alex Says:

    I dont will miss it. Let design !

  27. ingsunchitem Says:

    Very nice! I connected myself with facebook but there’s no 10$!

  28. Ronald Says:

    How can i connect my 99 designs account to facebook please give me instructions on how to connect it thanks a lot

  29. Very nice marketing by 99designs
    GoodLuck !!

  30. annoyed Says:

    This is a terrible idea! I like 99designs and I like facebook, but I do not think they should be associated at all. This is supposed to be a professional environment. Once you add facebook to the equation, you turn it into this social click design site. I just want to design, we don’t need to make friends…that’s why you have facebook. Do you all really need $10 that much?

    • Ansys Says:


      I am totally agree with you. A long time back I used to appreciate GetACoder, because it was great in terms of it’s buyer and the service provider, and slowly it turns out to be a fish market, man same thing may happen to 99designs, if they don’t think properly about their marketing strategy. I was thinking of write a advice to 99designs, but due my illness I could not do so. I don’t know where it is heading now-a-days as over crowded.


  31. Christian Says:

    Do I have a chance to be qualifyed in this game If I don’t have any wins?

  32. Natasha Call Says:

    I have tried to connect, however, I get an error code. Anyone?

  33. PPriess Says:

    just did it. ;)

  34. Entertica Says:

    I’m not that too confident showing myself as designer to all of my friends :p
    Because they will treat me to junk party whenever I got cash.. lol
    I’ll keep separate my pro job and social life.

    IMHO, connecting to LinkedIn would be better than Facebook.

  35. Jayaa Says:

    Whats up now!

  36. Kebrra Says:

    I also connect but no money :)

  37. Fye Says:

    Now that’s easy money , thank you 99designs !

  38. m3l1ssh4 Says:

    i hope i still get the money…

  39. Ansys Says:

    I hope I’ll get the money as by now 1000 might have exceeded ..

  40. Mark Says:

    Ok, has to be over 1000 by now. It wouldn’t take this long.

    Why are there no updates anywhere, telling us what’s going on?

  41. KaramSoft Says:

    Now Connected!

  42. ranjth Says:

    I’ve clicked become fan on the facebook page…is that all we need to do?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Ranjth – Our fan page is different. This offer was to link your account through Facebook Connect when logging in.

      As stated in the update above – we reached the 1000 connections – so everyone who made it will be receiving their payment shortly.

  43. Mark Says:

    Who knows? They aren’t answering anybody’s questions, and not giving any information anywhere, so it’s starting to look like a hoax.

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      As stated in the update on 11/4 – we have hit the 1000 connection mark and we are currently processing payments.

      • Mark Says:

        Thank you. I wasn’t watching the original blog article for the update. I watched the homepage, the blog for new articles and these remarks, as well as my own email for notifications.

        I didn’t realize it had already closed that long ago. Since this is the 7th day after, I’m looking forward to the payments being issued today, as I’m sure everyone else is.


  44. Bloghita Says:

    I got my money! Thanks 99designs!

  45. Mark Says:

    I haven’t gotten mine. Or heard anything of any sort.

  46. Mark Says:


    and STILL no update. And no money. I connected on the 30th, they hit the 1000 mark 5 days later, said payment would be taken care of within 7 days. It’s now 10 days later, and I’ve heard nothing, and seen nothing.

  47. Andrew Says:

    Yeah, I was connected too and still no word.

  48. Jason Aiken Says:

    Big thanks to everyone for participating!

    All payments to those who qualified as being one of the first 1000 connections have been paid.

    If you did not receive a payment – you were not one of the first 1000 to connect.


  49. Raaj Says:

    I also connect but no money :)

  50. Bloghita Says:

    Lucky number 1000. :)

  51. Aithne Says:

    Just how close were you guys to 1000 when you put this up cause I did it the same night and I apparently was not a part of the 1000..which if you guys were that close, then I wouldn’t qualify this “contest” as very fair.

  52. afiggy Says:

    I was really surprised when I noticed an extra $10 in my account! When I connected 99 Designs to Facebook I didn’t know 99 Designs was giving away $10.000. That was nice!

  53. Chykalophia Says:

    I did…. :)
    Just noticed an extra $10 on my balance
    Thanks 99Designs
    I honestly think log in to 99designs.com with facebook account is simple and very useful. Keep up the great interface and surprises ;)

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