99designs.com Homepage Redesign: What do you think of our new look?

October 6, 2009

Some of you may have noticed we rolled out a completely new look for the 99designs.com homepage.

We’d love to know what you think…


The idea behind the redesign was to create a clean and polished look that was easy to use, easy to understand and prominently displayed the amazing work of the design community.


The new design also includes a featured spot for the latest buzz on our blog and makes it easy to stay up to date and take advantage of the cool resources we provide via twitter, Facebook and rss.

We hope you like the changes and as always would love to hear your feedback.

The 99designs Team

53 Responses to “99designs.com Homepage Redesign: What do you think of our new look?”

  1. Prez Says:

    Overall the new look is pretty good, but top part of the page could be much better if you:

    1. darkened the orange button text for main menu (right now it seems to be too bright)

    2. fixed that menu code (the ‘help’ option is displayed below it in Firefox – at least on my computer)

    3. enlarged the text for menu items at the very top of the page and make them less squeezed together (there’s probably some letter-spacing setting used, rather unnecessary)

    Also, I think it would be nice if the winning design on project page would also contain the winner’s nickname (right now all others do, but the winning one in orange frame doesn’t).

    That’s my $0.02.

  2. m3m0Design Says:

    I like the old page better. It was simpler and easier to navigate. Although the new one looks better, and has the all said ‘helping system’ it is rather complicated.

    Anyway, it’s a good redesign.

  3. one-two Says:

    I just want to say that the new website in 99 is more elegant. Firstly I have to make an adaptation with the position of some button, but it’s not disturb me. Nice 99… Go.. go.. go!!!

  4. Sketchy Artz Says:

    I Love the New Look, Thank You

  5. Mr.[D] Says:

    The new one is far better than the previous one though the old one looks more simple. I functionality wise, i’d say the new page is terrific!


    btw, i do not know that does this happens in other countries but in Malaysia, i find it sometimes is really hard to connect to 99designs.com server. That’s very big problem for me sometimes as i have to observe others design work so that i would not repeat some design elements or idea they are using.(hope to get an answer regarding this.)

    Thanks! Keep up your great work guys! I really like this place.

    Best Regards,

  6. ClaX Says:

    I think the site has just jumped back 3 – 4 years in terms of design trend. I have to say i don’t like it at all.

    Lots of grey gradients, too many cliche web 2.0 elements & not enough elegance & professionalism for me.

    The buttons (launch & Browse) surely should be above the fold, & perhaps designed a little better.

    I would also make the footer full width

    Also, this might just be me but the font on alot of text seems very pixelated. It might just be me and a dodgy Myriad Pro font though so i don’t know…

  7. Carvingdezine Says:

    I am not happy with redesign. I was hoping for much better design than this ordinary one. There is nothing unique in design that could draw an inspiration. Lot of grey, pixelated fonts is add on repulsion. Launch and Browse are buttons were known after reading Clax’s comments above.

    You need a serious thinking or best designer, 99 Designs!

  8. Spork Says:

    looks nice but this can be better if the designs on the main page be the same as the previous where recent 5star popular designs be put on the main page. to make it more updated and fresh every time we view the site.
    Just my opinion though.

  9. Corez Says:

    I prefered the older design more, this one seems too much distracting. The font used for the menu are in general pretty ugly imo, they’re too thin for example or just plain bad (mainly the “launch project” ones). Other than that, I guess it’s decent, just I liked the other better.

  10. Entertica Says:

    The new design is awesome. I love the buttons on the top, they are very sleek and follow the latest trends. I have no negative criticism at all. Two thumbs up!

    But I have a feature suggestion..
    I would like to see the contest holder’s timezone in each contests. Because I was so tired working afterhours just to send the latest changes for CH that may lives in Timbuktu.

  11. Moltoallegro Says:

    I like the new homepage.

    The only small glitch that needs fixing is the contest page linking to ‘logo design’, ‘button & icon design’ and ‘wordpress theme design’ are private contest page – as you know they do not display the winning design.

  12. Spork Says:

    the new site is great but it will be best if the contents of designs be shuffled like the previous where recent 5star popular designs be posted on the main page in each design category. just a suggestion.

  13. Hi! It’s looking good!
    but…. You guys should have opened a contest for the new design!

  14. mkels Says:

    i for one love the new design.
    replacing arial font to helventica font in content
    are a bold move…i personally prefer helventica..better
    in the eye i guess:)

    just curious if the homepage contest grid category can query latest winnings according to their contest category.
    would love to see that and i’m starting to missed the
    popular contest:)

    all and all…very nice redesign indeed

  15. An3 Says:

    What really tickles me is if this design came from a 99design contest. Anyone know about it? This could have been an awesome contest!

  16. khaled Says:

    the old site was easier, cleaner ..
    i am not saying this one is bad, but the grey color is killing it, add to that the text in the top right, where it says inbox,my projects,my account .. is very small and sluggesh ..
    in my opinion , get rid of the grey gradiant , and enlarge the font in the top right menu by 1px and it’d be just great .

  17. Miss Allie Says:

    I think it looks great. The home page has important information and an attractive slideshow “above the fold” that makes it easier for contest holder’s to get the idea right from the get-go.

    I think it looks great, and people don’t like change, hence some of the negative feedback you’ve been getting.

    Good job!

  18. Jan Erwin Says:

    the new look is superd! will the designer page be changed?

  19. cooljaz124 Says:

    I think the old design with a hell lot of white space lookd so great. Now,the top part of grey looks so dull and destroys the overall mood.

    Just my opinion


  20. maxmix Says:

    looks good to me, but I lost my account “desinue@yahoo.com”

  21. HePiMeN Says:

    Maybe it’s just me and this doesn’t quite concern the whole redesign thing, but: If I sort the contests by “created” in descending order, contests start with the ones created yesterday. The ones created today are missing…

  22. cquence Says:

    If you’re asking for opinion, it’s ok after several days of looking at it, but frankly when I saw header changes you made inside the site, I thought you didn’t have what else to do and made it worse.

    Old design was clean and great, it was original clean style. And is this gradient original? I don’t think so. Did “launch a project”, “browse project” bar made site look better? Nope, not at all.

    I beg you on, DO NOT CHANGE the rest of inner pages design. You can’t make it better by adding gradients.

  23. Tulu Says:

    I think everything is so big in the new layout. I just want to size it down when I open the page. It was much more elegant with more white space and simple design.

  24. vladberea Says:

    i like more your twitter page ( nice bg )

  25. maria Says:

    I like it… but… :) I like the old one much better and was easier to navigate and find what ever you need faster!

    Maybe I just have to get use to this new page!


  26. Maarten Says:

    To be honest, this looks way too cluttered. I do not even know where to start looking. And the grey isn’t helping either.

    There is too little contrast and it’s divided well. I prefer the old lok way better.

    As well the old navigation in 99designs was better than this one. It’s annoying, I liked the different colors and big text – they added usability.

  27. hauptbahnhof Says:

    i like it, but i don’t like the fact you’ve only done the header-ish areas. if you’re going for it, might as well make it flow to the entire site.

    right now, it looks like two worlds colliding, the header and the rest.

    aesthetically, it isn’t some graphic supersite, but who needs that? the clients need their identities and the designers need their work to be appreciated and paid for. as long as you provide for that in functional excellence (which you do – old site and new) the job is done!

    you guys are the dieter rams of websites, fade into the background as a medium and keep the users the superstars.

    p.s.: please don’t go the crowdspring way (i sense a bit of it in the home page) – all first impression and no real juice.

  28. avinashk Says:

    I like the old page better. It was simpler and easier to navigate. Although the new one looks better, and has the all said ‘helping system’ it is rather complicated.

    Anyway, it’s a good redesign.

  29. asix Says:

    I just can say: Great!

    Better than the the old one. Simple, easy to navigate.
    Big improvement for 99designs.com


  30. Pooja Says:

    Wel,the design looks gr8 in terms of web 2.0 standards.I would surely like to give some suggestions like –
    1) The logos of the media on which 99 was broadcasted (good morng america…) or printed can be shown at the bottom,may be above the footer bcos it confuses on top below the main slide show as it doesnt even convey that they are media logos except the tooltip after hovering on it.It should have a heading relating to media.

    2) The previous design had dynamic images of winning design which was fantastic, a user or designer can come to know about the recent winning designs.So if the present design showcase box bcmes dynamic then it wil b fantastic as the user will get recent updates and it will be more clear an visible cos of the large thumbnail sizes.

    Good work..!!
    Thank you.

  31. urohe Says:

    I personally like the new design, although it was kind of confusing first time i saw it… :)
    Good job, people

  32. oz Says:

    First impression was a bit excited and refreshed that it had changed but I do think the style before was more original and engaging.

    The relaunch seems 99% for Contest Holders and 1% designers – whereas before it held a nice 50/50 balance. For instance, when I first found 99designs I knew exactly what it was about upon landing on the page – and made me engage in submitting to contests.

    I would only recommend more balance for CH + designers, and having the winning designs update like before would be choice.

  33. Manay Says:

    Well, The NEW look and feel is Okay but I like the old site.

    I totally agree with Pooja that previous design had dynamic images of winner designs which was fantastic.Each time when we refresh the page the showbox design goes change and show new work.

    I think we should keep the old layout becoz old layout show artwork of winner OR implement the artwork of winner in home page each time when the page goes refresh.

    I hope you will take this note into your consideration.

  34. Keith Says:

    Nice homepage…wish you could do something about people getting you to do all this work and then not awarding the prize to anyone and still using the design anyway…not nice!

  35. cquence Says:

    Also I think that what you did with adding contests to watchlist is like worst “improvement” I’ve seen. I know what I’m doing, what I’m adding, where, and how to find it later, let me just add it to watchlist with one click.

  36. Pegatinas Says:

    I think it’s so beautiful that it may be intimidating to people who know nothing about design but need a logo. They may pass you by thinking it’s just for professionals who already know the lingo.

  37. Alex Bilusic Says:

    I really liked the old one better. It was clean, clinical, and wasn’t so distracting as this one.

  38. Lee Sin Says:

    Comparing both of the designs i like the older one..
    that was really easy and clean..

    But the the new one is also gud… :)

    Cheers to 99designs!!

  39. Pegatinas Says:

    Oh and when our designs showed up on the old layout of the front page, we use to get a lot of invitations.

  40. Sus Says:

    I’m just happy that the design submission page no longer asks whether “I’ve have had…” =)

  41. The new design is awesome. I personally like it a lot. Also FYI, I have made an article on my blog regarding freelancing and specially wrote about my experience with 99designs. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

    (I don’t know I can paste the link directly here, but not doing it so it is not considered as spam or it get not pu)

  42. The new design is awesome. I personally like it a lot. Also FYI, I have made an article on my blog regarding freelancing and specially wrote about my experience with 99designs. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

    (I don’t know I can paste the link directly here. Not doing it so it is not considered as spam or it dont get published here…so you people could just click on my name and could get the article on my blog)

  43. Dave Elliott Says:

    At first I didn’t like the new design, but it has since grown on me – like all good designs should do! I do agree, however, that there is too much grey on the home page (the gradient in the background AND the body area is too much..) I really like the area showing the different projects, as well.

    I strongly agree that the ‘Launch’ and ‘Browse’ buttons should definitely be above the fold. These should always be easily accessible and you shouldn’t need to ‘hunt’ for them.

    All in all, I do like it but would prefer the grey toning down a lot throughout.

  44. Naga Says:

    1. The top menu “Name, Inbox 0, My Projects, My Account, Logout, Contact Us” should look bold..

    2. The navigation menu “Launch a project, Browse projects, How it works, Help” should be styled like a apple site / whatsoever..

    3. The grayish color can be brightened..

    4. Overall It looks nice like an apple site..
    But make it brighter..

    These will help a lot to change the negative comments here..
    All the best 99designs..
    You are doing great..
    Thanks for bringing the market in one place..

  45. peridot Says:

    I like the old style better which is more clean and original for 99designs.

    Now, the grey gradient isn’t something cool, it’s plain too much and the homepage layout looks “constrained” within a box. Typical.

    Please put back “popular design” section on the homepage and allow designers to add contest in single click.

    Appreciate the effort though!!

  46. Elica Says:

    Simple and clean :) may be a little bit more orange ;)

  47. Ansys Says:

    Love the new look but old one was more easy to navigate.

  48. Riz Says:

    Great enhancements and beautiful layouts. From visual points of view its super. From functional aspect it has a few glitches and bugs for for Internet Explorer users, from Process aspect I think dropping the “most popular design” catagory is not the best idea. Other than that its a perfect mix.:)

  49. hoshimo Says:

    i personally liked the old homepage layout, but i like the new homepage style and feel. i really liked how the old homepage didnt have any clutter and was very clear. but i like the new page’s scrolling pics of the 99D process. its catchy and is much more attention grabbing than the old site and advertises what you do much better. i just miss the no-scrolling-everything-fits-in-the-page layout.

  50. Andy77 Says:

    Hi I think the old design was more clean and easy to use for both contest holder and designers.This new design are little clumsy. in short I loooove the old design :)

  51. Kat Says:

    IDK i guess I dont like it cuz now I cant read the briefs anymore and am unable to enter the contests your troubleshooting department says my browsers the problem (too Old??) any how it sucks

  52. I think your site looks great! I never saw it before it was redesigned, but I was very impressed seeing it for teh first time!

  53. threecreative Says:

    Really hard to connect to 99designs.com server…
    Always problems to load pages…..

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