MacBook Pro Winner Announced

October 1, 2009


Congratulations @marcalbert

You are the winner of the MacBook Pro TwitAway.

You have won a brand new 13” MacBook Pro with a 2.26 Ghz processor

We want to thank everyone for following @99designs on twitter and hope you continue to find the resources we provide valuable.

Cheers and Thanks to All!

The 99designs Team

29 Responses to “MacBook Pro Winner Announced”

  1. Stan Says:

    Congratulations, marcalbert! :)

  2. Dalton Hurd Says:

    So what would’ve happened if twitrand chose a spammer follower?

  3. chris Says:


  4. Janine Says:

    he is SO LUCKY. really. ughh. i always want to have my own laptop someday. oh well..
    congrats marc albert!

  5. WeatherRail Says:

    Congratulations @marcarlbert and thank u 99 Designs…love your site and I will be back with my designs! Now I just need some new design tools.

  6. mal400 Says:

    Why would you redraw this one :)

  7. Bart Says:

    Wow I’m feeling jealous, I freely admit it. That MacBook is FAST. And looks better than any laptop in the market right now.

  8. Congratulations, marcalbert!

  9. reifutsuka Says:


    back to design again…



  10. ayfar khan Says:

    Congratulations @marcalbert
    i m really looking forward that might be i m the next winner..:)

    Hv a Good day

  11. mrkyjnky Says:

    Congrats dude! That’s my dream laptop :)


  12. Patti Bright Says:

    Congrats, You are one lucky person

  13. Dani Says:

    I didn’t win the Mac?!? Well, I’m not following 99designs anymore! :D

  14. Riz Says:

    Congrats MarcAlbert. Do you have a designer profile at 99designs as well???

  15. ulahts Says:

    Congrats marcalbert!

    Note: Jason, you should have provided the lucky guy’s link to his 99designs profile so that questions would be avoided.

    Again congrats!!!!

  16. Spork Says:

    uhlats is right. does he have a 99designer’s profile? just curious. Congrats anyway!:)

  17. surmise Says:

    no i forgot about this! haha and I told myself NOT to forget

    anyway congrats to Marcalbert, you won a great computer ;)

    Thanks 99designs for your generosity!

  18. loydy Says:

    congratulation dude! :)

  19. 99_trex Says:

    one lucky guy… gratz dude! :)

  20. Rosiee007 Says:

    Oh wow!!! Many Congratulations marcalbert!!!:)

  21. Nicholas Says:

    Congrats :D

  22. Entertica Says:

    can’t wait for iMac 24″ twitaway :p

  23. claraeleonore Says:

    Congrats marcalbert !!!

  24. Naga Says:

    Hey Congrats to the winner.
    I am really jealous about the winner :)
    99designs do its best to work out of the box!!!

  25. Alvin M. Andacao Says:

    thank you how can I claim my laptop?

  26. edongski Says:

    congrats marcalbert! you’re very lucky and i’m next :)

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