Saved Searches — the easy way to find new projects

September 10, 2009

Hey Designers,

We just launched a cool new feature that make it easier than ever to find the projects that you want to participate in on

With Saved Searches you can easily target the projects that interest you and have them delivered daily to your inbox!

Here’s how:

1) Refine your project search using a combination of one or more of the following search filters:

  • contests that contain specific keywords;
  • contests that end within x days;
  • contests with a prize that exceeds $x;
  • and only guaranteed contests.

As an example, you could use search filters to find all the logo projects that end within 2 days and have guaranteed prizes greater than $400.

2) Turn these search filters into a Saved Search by clicking “daily email” or “feed”.

Your search results will now be delivered to your inbox or you can subscribe with your favorite RSS reader.

…. And that’s it!

Watch this screencast to see just how simple it is:

The 99designs Team

7 Responses to “Saved Searches — the easy way to find new projects”

  1. LukeSF Says:

    Good news! Will be finally done with sieving my RSS feed. One comments though… Will you guys consider such an attribute as fast track. Or at least to add it to the RSS feed, so I can at once see which of the selected contests are old run and which are just fast tracks.

    Anyway thanks for good job!

  2. Freddy Raul Calienes Says:

    I think is a great addition “Saving Searches” so how i use it. I am interested in logo designs contests with a prize that exceeds $399, ordered by end date (first the contests with more time left. How do i get the service? I need to pay something?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Hi Freddy,

      It is absolutely free to use.

      Click “find a project now”

      Under “Categories” on the right hand side…click “logo design”

      Under “Search Filters” on the right hand side…enter “398” in the “prize exceeds field.

      Click the “filter” button to apply the changes.

      Now click the “daily email” or “feed” button on the top right above the project listings.

      If you select daily email…99designs will email you everyday the projects that meet your criteria…if you select feed…you will be subscribing to an RSS Feed of the projects that meet your criteria.

      I hope this helps.


  3. rollef Says:

    wow .. if it helps and makes searching .. why not!

    the 99designs team

  4. lazuardi Says:

    Thank to 99design for more easy working with. Love you forever!


  5. Divul Says:

    A simple and smart idea, with sincerely, Divul.

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