Win a MacBook Pro from 99designs and score a FREE book from SitePoint

September 3, 2009

Great News… SitePoint is at it again! For the next 10 days they are giving away a free copy of one of their amazing books to everyone who follows @sitepointdotcom on twitter.

What’s the book?
The Principles of Successful Freelancing – by Miles Burke

All you need to do to snap up a free PDF copy of this simply awesome 200-page book, is follow @sitepointdotcom on Twitter – it’s that easy!

To grab your free book visit

Don’t Twitter? That’s cool, you’re still eligible. You can still visit the link above and get the book by providing your email address.

It gets better! is giving away a MacBook Pro!

That’s right…to make this deal even sweeter… As the sponsor of this Twitaway, 99designs is giving everyone who follows @99designs on twitter a chance to win a brand-spankin’ new MacBook Pro! Drawing for the Macbook Pro will be September 30th, 2009.

It’s so simple, it’s scary…

  • Follow @sitepointdotcom = free book (worth $29.95)
  • Follow @99designs = a chance to win a MacBook Pro!

To get the free book and enter to win the MacBook please click:

* Remember to tell your friends!
** Don’t Miss Out– the offer is open for only 10 days!

The 99designs Team

For Terms & Conditions of this promotion please visit:

59 Responses to “Win a MacBook Pro from 99designs and score a FREE book from SitePoint”

  1. Daniel Says:

    all we have to do is to follow 99designs and sitepoint for the macbook pro?
    how will be the follower be picked? some kind of a lottery?

  2. Awesome, it’s sound really nice, i’ve followed sitepointdotcom n 99designs, i get the freebook wish the mac book too :-)

  3. Duff Says:

    Amazing contest! Just entered to it, i’m duffdesigns in :)

  4. Obuzz Says:

    That’s great !

  5. Shambulla Says:

    Done and done, but the link doesn’t work! :) Page load error.

  6. manamedia Says:

    Great competition guys, the above link times out though…

  7. cha Says: is deadlink – so slow. I think you should check it.

  8. FREE! I already followed you guys on twitter, Hope I will win the MacBook Pro. Also I did join your contest on Logo Design every now and then. You guys are awesome!

  9. sharath kumar Says:

    yeah right, i want to know the same…

    and link isn’t working.

  10. This is good news!
    Yeah I guess it would be a lottery…

  11. Thanks for another cool contest!

  12. Dulcepixels Says:

    Holy cow! I’m in. Following both links now. :)

  13. Robin Says:

    Oh my, 1 out of ca 10000. Come on god! If you exist you will make em pick me!

  14. Rod Says:

    This may not be the right place for a critic but, I’m somewhat disappointed with 99 designs.
    I think there should be some ‘protection’ to designers, like avoiding others to see your entry (lots of content usually get cloned) and, somehow, ‘force’ contest holders to give feedback to all entries.
    I have participated in many contests and, in some of them, the CH picked a design in just a few hours (Contest wasn’t listed as fast track) without giving any feedback to other entries. I know the CH has the right to choose any design s/he likes at any time but, if s/he could only give a feedback or even a star rating to the ones s/he didn’t pick that would show some respect and thank the designer for giving a try on the contest.
    I’m sick of wasting my time in contests like that, I like 99designs but I don’t think I’m using it again.


    • Jason Aiken Says:


      Appreciate your comments…we do understand your frustrations and we do have significant improvements coming that will address the concerns that you have listed. I wish we could make it happen faster…but we are almost there….stay tuned.


  15. Cesar Says:

    Sweet, a helpful book. I have never won a raffle, but i’m highly hoping for this one.

  16. Jason Says:

    I’ve always liked 99 designs for some extra income. But now that they’re in the MBP game, I love them even more!

    Thanks 99D!

  17. tuta Says:

    wow.. very good news.. great! 13″ mbp for prizes…. i would give to my dad if im win.. :D .. btw i’ve read those book.. it’s very effective tips n trick for freelancer..
    ty 99d..

  18. […] More information Tagged: contest, win a macbook pro Category: Online Contests […]

  19. Veronika Says:

    Good opportunity!I’m in and follow both of links.
    Thanks 99designs!!!

  20. Estin Says:

    Wish I can receive this MacBook Pro =D

  21. AK Says:

    Giveaway you say?

    Bring it on man. Bring … it … on

    Just checked out 99 designs. It’s a cool site. A good place to find a decent designer.

  22. Arslan Ali Says:

    already following, can’t wait for results,

  23. shelleweb Says:

    Cool, thanks :)

  24. ujjal karmakar Says:

    hi sir,
    i have received your massage , thanks.
    your ujjal

  25. cooljaz124 Says:

    Fantastic ! Let such Give Aways Coming !!!

  26. kwncy Says:

    i really want one, i havent used any mac pc/laptop,
    but im ready to switch if ever.

  27. anna espina Says:

    All I Want for Christmas is a MacBook Pro! :D Please make me WIN. I suuuuuuuuuuuuuupeeeeeeer need it.

  28. Bastjen Says:

    Would be sooo cool to win this one!!

  29. Timothy Says:

    That’s Really Cool, to have a contest like this..

    Thanks 99Design Team.


  30. davidg Says:

    following both already:)

  31. Raj Says:

    wow… gr8 news. I’ve already entered. Lets see who will win that macbook pro :)

  32. zrevai Says:

    Awesome! How nice of 99designs to be giving away such a sweet piece of hardware to use in their site redesign contests! ;)

  33. Vasu Says:

    really…really Cool……………

  34. mal40 Says:

    WOW.. you 99designs team are amazing :)You’re doing such a great thing, because most of us cant have macbook pro and cant buy it by themselves so you are giving extra chance to everyone :) You’re awesome.. :)I’m already following both so i hope i get the mac, but i now that’s impossible :P So, good luck to everyone :)

  35. mladjacool Says:

    can I haz ?

  36. Val Says:

    Briiiing it.

  37. inancz Says:

    its great. goodluck everyone. and thank you 99designs (:

  38. halou Says:

    MacBook Pro :))))

  39. anirudha Says:

    how i win mac by this contest i am worried for this because i know about internet frauding

  40. sagat Says:

    i dont tweet/twat so this is pointless for me

  41. Marius Says:

    Sweet! Good luck everyone! ^^

  42. Julxz Says:

    Wow… This is a great news…
    Goodluck everyone…

  43. Gladisia Says:

    Weeee… hope I could win this time. *cross-fingers

  44. anna espina Says:

    i really need it. i want it so badly.. :D

  45. dexter Says:

    Freebies! always good news:)

  46. H Varma Says:

    99designs rocks!

  47. Lyanna Says:

    Why are you retweeting this when the 10 days are long over? That’s just annoying.

  48. Adam Says:

    I’m RT.

  49. kwncyalibyu Says:

    meee wants one.! :)

  50. ooooh. mac book pro is so awesome.. :D i want to win!

  51. KingsmitH Says:

    cool contest, i already following, and i also downloaded the ebook & read it and learn it.. :)


  52. razeshzone Says:

    I am one of the designer from 99designs and like the way 99designs have for us designers. I have been awarded for contest(s) and i am really happy that 99designs have a contest to make a chance to win an Apple-Macbook Pro. I am really hopeful to get this too,

  53. Paul Jones Says:

    Great competition. I’ve so far resisted joining Twitter but the lure of a free MacBook Pro is just too temping. It seems the deadline is Wednesday as well so I just got in. BTW, Sitepoint do some great books. They can be expensive but are well worth it.

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