Design the Official BizTechDay Conference T-Shirt

September 3, 2009

Hey Designers,

Here is another fun project at We have teamed up with the BizTechDay Conference in San Francisco to design the Official BizTechDay Conference t-shirt.

Not only will the winning designer get full credit and recognition in front of all conference attendees, but Matt Mickiewicz, founder of, and, will wear the shirt during his presentation at the conference. The BizTechDay 2009 Conference will be held on October 22-23rd in San Francisco this year.


So here are some things the BizTechDay conference team wants you to know before entering this project:

1. We will offer $300 for our favorite design!
2. We will give you full credit and recognize you in front of 1200+ entrepreneurs at the conference! Major name recognition!

P.S. Everyone who participates at the special BizTechDay Conference T-Shirt project will also receive $100 gift certificate to BizTechDay 2009 conference. Thank you for all your hard work and brain juice! Email linda [at] to claim your gift certificate.

**Please read the brief to see the specific requirements for designing the official BizTechDay Conference t-shirt.

The 99designs Team

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  1. Robert Tutsky Says:

    Can’t wait to see the parameters.

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