Meet Dan, 99designs Customer Advocate

September 1, 2009

DanWho is Dan Medcraft?

I would say Dan is a mixture of many things – Dan’s part Customer Service expert, part video game geek, part obsessive music fan, all wrapped up in a tattooed and pierced 6 foot frame (at least, when he’s in the right shoes). But most of all, Dan is someone that hates talking about himself in the third person.

What do you hope to bring to 99designs?

I’ve been fortunate enough in the past to be working for a lot of big name dot com companies over the years when they were in their initial growing and development phases, like eBay Australia and Yahoo Search Marketing, so I’ve seen what is needed to help a company and it’s member base grow in leaps and bounds. I’m looking forward to ensuring that 99designs has many of the same successes that others have had, all while making sure that we keep focus on our community. I know it’s a cliche, but honestly, I feel that our community is the most important asset we have and it’ll be my job to make sure we never lose sight of this. I’ve got a few plans up my sleeve for 99designs, so I’m very excited about the future.

What is the most surprising thing about yourself?

I think over the past few years, it’s been my inability to be content. I know that might sound weird, but I don’t think anyone should ever rest of the glories of their past. I’ve done some amazing things over the last few years, both professionally and personally and friends tell me I should be happy with what I’ve accomplished, but for me, that’s just not been enough – I’ve always had a sense that I can do more. I’ll achieve something in my life, and regardless of how large or small that accomplishment is, I’ll always sit back and think “now how can I do this again, only better?” I don’t ever want to slow down.

9 Responses to “Meet Dan, 99designs Customer Advocate”

  1. ulahts Says:

    Welcom aboard Dan!

  2. sue medcraft Says:

    Gee, he’s handsome

  3. amokana Says:

    “part video game geek” i’m sold

    anyway …. nice to meet you Dany boy, i hope you’ll bring some awesome ideas to improve our situation ( the designer’s stuauion ) here … not that the situation here is awefull … NOOOOO these guys do a great and excellent job … but yeah i’m greedy :) give us more !!

  4. hoshimo Says:

    woo :)
    a foggy welcome from san francisco.
    im excited for all of those things in your..sleeve that will fix the 99community.

  5. wmw Says:

    All the best Dan :)

  6. cooljaz124 Says:

    All the best Dan ! Make us feel home !

  7. Kelly_Hero Says:

    Welcome Dan! Always nice to get to know the faces behind the screen. :o)

  8. Hi, what blog platform is this? Is it working for you or..? I would really like it if you could answer this question! Thanks!

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