twittermosaicWith September drawing to a close, I thought I would go back and collect some of the best tips and great resources we shared this month over Twitter just in case you missed them. Oh and don’t forget… is giving away a MacBook Pro to a lucky twitter follower on September 30th! So follow @99designs on twitter today.

Two Highlights

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Web Design

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Business & Social Media

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99designs has just made it super easy to share your design projects with your friends and colleagues using Facebook Connect.facebook_logo

What’s so great about that?

Designers: You can now display your 99designs folio as part of your Facebook profile — a great way to promote your talents — and share your wins with your friends.

Clients: When you launch your next design project on 99designs, it will be posted to your wall to show your friends and colleagues what you’re up to.

Linking your 99designs account to your Facebook profile is easy — simply click the “Connect with Facebook” button when logging in and then follow the three steps (alternatively, you can connect or disconnect from Facebook through the “Modify Account” page).

It’s that simple, and this is just the beginning! We are going to be integrating with Facebook in some exciting ways moving forward and we want to get everyone on board.

So to recap — here’s why you should login to 99designs using Facebook Connect:

  • Proudly display your 99designs folio in your Facebook profile
  • Share your wins with your friends
  • Promote your new design projects to your friends and colleagues
  • Login to 99designs with just one click!

Let us know what you think!

The 99designs Team

We’ve got some great improvements coming to — many of which will further increase protection for designers in the community.bullhorn

1. Designer Declarations

To help protect designer copyrights and speed the resolution of projects, we have created a system where designers must now declare licensed material when they submit their work.

In the design submission process, designers now need to indicate one of the following:

  • This work is my own original artwork
  • This work contains elements that are not my own

If the design is 100% your own original work, fantastic!

However, sometimes designs contain third party elements, such as clip art or a stock image. If you are submitting such a design, you must declare under the second option above. We also invite you to list additional information such as the source of the third party element (a web address, for example) and if the project holder will need to purchase it.

Contest Holders appreciate transparency, so please do the right thing by making honest declarations. By openly discussing how the Contest Holder can obtain the rights to use the content you have submitted, you will make the decision to award your design much easier.

If the work is not your own at all, back to the drawing board! You must submit your own work at 99designs.

2. Violation Reports

We have completely overhauled our violation report system. The new system invites you to provide more information when you submit your reports and allows us to process your reports a lot faster!

This means:

  • You can enter more specific data when you submit your report
  • We then have all the necessary data at hand when we investigate your report
  • We are able to take appropriate actions quickly, and resolve the situation in the best interests of our community

Remember that you can submit a report on everything: from projects that have not been awarded after the review period; to the use of inappropriate materials; or offensive behavior in a discussion.

We greatly appreciate your help in making sure everybody plays by the rules—we couldn’t do it without you! So, if you see something that doesn’t look right, please remember to use the reporting system rather than make accusations in the main project discussion.

As always, we invite your feedback!

The 99designs Team

Photo Credit

UPDATE: Rick has Increased the prize to $5,000!

How about another great opportunity to add some truly high profile work to your portfolio!
pastor_rickRick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and the pastor who delivered the invocation at President Barack Obama’s inauguration, is running a project to design the cover of his new book, The Hope You Need, at

This is an amazing opportunity…his last book, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best seller, sold over 30 million copies!

The winning designer will be paid $3,000! $5,000!

**Please read the brief for full details.

The Deadline for submissions is this Saturday at midnight, Sept 19, 2009!

The 99designs Team

What if I told you there is an a event where designers, developers, entrepreneurs and other innovators gather to network, share resources and ultimately launch startups over the course of a weekend?

Now imagine it’s not just a one-time event…but actually happens throughout the year and in cites across the globe!

Guess what? There is such an event…it’s called Startup Weekend and if you have a fantastic idea for a startup that you want to get off the ground or just want to get in on the startup action…then this is the event for you.

I attended the recent Startup Weekend event in San Francisco and it was awesome!

How’s it work?

  • The Pitch : After a bit of socializing and networking attendees begin pitching their ideas…you can pitch an idea if you have one or just listen in to see if any of the ideas strike your interest.
  • Teaming Up: After all the ideas have been pitched, attendees go around the room and chat with the people who pitched the ideas they were most interested in to see if they would like to team up and actually develop the idea.
  • Development: Coding, coding and more coding! Over the course of the next two days the teams work hard to develop as much of the idea as possible and hopefully have something to launch by the end of the night Sunday.
  • Presentation: Finally, the teams present what they have been working and discuss what worked, what didn’t and decide if there is a future for the company.

Needless to say it’s a guaranteed action-packed weekend ripe with opportunity to meet people and just possibly launch a business.

One success story from the recent San Francisco event… foodspotting was developed to the point where they received an investment in seed capital right on the spot!

So don’t miss out on the fun, keep your eyes peeled for a Startup Weekend coming to a city near you.


Hey Designers,

We just launched a cool new feature that make it easier than ever to find the projects that you want to participate in on

With Saved Searches you can easily target the projects that interest you and have them delivered daily to your inbox!

Here’s how:

1) Refine your project search using a combination of one or more of the following search filters:

  • contests that contain specific keywords;
  • contests that end within x days;
  • contests with a prize that exceeds $x;
  • and only guaranteed contests.

As an example, you could use search filters to find all the logo projects that end within 2 days and have guaranteed prizes greater than $400.

2) Turn these search filters into a Saved Search by clicking “daily email” or “feed”.

Your search results will now be delivered to your inbox or you can subscribe with your favorite RSS reader.

…. And that’s it!

Watch this screencast to see just how simple it is:

The 99designs Team

Great News… SitePoint is at it again! For the next 10 days they are giving away a free copy of one of their amazing books to everyone who follows @sitepointdotcom on twitter.

What’s the book?
The Principles of Successful Freelancing – by Miles Burke

All you need to do to snap up a free PDF copy of this simply awesome 200-page book, is follow @sitepointdotcom on Twitter – it’s that easy!

To grab your free book visit

Don’t Twitter? That’s cool, you’re still eligible. You can still visit the link above and get the book by providing your email address.

It gets better! is giving away a MacBook Pro!

That’s right…to make this deal even sweeter… As the sponsor of this Twitaway, 99designs is giving everyone who follows @99designs on twitter a chance to win a brand-spankin’ new MacBook Pro! Drawing for the Macbook Pro will be September 30th, 2009.

It’s so simple, it’s scary…

  • Follow @sitepointdotcom = free book (worth $29.95)
  • Follow @99designs = a chance to win a MacBook Pro!

To get the free book and enter to win the MacBook please click:

* Remember to tell your friends!
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The 99designs Team

For Terms & Conditions of this promotion please visit: