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August 22, 2009

Here is a round up of fantastic tips recently flittering about out there in twitterland.


19 Firefox Add-ons For Designers –

6 Simple Ways For Freelancers To Increase Productivity –

27 Useful Logo Design Tutorials and Tips –

Can I Have Fries with That? What Clients Really Want –

15 Exceptionally Useful Resources for WordPress Theme Designers –

25 Examples of Three-Column Blog Designs –

12 Common Photoshop Mistakes, Misuses and Abuses –

What Does Good Web Design Look Like? –

25 Detailed Tutorials for Coding Up Your Web Designs –

20 Tools For The Freelance Designer On A Shoestring Budget –


Startup Basics: 5 Ways to Grow Your Profits –

How to Give Feedback to Contractors –

6 Essential Things To Do On Friday To Make Monday Morning Manageable –

10 Things You Must Do to Earn Your Audience’s Trust –

Time for a Makeover? How to Reinvent Your Business –


2 Responses to “tips from the twittersphere”

  1. Henri Says:

    Great reference material… thank you for putting all this together. Very useful!!!

  2. cooljaz124 Says:

    Hi, that is quite interesting bit of resources. Thank you so much !

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