Special Thanks from Tim Ferriss

August 20, 2009

Hey Everyone,

The book cover project for Tim Ferriss has now come to a close. We want to thank everyone who participated and send congratulations to Bari, fxfxfxfx, Aneta and Innisanimation for being selected as the four winners. Projects like Tim’s will help 99designs continue to attract high profile and really cool projects going forward.

Tim was very impressed with quality of the submissions and as a special thank you, he has arranged for each of the 202 designers who participated to receive a gift coupon of $50 to donate through DonorChoose.org. That’s over $10,000 in donations that can help really make an difference in the lives of children by improving education, often through greater exposure to the arts.

We hope you all enjoyed participating and thanks again.

The 99designs Team
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One Response to “Special Thanks from Tim Ferriss”

  1. Jerry Bono Says:

    I’m sorry. That is not a thank you to the designers. A thank you to the designers would be $50 to each of them. By keeping it a big single number and donating to charity, he gets publicity. It’s a PR strategy for Tim.

    Gosh, thank you Tim.

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