Design the cover for Tim Ferriss’ new book

August 5, 2009

Well the amazing opportunities keep rolling in at Up next…how about a chance to design the COVER of Tim Ferriss’ new book tentatively titled “Becoming Superhuman.”


This is super cool!

Tim Ferriss’ last book, The 4-Hour Workweek, has been sold into 35 languages and is a #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek bestseller.

So here are few things from Tim that you should know before entering this project:

1. I will offer $250 to four of my favorite designs, but this doesn’t mean any of them will end up being the cover. All of them could be vetoed completely. Obviously, if we do use your cover, you will get cover credit, fame and glory.

2. If we borrow elements or concepts from your cover but don’t use the whole thing, I will make sure you are recognized and thanked, whether in some form of partial/conceptual credit or in the acknowledgments.

3. That said, the publisher’s in-house design team, a few freelancers, and I have been working on tons, and I mean tons, of different cover options. This means that there is a distinct chance we might have tried concepts you might try. Please don’t assume we stole it if things look similar. It’s not in my best interest to screw anybody, and it’d be idiotic to do it so publicly. That’s not how I roll.

4. By submitting your design mock-ups and cover ideas, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. It basically says that once you submit anything for evaluation purposes, you can’t sue me or my publisher. Unfortunately, in a world where people sue McDonald’s for pouring hot coffee on their own genitals, this lawyering is necessary to prevent any misunderstandings.

Please read the brief here and take your shot at designing the cover of what could be an international bestseller!

The 99designs Team

14 Responses to “Design the cover for Tim Ferriss’ new book”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Well well well, what an opportunity. Just incase anyone doesn’t know who Tim Ferriss is, his last book “The Four Hour Week”, has encouraged possibly hundreds of thousands of budding entrepreneurs all around the world to launch their own businesses (many of whom would have needed art work designed). Any opportunity to be credited with his next book would be one hell of an accolade. Good luck with that.

    P.S. my experience of using designers with 99designs has been awesome – you guys rock!

  2. waqas Says:

    well i am going to try a few covers
    lets see wht comes next

  3. Darren Says:

    I guess Tim is practicing what he preaches (outsourcing), but c’mon Tim, are you that hard up for cash?

    A book that will no doubt tell you how to be a millionaire like Tim. ie. by being stingy and exploiting others.

    • Sean Says:

      I couldn’t disagree more.

      Read it again… he has a design team hard at work already, so what he’s actually doing is removing limitations. He doesn’t need to be limited in his options.

      Not only that, he’s giving designers the opportunity to do something that can gain us worldwide recognition, and one heck of an accolade! Personally, I would be willing to do it free.

  4. Ananya Roy Says:

    WOW…what an opportunity!!!

  5. Dean Jones Says:

    I have read Tim’s excellent book (and regularly visit his blog… am looking forward to reading his post of Scientific Speed Reading) and like many here, have put in practice much of what he preaches.

    I recently used Your Man In India for a small Database job (cost me a fraction of what I expected to pay and was done overnight) and have where possible sought out ‘crowd’ or ‘cloud’ based services for creative projects… like 99 Designs.

    I have been using 99 Designs for some time now (4 competitions and counting) and think this is a great idea… to have his new book cover designed here.

    Good stuff… DJ.

  6. […] este momento se abre un concurso para la portada de un libro de Tim Ferriss escritor reconocido y de buena crítica en los […]

  7. WheatField Says:

    Who is Tim Ferriss? Is it a pen name for Steve-O-Kenievo?

  8. David Says:

    This is totally awesome!! My one fear is that other designers are going to come up with something better… check out this design, for example:

    Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to quit my paying job and slave over this for days, with the hope that my design is selected and I receive credit. Maybe in a few years I’ll get some business out of it

  9. Karen Says:

    It all sounds a little too grey …if the fabulous design team currently on the project haven’t nailed it yet with tons, literally tons of concepts being presented … then they haven’t nailed it!!!!! So not much chance of our designs being accepted or borrowed in part or in full if we are merely or closely replicating something that’s already been rejected, it would just be rejected again right?

    I don’t meant to be ….sceptical but it strikes that chord in me for some reason.

    It seems like this guy gets all these special “legal” rules to add to his contest………why doesn’t he just keep it simple like every one else who posts a contest….no song and dance and long story about how just in case we borrow some ideas you can’t sue me or my publisher, because if we do and you can prove we hadn’t designed it before hand, then hmmmm…see what i mean….GREY! …that’s not what 99 Designs is all about.

    And yes we do live in a world where people sue for ridiculous things but we also live in a world where people exploit hardworking Joes trying to get a break, every single day…that’s a more common problem.

  10. Matt Says:

    Classic – I can’t agree more with Karen.
    Read between the lines (and then the terms and conditions, It sounds as though you instructed your lawyers to write this brief with full intention of taking from the creative collective.

    Don’t care who you are or what you have done in the past – that’s a crap brief.


  11. Tom Says:

    Very cool … can’t wait for the book.

  12. Mukekuoke Says:

    New opportunity that must be followed

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