Opportunity on the rise at 99designs.com

July 31, 2009

Opportunity Photo By The Opportunity Agenda

In the month of July we had $570,000 up for grabs at 99designs.com…a 20% increase over June. We had a total of 420 projects available in the first week of July alone.  What’s this all mean?

More opportunity for the design community!

We just recently launched a new category for WordPress theme design and its off to a great start. There are already 10 cool projects listed there in just the first couple of days:

Seeking amazing Word Press theme for Kidtrition.org

WordPress Theme for Charity Shopping Site

Design a wordpress site for GetApproved.com.au

WordPress Theme for MEP Martin Ehrenhauser

g7eleven – the website

Clean, crisp theme for social media site

WordPress: “Bridalicious” of Beverly Hills!

Branding & Marketing Company Looking For A Winning Design

Emotional Eating (WordPress Theme)

Duct Tape Marketing Blog rebrand

That’s over $5,000 of available projects right there…and this is just the beginning.

So thanks for another great month and stay tuned we have a whole lot more coming your way!


The 99designs Team

3 Responses to “Opportunity on the rise at 99designs.com”

  1. daysign Says:

    I just wanted the 99designs team to know that there is a word misspelled in the terms and conditions. I won’t tell which, just for the fun of it. Ok, here’s a clue; there’s a ‘t’ missing. Somewhere.


  2. mercurywaters Says:

    what are the statistics on refunded and abandoned contests? from my observation those have risen exponentially.

  3. Mac Says:

    Hope you will soon introduce Drupal and Joomla theme categories on the site!

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