Custom wordpress themes: designed, coded and installed…

July 23, 2009

Now Available at 99designs

Custom Designed WordPress Themes

You can now get your very own custom WordPress theme designed for you on 99designs, starting at just $369. Our community of 40,000+ designers are ready and waiting for you to launch your WordPress design project!

Once you’ve picked your winning design, you’ll still need to get that design coded up into a theme, so to make things super easy we’ve teamed up with our friends at Thinktank Media to offer the following optional services:

  • Your winning design coded for $299
  • Your winning design installed for $129

You’ll have your new theme up and running in just 5 days after choosing a winner – how easy is that?!


This is a tremendous opportunity! Each and every day over 10,000 new WordPress blogs are created, so we expect demand to be high. Keep your eyes peeled on the WordPress theme section for new projects!

Designers, please remember, you don’t need to worry about coding and installation – that will all be handled by our professional coding partners. All you need to focus on is the design!

For WordPress theme design inspiration, we recommend you check out:

  • We Love WP – a spectacular gallery for WordPress sites and blogs
  • WPInspiration – a collection of the sexiest WordPress-powered sites on the net


The 99designs Team


39 Responses to “Custom wordpress themes: designed, coded and installed…”

  1. ClaX Says:

    What if we want the coding job ourself’s?

    • Hi Clax, If you want to do coding part yourself then you don’t need to open contest under WordPress category,,, You should use ” Web page design” Category.


  2. Tyson Says:

    Do regular website design competitions get coding for an additional fee?

  3. Jared Says:

    Is Thinktank Media familiar with Thesis Themes WordPress? I’d like to use Thesis Themes framework for my next blog and if Thinktank Media can do the coding and install then this becomes a no brainer.

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Not sure…I will try to find out.

    • Hi Jared,

      Thinktank are familiar with the Thesis theme. However, they may need to re-quote, depending on the complexity of your design (the above-mentioned pricing assumes the Sandbox theme will be used).

      Cheers, Adam.

      • Anne Says:

        Can you explain how the requoting process would work? I also feel that it woudl be a no-brainer decision for me if Thesis could be used. Thanks!

  4. erik Says:

    lets make a joomla section also!

  5. Claudiu Says:

    So,I make the design and if I’ll win the 99desings will deals with the coding ?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      The WordPress theme projects are for design only. All the designers are responsible for is the graphical layout.

      The client can choose:
      – An optional coding and installation service from ThinkTank Media
      – To negotiate with the winning designer for coding and/or installation
      – To handle coding and installation themselves

  6. Dear Team,

    It seems quite interesting :-) and thanks for the WP Gallery link.

    Mozi (Lucky007)

  7. Elena Says:

    Smart. But it would’ve been awesome if we could do the coding too.

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Elena thanks.

      We understand that some of the designers on the site are also excellent coders.

      Let me just say this for now…

      This is part of a larger effort to drive a ton of opportunity to the design community…there is still more to come.


  8. DoruDM Says:

    Why aren’t you building a team of coders to code?

  9. ClaX Says:

    I think the designer should have first options on the coding & extra work. It’s one of the main reasons why i, & i’m sure others design on here – to get the contacts & future work.

    I certainly wont be bothering with designing WP themed contests & i really hope you don’t bring something like this in for standard web pages.

    • Jason Aiken Says:


      We absolutely understand…one of the main goals for 99designs is to have our projects lead to follow on work and a long term relationships between the designer and client. It is something I advocate and showcase on a daily basis.

      We believe there will be plenty of opportunity going forward. The coding partnership with ThinkTank is only for WordPress themes and it is optional for the project holder. There are no plans to expand it to regular web pages.

      Happy to talk with you further about it.


  10. mkelsinger Says:

    nice move 99d team, i was wondering when this will happen in future – separate normal website design and blog/wordpress design and now it is happening..just a wish come true..:)

    taking a coding partner within 99d itself really benefit
    most client…

    “let’s get it done in one place”

    in client prospective…get design and coding in one place is better than outsource or search other place to make the codings…if timeframe are limited

    keep up the good work:)

  11. jr Says:

    Now coding will be outsourced to ThinkTank Media. Thanks 99designs you took money out of my pocket.

  12. viorel Says:

    Good work m8!


  13. JABacchetta Says:

    Can we take advantage of this offer with a contest that ended before this was announced? I’ve been looking for a reputable wordpress coder, and if 99designs is willing to risk their reputation with them, then I suppose they’re worthwhile.

    Do they have their own site with coding services? Url if possible.

  14. Hey guys, looks like a great alternative, i just tweeted about this.

  15. one-two Says:

    how about if I want to coded and installed my design? but I didn’t run a contest. I mean, I just want to code and install my design. Thanks before for the answer.

  16. Imie Says:

    Can I do the design work in Adobe Illustrator, or is there a specific format we need to have the wordpress themes saved in?


    • Jason Aiken Says:

      A layered Photoshop .PSD, or a layered Fireworks .PNG would be most common. Less common would be a layered Illustrator .AI.

      Jason Aiken

  17. S.K Sharma Says:

    Published on ProBlogger

  18. Whistler Guy Says:

    What is the final verdict on Thesis theme customization?

    • Jason Aiken Says:

      Yes they can do thesis customization though it may affect the pricing depending on the complexity.

      We are building out a system for re-quoting but for now you can email coding(at)99designs(dot)com.


  19. Adriana Says:

    Can I offer as designer the codding and the installing of the design to my winning designs?

  20. Molly Says:

    What Makes a Website Design Great ? – How to Make Good Web Design Into a Great One!

  21. Marketplace Says:


    I found this post from my google News Reader, Fantastic post, Keep it up.


  22. Logos Says:

    Thanks for sharing ;)

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