99designs featured on Good Morning America

May 27, 2009

Good Morning America
Great News!

99designs was recently featured on Good Morning America!

Watch the Clip

The more attention we can bring to the site…the more businesses will run contests…the more money will be available to the design community.

Cheers Everyone,

The 99designs Team


7 Responses to “99designs featured on Good Morning America”

  1. Jessica Brocato Says:

    That is how I found out about this wonderful website. :D

  2. Gindi Says:

    Good for you and good for us

  3. nitagale Says:

    Congratulations! That’s so wonderful.

  4. Ollie Says:

    And the more “designers” will join the site creating more competition for more money, so in the end it’s all the same :)

  5. Aron Gibson Says:

    This is great press. Congrats guys. We love the site and the service…we are currently in the process of choosing a new logo design winner for our company using 99Design. Keep up the great work!

    Aron Gibson
    http://www.psa-la.com (old logo)

  6. Starfire Says:

    Well, this is great and all.. but not really. I mean, this means more designers.. not a guarantee on more contests. :/

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